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Chapter 521 Dream begins

The 512th chapter begins

After Chen Guo listened to Ye Xiu, after this, the rice couldn’t be eaten, and he dealt with it indiscriminately, and immediately ran to learn about the trial.

On the official website of the Glory Alliance, Chen Guo quickly found a comprehensive introduction and publicity of the trials. When he opened the page, he saw the big slogan of the selection campaign: the place where the dream started.

Good custom! Chen Guo also secretly spit a bit, and then can’t wait to go to the details to understand the situation. All the way down, I found that it really is the same as Ye Xiu said. Just from the official more or the propaganda tone. Each participating team is called “the opportunity to have a dream”, and those who have outstanding performance in the selection process are called “dreams come into reality”, and those who finally return to the professional league through the trials The professional team, 咱 is called “the dream is saved.”

But the most important thing is that some players who have been found in the trials, sucked by the professional team, and become professional players, they are the words of the big slogan: the place where the dream begins.

Chen Guo looked at this string. In the end, she made a **** battle for herself. I can’t wait for the trials to start tomorrow. Then they first “have a chance to dream”, then “dreams into reality” and finally let some people “ The dream is saved, and the other person becomes the “place where the dream begins.”

How to sign up?

Chen Guo can’t wait to know what is already this. As a result, the registration method is simple to die. At the end of the regular league regular season, the channel will be announced. Just above the page of the trial, it will be fine.

How is the professional league not finished yet?

Chen Guo immediately began to worry about this again. Then look at the regular season’s season table, this season has 8 rounds of regular season left, almost two months.

“Don’t worry! The later it will be held, it will be more beneficial to us.” Ye Xiu arrived early behind Chen Guo. When she saw that she had checked this, she almost guessed her mind.

“Also, we still need a lot of preparation. At least, do you have to practice a full level?” Chen Guo said.

“No, what other equipment, slowly in the process.” Ye Xiu said.

“Now you and the old Wei are alone in a silver martial arts, equipment, we are much better! Really encounter those god-level characters full of silver, how to fight?” Chen Guo said. Although Jun Moxiao of Ye Xiu has already played with the characters of Wang Jiexi, Han Wenqing and Huang Shaotian in the game, it has never collided with the role of God. And Huang Shaotian’s last night’s rain was bothering in the correction field.

Why is the **** character called God? In fact, the main reason is three, one is that the operator is full of God, take it to fame; the second is the skill point, skill points, skills, etc., regardless of attack damage or effect is more powerful; three is that Equipment and equipment more intuitively enhance the attributes of these characters. The autumn rain of this leaf is not enough for the king to keep a bunch of characters in the desert. I really want to smash the equipment, and the property that is thrown into the online game and other full-level characters is exactly the same.

Ye Xiu, they are now a new team, the operator has at least one Ye Xiu is also a big god-level sitting, other people are good at practicing and the level can be improved; but in terms of equipment, the current gap is enormous. Even if the numbers of Ye Xiu and Wei Wei are both Yin Wu, it is incomparable to the silver dress of others. The gap between equipment and the gap in equipment is obviously not a concept. As for the skill points, this thing can be met, and it is really necessary to carry it. If you play for ten years, the skill points are only four thousand points. It is really mad and not paying for life, so this is not mentioned first.

“Well, equipment is also a big problem, so we have a lot to do this year. Winning the challenge is only part of it.” Ye Xiu said.

“Be sure to cheer!” Chen Guo said to Ye Xiu, also to himself.

“Required.” Ye Xiu said, sitting in the seat, and immediately began to refuel.

The next day, Chen Guo adjusted the work of the Internet cafe and liberated Tang Rou directly from the front desk. Afterwards, a recruitment was made outside the gate, and I also rushed back to the upstairs box. Her main task is to accompany the leaves to practice leveling. Professional players, she also thought, but where is the age, it is already a little late. She does not have the foundation of Wei Wei, and she does not have such experience.

Experience this thing, it takes time to accumulate, this is for sure. But it is by no means that with the accumulation of time, it will certainly form an experience. Forming experience requires learning, thinking, and precipitation. Experience also needs to be brainstormed to accumulate.

Because of this, although many older players may have been in contact with glory for many new generations of professional players, it is not as good as professional players to talk about experience.

Is it because professional players must have experienced more battles? Of course not, the key is that the attitudes of the two sides are different. Ordinary players, playing games, they are more passively accumulating experience. And professional players? They will take the initiative to learn from experience, a battle, a game, a video… all the time, they are doing this thinking.

