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Chapter 562 Group from t

The fifty-sixth chapter of the group from the t

I scorned the copy of the hundred people, as if the team was underestimated, everyone was unhappy; at this time, four stone statues were opened, which is very worthy of their team, and the result is still unhappy. So, when mt is hard.

Four stone statues, like a professional, are all swordsmen in 24 occupations. Something different from the player’s occupation is that they dance the stone sword, there is no sword light, no sword, it is the simple and sturdy. This is a little smaller than the player’s swordsman. The swordsman profession is very skillful, such as pulling a knife and so on. With Jianguang or Jianqi, there is often a killing distance that exceeds the physical length of the weapon in hand. However, these four stone statues do not have such a means.

The four stone statues were spurred together. After the hilarious sheep snorted “***”, the heart immediately mentioned the blind eyes. He was really afraid that this invincible and most handsome would roll forward, so that it would fully spur six. This is an unprecedented achievement, and the happy sheep is not interested in challenging.

Fortunately, the most invincible and handsome, finally did not roll forward again, and after two stone statues jumped out, his body slanted backwards and flashed two swords. But the stone swords of the first two stone statues have been cut.

Invincible, the most handsome white light on the body, like a small universe that was born, but it opened the knight spirit in this moment.

Stepping, holding the shield guard on the left, and stabbing the sword with the right hand. Under the blessing of the knight spirit, this blow is called a heroic charge!

The most invincible movement of the invincible was faster than the stone sniper, and the top of the sword was at the waist of the stone statue that was first seen.

The stone statue was flying backwards, but the most invincible footsteps did not stop.

The heroic charge under the knight spirit did not stop!


The second stone statue was also hit and flew, and it was not skewed and was hitting the first stone statue that flew out. .

The third and fourth stone statues? At this time, it is not on the route of the invincible and most lonely charge. However, after two screams, the third and fourth stone statues were also flying.

Everyone was stunned, especially the few knights in the team.

“Yes… used the arc to charge?” The current 3t is somewhat hesitant to say to 4t.

“It seems to be…” 4t can’t believe it.

“Definitely.” The seven leaves and one flower are very positive. He can see very clearly, if this is not an arc charge, let alone the third and fourth stone statues, even the second stone statue can not show such an effect.

3t, 4t suddenly can’t speak.

The arc charge means that the straight line does not go straight, and the charge is surrounded by an arc-shaped route. If you want to make such a trajectory of arc motion, it is not like, but it is rare that the arc made can achieve the desired effect and rush to the goal that you hope to rush to.

Under the invincible and most handsome, an arc charge, actually rushed to four moving targets that are not in a straight line. How accurate is the calculation and skill control? Only familiar with the Cavaliers professional players can understand the difficulty of this hit.

At this time, the four stone statues were all hit by a single charge.

Invincible, the most handsome, has already flew up, a heroic jump, the sword fell, and is falling into one of the four stone statues, but the damage is passed to everyone exactly. The heroic jump under the knight spirit also has a new name, called a fair heroic jump.

The original heroic jump, the damage hits the target the most, and the rest is only attacked by the shock wave. Under the just heroic jump, the damage hit is also delivered to everyone with the shock wave. Moreover, this damage is based on the defensive power of the target being hit, and other characters will deduct such damage.

At this time, the most invincible hit, the four stone statues suffered exactly the same damage. They just fell into a group, and suddenly they stood still.

“Attack!!” Ye Xiu said.

Everyone saw him alone in the four stone statues, and some stayed. At this point, I heard him squatting, and this was reflected.

Someone attacked and some people still hesitated.

How can I play four stone statues?

When the priests raised their staff, they were even more embarrassed. Because they are still doing nothing. Invincible and the most handsome and four stone statues at the same time, but have not been hurt yet.

“Everyone is on!” Seven leaves and one flower suddenly greeted 3t, 4t and ran up.

“British heroic charge!” Ye Xiu shouted.

“Understand!” The seven leaves and one flower seem to know what to do, and the body is white, and a charge is on top.

Although he could not overturn the skill of four people in different positions in an arc without Ye Xiu, the position of the four stone statues seems to have been carefully designed.

An assault in the past, one hit two, two hit three, three hit four. The charge is still going on, because it is a heroic charge.


There seems to be an echo.

The four stone statues were rushed to the side by the seven leaves and one flower, and they slammed into the stone platform where they stood.

The operation of the seven leaves and one branch of flowers is also very fast. At this time, it has already jumped high, and a heroic leap. The four stone statues that have just been rushed to the west have just been stabilized and immediately turned over to the ground.

The attacks of many output players have surged immediately. On one side of the stone platform, the moment has been dazzling to see the situation. The crowded space is too small, and many melee occupations are simply not close to the body, and they are yelling at the back.

