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Chapter 556 Sacrifice bark

Chapter 556 Sacrifice Howling

Provocation can also be counted as a control skill. The effect he created, in addition to generating a lot of hatred, is very important to make the provocative target lose autonomy, and in the next three seconds can only be targeted by provocateurs. Now, the invincible and most handsome has blessed the spirit of the Cavaliers, and the provocation is a provocation. In addition to the multiplication of hatred, the forced time will increase to five seconds.

The npc that can be exempted from provocation is not without, but the bone dragon Tolton is not one of them. After being invincible and most provocative, this bite to the output ot player, immediately twisted his neck, and the most invincible rushed out after the oblique direction.

This mandatory skill is used immediately when ot occurs, which is a means that is often used when mt is controlled. This kind of operation is very familiar with the crisp beans, but the problem is that when the output is just ot, the provocative of the crispy beans is cooling!

Provocation of this skill is generally not used frequently, it is necessary to keep the cooling state in case of emergency. But the crisp beans have to pull hatred, but also want to be an output, save the map, these fire fighting skills are good to lose. Adding these skills to use can really make hatred more stable. If you fundamentally eliminate the possibility of ot, of course, there will be no precautions.

But the problem is that the mind of the crispy beans is not to make the hatred more stable. He just wants to use these skills that can generate a lot of hatred to reduce the proportion of hate skills, and more public cd for output skills.

As a result, although these skills were used, the hatred he pulled was not stable. The large amount of output he produces will generate a lot of hatred, but the calculation of hatred is very complicated. Even if you output this one, it is not just a simple conversion of damage data.

During the attack, critical strikes, hemorrhage, poisoning, and armor… all of these conditions will generate a lot of additional hatred. In a word, the way the crisp beans pulled hatred at this time eventually lost to the hatred created by the crazy output player, and he did not leave any emergency means.

Fortunately, there is the most handsome shot of invincible.

When the bone dragon Tolton faucet slammed and twisted to the most invincible, everyone was relieved. Invincible and most handsome, this time has changed equipment, the dragon guard axe was put away, the Knight sword and shield regained in the hand, and Tolton was fighting in front.

“Stop the output!” Xin Lu yelled as he changed his target and began to respond to the invincible and most handsome.

When the boss is provocative, although it is stable, it is also a hidden murder.

Because these three or five seconds do not follow the normal hate rules, when three or five seconds are over, what kind of situation will hate be, but it is hard to say.

Usually, if it is mt shot, then seize the time to consolidate in three or five seconds, to ensure that after the provocation state, the hatred of the boss returns to mt. Others stop outputting, of course, in order not to put pressure on mt to consolidate hatred at this time.

So at this time other outputs are busy preparing to stop, but the crispy beans are not in control. At this point, he must be able to use provocation, and the boss will be picked up again. Unfortunately, he did not, so he had to use other hate-like skills because he quickly consolidated his hatred and waited for the hatred of Tolton after the provocation. Go back to him.

When I thought that his sword was thrown out, it turned out to be empty.

This bone dragon Tolton actually turned a few steps away at this time.

Don’t look at this bone dragon body is huge, but the action can not be slow, these steps are a move, it is actually to hide the attack of crisp beans.

If this is the case, the crispy beans must be smashed. It is a pity that this position of Tolton has not only escaped the attack of his crispy beans, but also has several outputs.

These few apparently did not come and interrupt the attack after Xin Lu shouted instructions, but the invincible most handsome after defending Tolton, defended one side. Tolton chased the attack, and naturally there was a place to move, so in this area, several output attacks were also flashed off.

This is undoubtedly a very formal operation of mt. In the case of rescue, try to take the boss and the like away from other people’s attack areas. After all, this time, not all output consciousness is so fast, and immediately stop outputting.

Therefore, the invincible and most handsome operation is beyond reproach, even if it is a crisp bean, I am afraid it will be done. It’s a pity that this move, along with his attack on the crispy beans, has flashed off, which makes him deeply hate.


At this time, the crispy beans were slightly biased, and the angle of view was blocked by the bone dragon. They could not see the most invincible and skillful skills there. Just listening to this dull crash, it should happen after the collision with the shield.

Is it in defense or is it continuing to build hatred?

