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Chapter 53 Battle mage

Chapter 53—The Battle Mage

“Right, that is, what kind of occupation is that fighting god?” Tang Rou did not even remember the name of “Autumn of the Fighting God”, but because Chen Guo often mentioned, she finally left a little sense of existence in her heart. In addition to this, the presence of a stronger sense is the gunner “Mu Yu Orange Wind”, which is the direct cause of Chen Guo also playing a gunsman, Chen Guo’s first idol, more characters hanging on his lips.

Tang Rou said while looking towards Chen Guo, but immediately saw the sorrow of Chen Guo’s face.

“What’s wrong?” Tang Rou was shocked. He knew Chen Guo for two years. The angry Chen Guo was commonplace, so the appearance of sadness was still the first.

“Ye Qiu…retired.” Chen Guo said.

“Ye Qiu? Is the owner of the autumn of a leaf?” Tang Rou said.


“What about the autumn of that leaf?”

“A leaf is still in the autumn, but…”

Chen Guo also described this relationship. In the icy professional league, characters and players are divided into two parts. For players who like glory, some people envy the professional characters, and some admire the skill of professional players. So the title of the **** of fighting, at first some people think it is to give a leaf of autumn, and some people think that it belongs to Ye Qiu, the manipulator behind the autumn of a leaf, which is controversial. But gradually, similar disputes have gradually attributed the title to the role.

Just because the character is a hard-working camp, the player is the runner.

The players will make a move, the players will be in a state of decline or even too much, the players will eventually retire, but the role will not. As long as the club is willing, the character can always be firmly grasped in his own hands. The longer the time, the more skill points are possible, and the more powerful the equipment is. At present, the major characters in the glory of the glory are almost always established in a district, with a life of nearly ten years.

Their operators have changed and do not know how many; but their reputation has never been degraded from the sound.

There are reopening days for flowers, and there are no more people.

A powerful character, as long as there is a strong player control, can show its power; and the players? In the face of the laws of nature, no one can beat the ruthless killer of time.

Autumn leaves and autumn leaves are a rare exception. The role and the manipulator are up to ten years, which is unique in the league. When other characters experience the change of the manipulator, each player disappears behind the scenes and leaves the name to the character. Fighting God has been shared by Ye Qiu and Yi Yeqiu. From the day the name was called, Fighting God has always belonged to them both.

Unfortunately, the fall of a leaf is also a role, and Ye Qiu is still a player. The player is destined to take a step forward, and the character will inherit the name forever.

When the other characters have already had several handovers, this is only the first time. Therefore, there will be a lot of players will be bitter and tearful, and Chen Guoyi will start to feel guilty when he mentions the fall of the leaves. For her, when Ye Qiu left, the title of Fighting God became incomplete. The original thing that had been entrusted with a lot of feelings was suddenly torn apart.

Tangrou could not understand Chen Guo’s grief. She could only sit quietly while accompanying her and holding her hand without saying a word.

However, Chen Guo is Chen Guo after all. She was already saddened yesterday, and it is not her style to be sad here. Only for a while, her glory has once again flew up, looking at Tang Rou: “The profession of fighting God is a war mage, how, do you want to play?”

“Okay! Maybe when I will become the master of the autumn leaf, when I am the new fighting god, maybe?” Tang said.

“Ah! This goal is a thousand times higher than that of defeating Ye Xiu! You must work hard to make this goal!” Chen Guo said with a smile.

“Okay!” Tang Rou also smiled and nodded.

“Then I will tell you about the profession of the War Mage now?” Chen Guo said.

“Yeah.” Tang Rou nodded.

“The War Mage belongs to the Master Division. It is a magical reinforcement to carry out close combat. There are two kinds of weapons proficient, long sticks, or spears. The attack speed of the long stick is generally 8, and the attack speed is fast. 2, relatively slow, but the attack is high, the range is large. I personally prefer the spear, more domineering, do not domineering, how do you mean to fight the gods? You see the autumn leaves are not using the spear, once …”

“Fruit…” Tang Rou reminded Chen Guo to run the question.

“Oh…” Chen Guo coughed and continued. “The main characteristics of the War Mage are the magical lines that can strengthen their own attributes and the will of the players they learn when they wake up. Especially the will of the fighters, this is entirely the operator A passive skill of self-technical to enhance the character’s ability. If you see a war mage become stronger and stronger, don’t be surprised. One leaf autumn will be praised as fighting, just because Ye Qiu’s operation can…”

“Fruit!” Tang Rou has no choice.

“Okay, okay, let’s watch the video and tell you what to do while watching it?” Chen Guo said.

“Yeah.” Tang Rou nodded. Chen Guo does not need to search online, she is still a little video of fighting God? I don’t know how much I collected, and when I clicked out, I talked to Tang Roo and talked about it. Only when I started talking about it, I was amazed.

“Oh, look at you, this time…”

“Hey, 88 back-to-back combos, do you know how much property can this fight increase?”

“Ha ha ha, this silly goods, I ran into it.”

“Fruit…” Tangrou was helpless for the third time.

“You don’t think I should look at the first level first? When you come up, let me learn the top players in the battle mage?” Tang Rou said very weakly.

“Oh, this way! Let me find it!”

The two girls were so immersed in the study of the battle mage, until a small network tube ran over to greet the two to eat, but also Chen Guo impatiently chased away.

It wasn’t until the back of the scene that Chen Guoyi heard the sound of refreshing for two days: “Hey, are you learning the battle mage?”

Ye Xiu!

Chen Guo immediately turned back: “Why, are you in charge?”

“Xiao Tang wants to play the battle mage?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Yeah.” Tang Rou nodded.

“I can teach you this!” said Ye Xiu.

“Oh, don’t need it.” Chen Guo expressed disdain.

“Boss, do you know what you just rejected?” Ye Xiu said seriously.

“Cut.” Chen Guo was completely lazy to care for her. She turned back to Tang Rou and said: “These are the battle mage Raiders written by Ye Qiu. You see, I have arranged for you all, from shallow to deep, from attribute to skill to equipment. The practical techniques, experience, skills, methods of practice, and the accompanying videos, wonderful highlights.”

“Uh-huh.” Tang Rou nodded.

“Really, do not guide the real person, do you have to learn by yourself?” Ye Xiu muttered.

“When you go, is your guide comparable to one in ten of these strategies?” Chen Guo said.

“Oh… don’t regret it!” Ye Xiu sighed.

“Noisy you.” Chen Guotou did not return. Tang Rou turned around and smiled at Ye Xiu: “I will ask you if there is a problem.”

“Oh, you will soon have it. The one you are looking at now is nine years ago. There are systematic adjustments in the past nine years. There are technical advances in the players. Although this strategy can still be seen, there are four. The place should pay attention to the fact that the things mentioned there are totally unsuitable for today’s war mage.” Ye Xiu said.

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