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Chapter 565 Awkward m

The fifth hundred and sixty-five chapters make people 尴尬 mt

This time, the output players have already realized the position. When the four stone statues slammed into the platform and hit the next stage, everyone had already shot.

No need to control the output, don’t worry about ot. Because of this set of roads, it is not hatred, but scenes. It is the skill effect of continuous attack, and the target is controlled to be unable to return. Where is hatred in this state? This is totally unimportant.

After a fair heroic leap, the invincible and most handsome is still pulling a stone statue. Behind him, the knight’s spirit cooling sequence of the seven leaves and one flower is just right. At this time, the team has been lined up, ready to go one after another to charge and jump with heroic. The timing is not difficult to master, the cooling of the knight spirit has become the most accurate clock for this match.

Everything is repeated, and compared to the first time before, this time everyone has fully grasped the intention from the spirit, although it can not be said to be perfect, but certainly stronger than the first time.

Invincible and the most handsome? At this time, it was a single stone statue, and a bunch of pastors were waiting on the scene. I didn’t know the first time. Now I have learned that the invincible and most handsome can rely on technology to make up for the lack of equipment. The pastors are not nervous. As a result, they are not nervous, and the invincible is the most handsome and not nervous. It is not as decisive as it was before the single slap, and it is also the most simple stump-style hard-hitting method.

As a result, with its superior low-end equipment, the pastors quickly re-tensioned, and the priests were desperately trying to hit the wall. But now the invincible and most handsome has let everyone see the absolutely excellent mt ability, they are not afraid to neglect. What’s more, they also know that the previous method of defamation is extremely consuming, and it must be very tired. It’s fine to use it at a critical moment, and it’s understandable to save effort when it’s not necessary.

The priests force, the invincible and the most handsome is just standing and there is no danger. The increasingly sophisticated cooperation of other knights and exporters has significantly enhanced the output. The four stone statues of this wave are destroyed faster than the previous wave, and at least no more invincible and more handsome.

The four stone statues fell, and everyone regained a sigh of relief. This time, the mood of the head of the group is very different. After this wave, his ability to be invincible and most handsome has improved a lot.

Just because in the time of gathering strange, the invincible most handsome did not use the arc to charge, but organized everyone to stand, the four stone statues into a row, and then a simple straight charge.

Invincible, the most handsome, did not choose to show off their own technology, but chose to cooperate with the organization to implement the safest and simpler solution. This is what Hi-Taiwan appreciates.

The length of a group, from the perspective of the team, the most annoying is the guy who likes to be a personal hero. This invincible and most handsome, in the case of a qualified hero, but with a seemingly complicated but simpler approach, this attitude is actually invisible to many players.

And after this dozen hits, the hi-wife found that the invincible and most handsome helped them create a new style of play, and this kind of play does not need to rely on him. The blame station is a straight line, and the line is heroic and can be done by any knight. This style of play can be said to be quite practical.

Then a few waves of stone statues, and sure enough, several knights can compete for this role.

There are a total of 24 stone monsters, each with the same occupation, so players are used to treating four as a group. Six groups of stone statues, which are the six occupations, which are randomly determined each time the copy is entered.

After a thrilling team, the Xizhiyang team successfully passed the two groups and had a new style of play that was not difficult. After the four groups, seven leaves and one flower and 3t, 4t, 5t are just one person who once became the center of gravity of the ghost, and they have completed quite successfully.

As the stone statues of one group after another fell, everyone gradually realized that the most invincible is not simple. When the invincible is the most handsome, when there is nothing, finally there is no buzz. There is a buzzing sound, and you can only silently lick in your stomach. Because the most invincible strength is the fact, everyone has already admitted this.

After passing through the stone gallery, I walked through a period of organs, and finally arrived at the first boss guarding the institution.

At this point, as soon as you touch the organ, the boss will appear to block. And this player who touches the organ. Will be regarded as a hate goal by the boss, and hatred is quite high. A copy of the empty tomb, the hate of nine small bosses is super simple. When mt came up and touched the organ, the hatred that came out was already very bad. With this alone, the hatred created by mt is already solid enough, and the output can start to attack from the moment the boss appears.

The 100-person copy of the empty mausoleum is obviously not a copy of the difficulty in making hatred. The difficulty of this copy lies in the general high attack from the boss to the mob, so in the eyes of the average player, this is a copy of the very equipment. When the player’s equipment level is gradually improved, the skill difficulty in this copy is not too much, so the aerial mausoleum is only rated for medium difficulty.