Therefore, although Chen Guo has had a glory career for several years, he also has a lot of experience. But the experience is also graded. Her experience is actually low.

In desperation, she can only help everyone with the way she can.

In the game, leveling, outside the game, Ye Xiu received the news of Mo Qiang on qq.

“Where, how?” Ye Xiu replied Mo Qiang.

“Two bad news, which one do you want to listen to first?” Mo Qiang asked.

“Let’s talk about it…”

“Your money is spent, and the materials you want are not finished.” Mo Qiang said.

“What’s worse?”

“Blue and white crystal. This is not because there is no money! It is my circle to inquire, there is no place to have goods. If there is goods, the buddy will help you with the money.” Mo Qiang said.

“Well, thank you! It seems that this is the last time I have to find a solution myself.” Ye Xiu said.

“I will also help you keep an eye on this side.” Mo Qiang said.

“Okay. Other things, are you ready now?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Get it, you come back and take a look, Mom’s holding such a baby, I really don’t dare to go out of town. Who wants me to make a clean, net earn 100,000! I want to buy a murderer to take me Kill yourself, and then darken your batch of materials.” Mo Qiang said.

“Oh, then I will come back and take it! But hello, let’s send a main city close to me?” Ye Xiu replied.

“Well, where are you, I am coming.” Mo Qiang said.

On the side of the field of God, there is a transmission matrix between the major cities. Otherwise, with the vast map of the domain of God, running on both legs, the glory game company may have been blown up by the players.

The main city of a side of the 55-level area, the human smoke and the 55 leveling area are as rare. In addition to those players who have abandoned the number in the ranks of 55, 60, and 65, it is hard to find out that it is not 70. Everyone’s activities are mainly in the 70-level area. The lower-level areas come with fewer people, and the corresponding main city is too busy.

After rushing to the coordinates, Ye Xiu saw the role of Mo Qiang. The name was Xiao Qiang, and the profession was also awkward. It was a thief.

Jun Mo’s smile was over, and Mo Qiang also appreciatively appreciated Ye Xiu’s figure-like equipment. After the transaction, the materials obtained were handed over.

“Blue and white crystal, how are you going to get it?” Mo Qiang asked.

“Go back to the ordinary area to explore the news, see if you can grab the boss!” Ye Xiu said, here is simply the word “grab”. The wild map boss in glory, trying to kill in harmony, is too difficult.

“Oh, the new district is right, should you be too disgusting at that level?” Mo Qiang said.

“Well, but if you are at such a level, then you are sick and dead.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ha ha ha ha, my level, the opening can not rise.” Mo powerful laugh.

“Yes, I will flash first, and I will find you again.” Ye Xiu said.

“Well, I have to remember me if I have a big deal!” Mo Qiang said.

“Must be certain.” Ye Xiu sent away Mo Qiang’s Xiaoqiang fast running, and he also went to save the received materials. Although the material is still incomplete, it is still possible to upgrade several forms of the thousand umbrellas. It is only now that I have reached the realm of God. If I upgrade the Thousands of Umbrellas here, then I will be affected by the irreversible rules, and the Thousands of Umbrellas will not be returned to the Tenth District. So Ye Xiu put it aside for a while, and after Chen and Chen Guo greeted him, Jun Moxiao simply sent it back to the 10th district.

Tenth district.

An ordinary system prompt, for any person, should be normal, but in the tenth district, it is an instant blast.

“***, Jun Mo laughed, how come back!!!”

The presidents of several guild divisions received this prompt. Who told them that they couldn’t wait to add this master to be a good friend? The master went to the field of God, and they did not delete this friend. It is good to keep a memorial! The result is that it has this effect. The last time Junmo laughed back, everyone was very embarrassed. As a result, this guy was brushed a few records and left. This time, what kind of guy is this guy thinking about?

The tenth district has not seen Jun Moxiao for a long time, and finally it has embarked on the form that the major guilds expect. The record of the copy has always been in their grasp, and the players are gradually aware of the energy of these big guilds. The Xingxin Association began to receive a lot of attention, but this is not a smile, there is no record of what stimulates everyone’s eyes, and now can not be within the sight of the major guild.

However, this Jun Mo laugh is back now! Do you want to brush a few records to leave? The player in the 10th district is so easy to be indifferent to him. How did the **** come back? Is it calculated?

The core of the major guilds learned the news and spurred the blood. They wanted to go to the streets to hold a street protest.


A more beautiful day!

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