There is some panic under the heart of the crispy beans. As a knight, of course, he knows that many of the skills that use shields can generate a lot of hatred. It is the skill used to consolidate hatred when mt pulls monsters. At this time, the most invincible, if you are using these skills, is he trying to take over his life and switch to mt?

How can this be done!

The crispy beans are anxious, and they are rushing forward to mammoth. He really missed Tolton’s ugly faucet, and he hoped that Tolton could turn back after provocation.

Five seconds passed quickly. Crisp beans rushed to attack to consolidate hatred, and did not care to walk to the front of Tolton. In his heart, he was in the glory of glory, and at this time five seconds…


A muffled sound, the crispy beans were directly flew out. Follow the dragon tail and chase the crispy beans still in the air!

Crispy beans vomit blood!

Tolton’s hatred is back, but he came back in such a way that he burst into tears. He is too big!

The return of hatred, conscious of the boss will start attacking him. As a result, the old man of the crispy bean remembers the stupid head of Tolton. He even forgot that the dragon’s attack is 360-degree in all directions. Their attack method does not need to face the target.

So in the moment when the provocation of five seconds disappeared, Tolton did not look back, he directly raised his wings…

Other outputs stop the attack and stand far away. The crispy bean still stupidly stood on Tolton’s side and looked forward to its return. As a result, it was hit by a wing of Tolton, followed by the tail, and continued to smoke his face.

Wings, tails.

The attack of Tolton came one after another, and the crispy beans in midair were helpless, so they tried to cover them with shields. At this time, I can only resist a few injuries, wait for the landing, and then go up to counterattack. Fortunately, hatred is back, let him come to eat a few attacks of Tolton, he can still afford. Moreover, Xin Lu has already begun to give him back treatment at this time.


It was a muffled sound, and the dragon tail pulled out of the crispy beans in the air, but his shield had already arrived in front of him. However, after this pumping, it was added to his fall, but the crispy beans were prepared and had begun to be operated. But at this moment, he suddenly heard the output of the player in the ear yelling: “Rely!”

The crispy beans’ own eyes are also immediately moist.

Tolton finally turned back, but the next move, in addition to crying beans, could not find another way to talk.


At this moment, Tolton actually used one of its most powerful tricks: Breath.

This guy, when he turns back, he doesn’t look back. When he shouldn’t look back, he has to turn back. Who is going to laugh at the npc IQ at this time, the crisp beans believe that they will definitely give up to the other two mouths.

At this point, the breath, the worst is worse in the place where the crispy beans fell. It is also the place where the exporters retreat from the station. This breath, the target of the attack will never be him alone.

If everyone is breathed, it will be terrible! Look at this Tolton’s high IQ today, and then put a few large-scale attacks on their side, then it is not an instant fall?

The situation is grim, the crisp beans know, how do you know the output players?

But they can’t hide.

At this time, they are some distance away from Tolton. In the way of Toton’s inverted triangle, the position of everyone is just the center of the breath range. The left and right sides will be sprayed, and there is nowhere to hide…

Count on the pastor? Pastor Xin Lu is now standing here, she is the object of being sprayed.

Everyone was desperate, and the result was that they suddenly heard a scream from there. This voice is not artificial, it is the help of the system. The name of this skill is called barking. However, in the state of the knight’s spirit, it is called a sacrifice bark. According to the characteristics of this move, the glory player gave him an image of the name: fired at me.

Obviously, barking is a skill of the same nature and provocation. The difference is that provocation is against the monomer, and roar is the right group. In the wake of the sacrificial barking of the knight spirit, the range of skills will be even greater. The scope is larger and the targets are more. Therefore, under the combined attack of many targets, even a strong professional such as the Cavaliers may also be strong in one round. Sacrifice the name of screaming, worthy of the name.

The effect of barking is not the time limit, it is the number of times. Very few times, only 1. Targets within the squeaking range will only be forced to launch an attack on the target.

However, at this moment, a blow is enough.

Because breath is a continuous attack skill, it can cause continuous damage, but it is still only a blow.

However, being breathed out continuously, can the invincible and the most handsome can survive? He is not a crispy bean, he has a crushed outfit. His level of equipment, when encountering breath, is the need to take the lead to take over.

Just as Tolton turned his head and turned the dark gray dragon to the most invincible behind him, everyone immediately worried about the invincible and most handsome.

Sacrifice screaming… Do you really want to be a slang?


The first is more! Don’t scratch today, what will happen next?

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