It is precisely because this copy is very suitable for equipment, so the invincible most handsome, that is obviously a low-end 70 sets, will be so unreliable in the eyes of everyone.

So now, invincible, the most handsome, standing in front of the first institution as mt, waiting for everyone to rest, although everyone has recognized the most invincible strength of invincibility, but still some people have issued a questioning voice.

“You come to resist?” Someone asked.

“of course.”

“Can you?”

“If you can’t do it, you can change someone!” Invincible is the most handsome and easy.

Everyone fell. This quick reply is really a reason why people can’t find him.

“Let’s come!” Hi-Yang as the head of the group, he also wants to test the strength of this invincible and handsomeest through the boss.

The head of the delegation speaks, and everyone naturally has no objection. After the rest of the work, after the ok, the hi sheep can signal to open the strange, invincible most handsome immediately touched the first organ.

The No. 1 boss immediately appeared, and launched a powerful blow to the invincible and most handsome.

The first hit of the No. 1 boss, every player in the Hi-Yo team is well-informed, but in the face of the most ignorant, it turns into a cloud.

Because he has escaped!

As long as you can avoid it, all attacks are clouds.

The boss’s actions are naturally faster than those of the stone statues, and the players are staring nervously, and a few rounds have passed. During this period, the priests carried their crosses, lifted them up, put them down; lifted them up, put them down, and finally did not release a skill.

The invincible most handsome has not been hit yet.

As in the face of stone statues, the most invincible attention of the invincible seems to be the most concentrated when the opening, can stand up for a while with dodge. But now I am facing bosses, not only attacking cockroaches, but also moving faster bosses. The invincible and most handsome can still avoid several rounds in this way, it is not just a matter of concentration, but the hand speed has reached a certain level.

But the priests are still nervous because they know that once the invincible and most handsome is hit, their response must be kept up. The equipment of that cargo will not have much chance to breathe. So although they look very comfortable at this time, they are actually very nervous. The cross is still lifted up and repeated, not dare to relax.

“Keep it!” Suddenly everyone heard a call and immediately responded. This is the invincible and the most handsome, everyone can start to output. Everything was forgotten, and I forgot everything.

The pastors who have come back to the crowd and rushed to attack, but have been nervous but have nothing to do, are definitely busy at this time.

Because the boss’s attack is not so stable one-on-one, there will always be some joint offensives in the process of attack. As a result, the most invincible of the attacked and invincible has flashed, and these close-knit outputmen who resist side effects are in the middle of it.

So everyone has been used to it. But today, such a move immediately triggered an unprecedented problem.

The priests’ treatment response has not been used by mt, but it is first served to them.

So at this time the segmentation of the list of treatments, I saw one after another output players lined up on the list, the invincible most handsome mt is like a sinking sea, seeing everyone is really shy.

“This is really…” The players in the team who have been arguing and arguing hard have not found any suitable words to describe them.

The priests were speechless after looking at the segmentation statistics of the treatment list. Due to the invincible and most outrageous performance, their workload has fallen sharply. After all, the treatment response is mainly to serve mt, those outputs are slightly injured, and almost a skill is given to them in the past.

As a result, they are only doing this kind of work, and the data on the treatment list on the treatment list is incredibly low. This is going to be taken out to others, and I will definitely think that the priests of their team are drawing in the water. The truth of the truth is: they don’t want to draw water, but there is no such opportunity!

Tangled ah! Really tangled, this copy is under, people are very embarrassing!

“Everything is fixed!” Hi-Yan is afraid of such a situation, let everyone relax, and quickly reminded the pastors.

at last!

As the invincible of mt, the most handsome is hit by the boss, everyone is so happy and weeping! The priests flocked to the invincible and the most handsome. They don’t give mt back to the boss battle, they can’t adapt.

The most invincible concentration of invincibility seems to have been broken at this time, and then suffered attacks. However, under his dodge, he did not put too much pressure on the output.

In a word, even in the face of the boss, his operation can still make up for his lack of equipment.

However, this hits the boss, but when there is a stone statue, there will be a turning point of the strange monster to let him completely relax, boss, need him to be single-handedly. And you have to wait for such an operation to continue. Sticking to an entire boss, is this guy no problem?

Everyone is puzzled.


There seems to be a problem in the background, I can’t open it for a long time!

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