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Chapter 55 Beyond Raiders

Chapter 55—Beyond the Raiders

“Do you want to try Xiaotang?” Chen Guo handed the mini hamster to Tang Rou.

“She doesn’t need it. This doesn’t help her very much. Her current speed is estimated to be two hundred, but she is not familiar with the game. Inexperience leads to insufficient judgment and limits the reaction speed. She still has room for improvement, but she has room for improvement. I have to hone slowly in the game.” Ye Xiu said.

“What about you? How many operating speeds do you have?” Chen Guo said.

“I? I have already passed the stage of pursuing the speed of operation. I have 60 speeds to deal with you.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo suddenly remembered the speed of the hand when she saw Ye Xiu’s operation for the first time. With such a speed, he singled out the night cat demon. At that time, Chen Guo felt very magical. At this time, I heard that Ye Xiu said that the speed of 60 can destroy himself. Chen Guo is not angry at all. She has become more and more aware that Ye Xiu is not simple. Hand speed is free and easy, which is the biggest difference between professional players and ordinary players.

“How long can you get it?” Chen Guo asked Ye Xiu to sort out the Raiders.

“It will take a while. The strategy written by Ye Qiu is not completely exhaustive. There are some other people who have done very well. I will also sort it in for you. But in fact, if you haven’t touched it, you will not see the Raiders first. It is best to experience it yourself in the game first, and have a certain foundation to look at the Raiders.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why? Isn’t it possible to take a lot of detours according to the Raiders?” Chen Guo said.

“The Raiders are just the experience that the predecessors summed up. The things written in them only represent the present. A Raiders, after a year or two, or even a few months, someone will find a better solution than the Raiders. This is not only It is the reason for the game update. What’s more important is that the player’s technical level is constantly improving. Recording this kind of thing is to be broken and exist. The peak is always in the future and not the past. The strategy is only a reference, it should not be blind With reference, there is no way to make further breakthroughs.”

Chen Guo heard a glimpse of it, and some could not believe that these principles were said from the sly death of the house. This reason is clearly that the Ye Qiu God, whom Chen Guo worships, is not in the eye. When he wants to flatten, Chen Guo will definitely jump up and argue with others, but at this time he feels that he can’t get the momentum.

“Then I will play the game first!” The result was that Tang Rou took over the words, and Ye Xiu took a machine and brushed her account card.

Ye Xiu nodded and looked back at Chen Guo.

“I…go to the hamster?” In this moment, Chen Guoqing couldn’t help but wonder if he was being played.

“The hamster just improves your reaction, and the real operation is still to be practiced in the game.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh.” Chen Guo nodded.

“Okay, go get busy!” said Ye Xiu.

“Yes.” Chen Guo responded, turned and left, took a few steps to react, what is this attitude of this guy! Who is the boss?

Thinking about looking back, I found that Ye Xiu, who was sitting in front of the computer and making a strategy, was so serious that there was no such thing as a dying in peace. Chen Guo lived, and even embarrassed to disturb, and then look at the Tang soft, but also very focused on entering the game, Chen Guo looked at the hand of the hamster, and finally walked away silently.

Xiao Tang has a talent, and Ye Xiu has already had a strong strength. What about himself? Chen Guo sat in the front desk and thought about it. She also liked this game very much. She also hoped to play very well, but… Chen Guo knew that she could not reach the kind of challenge that Ye Xiu said. Break through the past. At the age of 27, this is a reminiscence of e-sports in the past.

Tang Rou went into the game with great enthusiasm, but it was already a blow after a while. She has 200 hands-free operations, but she can’t cope with this problem. This problem has been encountered by Ye Xiu, Chen Guo had played with the trumpet last night and had encountered: the problem of many people in the new district.

The task is not easy to get, and it can’t be killed for a long time. There are so many outsiders in the novice village, the reaction is fast, and the speed of the hand is always agile. Tang Rou was tossed and squandered, and tried hard to persist. After half an hour, he finally rose from level 1 to level 2.

Tang Rou took a long breath and looked at the side leaves. Raiders finishing work is still going on, and Ye Xiu is still so serious. The degree of concentration even makes Tang Rou somewhat awkward.

Looking at it, I saw the focus of Ye Xiu’s left hand touched the pocket, and took out the package of cigarettes. After shaking two shakes, the root smoke jumped into the mouth. The whole process did not leave the screen, and the right-hand mouse was also played. Never stopped.

I was about to ignite, and I was suddenly stunned. I turned around and looked at Tang Rou.

“There is no smoking here, the fruit will be angry.” Tang Rou reminded Ye Xiu.

“Oh…” Ye Xiu smoked it was a subconscious movement that didn’t have to be thought out. After reacting, I found myself involuntarily licking the cigarette in my mouth. However, this location is relatively corner, far from the front desk, except that he and Tang Rou are empty.

“I can’t see it! I will take one. Don’t say it.” Ye Xiu still secretly put the smoke on it. At the end, he turned his head and said: “Do you want it?”

“No, thank you.”

“Is it taken?”

“Try it, don’t like it very much,” Tang said.

“Oh.” Ye Xiu nodded, and the probe came over and looked at the Tang soft screen: “How many levels?”

“Level 2.” Tang Rou said.

“Come on.”

“This is the one that laughs above, is that you?” Tang soft suddenly asked.

Ye Xiuwang recorded a copy of the tenth district opened on the screen of Tang soft, and Jun Moxiao’s big name hangs four lists.

“I am planning to break my record now?” Ye Xiuxiao.

“First kill this, there is no way, right?” Tang Rou said.

“Yeah.” Ye Xiu nodded.

So Tang Rou’s eyes fell on the copy of the Frost Forest.

“This record is not broken by the strength of one person.” Ye Xiu said.

“I saw it, do you still need four partners?” Tang said.

“There are ten people behind, twenty people, and more.” Ye Xiu said.

Tang Rou is silent, I don’t know what I am thinking about.

“The Raiders got it right, where is it?” Ye Xiu took a cigarette and finished the Raiders finishing.

“Desktop is OK, but you have to do this…” Tang Rou came to demonstrate that the computers in the Internet cafes are automatically restored, but they can avoid the restore operation if they enter from the administrator channel.

It’s just a few simple things to play with, but I can see the flexibility of Tang’s hands.

“How do you practice your hand speed?” Ye Xiu suddenly asked.

Tangrou’s movements heard a very small pause in this movement, and Ye Xiu, who was skilled in micro-operation, clearly saw it in his eyes.

“I haven’t practiced it, just like that.” Tang Rou said.

“Yes?” Ye Xiu smiled and said nothing. He stood up and gave up the position to Tang Roo: “You continue here! Raiders or games, I don’t understand, even if you ask me.” Ye Xiu said.

“Thank you. What about you?” Tang Ruo saw that Ye Xiu was ready to leave.

“I went to the smoking area, there is some safety there.” Ye Xiu said.

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