“Give you one!” Someone shouted, surrounded by a stone statue that actually rushed out, and his front, invincible, the most handsome and ugly ran, the sword’s hand is doing a disdainful gesture, apparently Provocative against the stone statue.

“You don’t have to learn me this time.” Ye Xiu still did not forget to say hello to the seven leaves.

“I know.” Seven leaves and a smile, “3t!”

3t, once the deputy t, I heard the greetings of the seven leaves and one flower, almost habitually preparing for the servant.

At this point, I saw the impulse of the seven leaves and one flower, but I also understood what to do.

The spirit of the Cavaliers, heroic assault, a fair and heroic leap.

Three stone statues did not fight back. When I was a little ready to prepare, I was immediately knocked down by the Cavaliers.

The one who is active, but is pulled to the side by the invincible and most handsome, is being attacked by the melee professions who are not crowded there.

The pastors were busy in this direction. The invincible and most handsome was not injured when facing four. Now they have pulled one, but they are constantly being hit by stone statues, like deliberately looking for pastors.

“Attention to the control field, throwing repair Lulu!” The seven leaves and one flower are commanding the battle here.

The magical scholars did not dare to neglect the instructions of Mt in their minds, and they quickly threw props and sleeves.

When the “4t!” situation was slightly uncontrollable, the seven leaves and one flower immediately greeted.

4t has been prepared, knight spirit, heroic charge, just heroic leap…

The original configuration is now over. It’s just four people, and I can’t beat the loop. Although the cooling of the assault and the heroic leap is not too long, but the knight spirit, this awakening big move, is not the same level of sharing skills under the 20th level, cooling in seconds…

But today’s configuration, there is still a 5t in the team.

Originally thought to be the 5t of the marginal people, at this time, the sword and the shield were prepared, excitedly prepared.

However, one more person is not enough to bring the knight spirit back out, this cycle will be interrupted. However, looking at the life values ​​of the three stone statues that have been encircled, those who have experience are already aware of them.

Although it is comparable to the ordinary boss, but the number of players here is not five or ten ordinary small copies. The killing power per second when so many players output together is several times that of the five-person and ten-person teams.

As long as you can control the output of the painful, killing speed is also the killing of the mobs.

5t finally shot.

And his wave of skills is finished, and the full control of the three stone statues has already come to an end. Without the spirit of the Cavaliers, even with the charge, with heroic leap, the effect of the strike is completely different from that of the Cavaliers. It is impossible to push the three stone statues together.

The life of the three stone statues is in jeopardy, but it seems that it can still be held for a while.

There are some headaches in the seven leaves and one flower! Because these three stone statues are controlled by action, their hatred is completely uncontrolled. After this action control is suspended, who is their hatred?

No one knows at all.

Hatred chaos, this is usually the opening song of the group…

“Everyone spreads!!” When I saw three stone statues, I still insisted on it. The seven leaves and one flower quickly yelled, and it was a cry.

This sound is not his shouting, this is the skill he released: Howling!

All three stone statues are within the scope of his roar, and no matter how chaotic hatred is, this blow must be directed to him.

The three swords are in full, and the seven leaves and one flower are on the top of the shield. The dull bang, the singularity of the seven leaves and one flower, the life slipped more than half. If the hatred of these three stone statues is all over him, then he will make up a blow and he will be finished!

It was at this time that it was another drink.

3t used the skills to bark.

Seven leaves and one flower sighed with relief, and then found that they had a hard time and won a little time, the output did not have a chapter, mess.

“Hurry up!” Seven leaves and a flower. He knew that the output was a little unresponsive at the moment. He slammed the three stone statues together and shocked the output.

Time is not to be wasted! Seven leaves and one flower are anxious. After the embarrassment, the exporters also woke up in a dream, and quickly grabbed the opportunity of the stone statues to strike at 3t.

3t parry a hit, the damage is as heavy as the seven leaves and one flower.

4t is also prepared, has already stood a long distance, and it is a sigh. The three stone statues quickly changed the target. This time, the output of the public does not need to be reminded.

At 5 o’clock, I was already eager to try. I chose a limit of the range of howling. I tried to use this to let the three stone statues run as much as possible and fight for more time.

The opportunity for performance is coming soon. 5t immediately screams, and the seven leaves and one flower are followed: “Not good!”

“How is it bad?” 5t stunned, three stone statues are not coming, they stand very accurately.

“Back!” All *** calls.

5t turned back and saw it, it was broken. He forgot the fourth stone statue, this one, the three stone statues of the non-denier, the fourth stone statue also rushed toward him. The joint effect of the four stone statues… 5t pale, his clear attribute of his own, his equipment is not as good as the first three, certainly can not stand this combination.

The result is a moment of screaming when the attack has not yet come out. Then accompanied by a person’s voice: “What is panic, and mt did not shoot it!”


The third is more. . . I can go home…

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