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Chapter 517 Hand of death

Chapter 517 The Hand of Death

Wei Wei’s game of chasing me is obviously accurate, and the one-inch gray is all expected. In a sigh, the wind rushed to the side of the side, trying to avoid this 斩 continue to run. This is a change to a player of average level. Wei Wei’s operation is really enough, but is Qiao Yifan a general level? There is little transparency in the professional circle, that is also the professional circle, and online game players are not the same thing.

The knife light chased after the body twisted in the wind, and Wei Wei saw that there was no way, and he had to dodge a lot. If it is a single-on-one, then it is better to say. Wei Wei has the means to get rid of it, but now Jun Mo laughs is not too far to catch up. But he can easily get rid of this gray knife, and the goods can be wrapped up again.

Going to this step, how is it a dead end, the plan to enter the copy is completely shattered.

Wei Wei also took the initiative to make a decision. He turned to the wind and said, “A little brother, I see you as a kind person. If you want to explode my equipment, you can return it to me!”

Joe sneaked a glimpse, but he still slammed back a “good.” Just one side, but one is no longer willing to relax. The lessons of the previous car are vivid, and Qiao Yifan is a person who will learn a lesson.

As a result, after he responded to this sound, the equipment on the windward array was quickly cleaned up with lightning speed, and then the chest was facing forward: “Hurry, kill me.”

Qiao Yifan suddenly shook hands. He found that his realm is still far from good. He doesn’t know who this is in front of him, but at least he can see that it is definitely not a player at the online game level. Now he even thinks that even in the professional circle, probably there will not be too many such talents.

“Fast, attack a little faster! Open more dots, hey, even if you are 55, you won’t be slow like this. You deliberately let the water go? You are wrong, treat the enemy, Should seize all possible opportunities, kill with the fastest speed, this is the most effective means to reduce the meaning of less, avoid mistakes, reduce the impact of luck!” Wei Wei actually began to teach Joe to sail.

Joe Yifan is silent. What this person said is actually very reasonable, but at this moment, when I say this to myself, why do you feel that this is not the same thing?

“You kid, sincere!”

Finally, I saw Jun Moxiao also rushed to the front, and he still did not die, Wei Wei was very dissatisfied to say a word, and made a face blowing a beard.

“Ha ha ha, people are kind, not stupid. Xiao Qiao let go, see me clean up this old thing.” Ye Xiu smiled, Jun Mo laughs and kills the horse, directly rushing toward the streaking windward cloth.

“Mom, you also want to clean up Laozi.” The equipment in the wind and the wind was all worn back to the body. It also poured a bottle of big medicine, and on the other side said: “Little comrades stand a little farther. I don’t want to accidentally hurt you.”

When Joe Yifan’s one inch of gray was listening, he really stepped back two steps. Ye Xiu quickly stopped: “How can you be fooled by Xiao Qiao! Standing behind his back, he broke his retreat.”

“Ye Qiu, you are a ***!” Wei Wei was once again seen through the conspiracy, angry and angry, while squatting, the wind has already put a curse arrow out. Instead of focusing on one place, the light ball is rotated and directly scatters.

Taking advantage of this chaos, Wei Wei also wanted to let the wind rush to escape. As a result, Ye Xiu saw it clearly. Jun Mo laughed and shook a z-word from the crack of the cursed arrow, and a spear rushed toward the wind. Knocked on it.

The windward array had to avoid it, and it was all close. The warlock really had no good means. Severe skills need to be sung, being wrapped around, how can I have time? Elemental Master’s words, there is at least one momentary movement that can quickly pull away the distance, but the Warlock is not.

In the face of attacks, only dodge. In the case of such operations, they can of course use these cloth systems, but their physical attacks are weak enough to die, even if they use a double-knife two-stage flow. The result will be directly shocked like a powerful attack like Jun Moxiao’s **** mad knife.




Wei Wei still tried hard to use some of the quicker skills to sing, but his opponent is not an ordinary person. He certainly has a level advantage, but the impact of this advantage is all within the calculation of Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu is completely considering this attack that is launched later. So in the end, the output is slower, and the attack control field and the same level are no different.

If Wei Wei is a melee professional, he can suppress it with a hard touch. But he is a cloth law system. Under the extreme disadvantage of being stuck, there are more than a dozen levels of advantages, and there is nothing to help.

After entanglement for a while, Chen Guo’s haze was finally rushed up. Seeing that the black hole of the muzzle has begun to aim on himself, not to say two words is not Wei Wei.

“Well, today I have planted it, you have more people, I am serving!” Wei Wei said.

“Many people are less than this, and you have to blow when you die.” Ye Xiu is not like Joe Yifan, his hands are not shaking at all, brushing and brushing, continue to storm.

“I can say it well, this silver weapon is my hard work, I want to burst out, you have to pay me back.” Wei Wei said.

“Well, as long as it is not silver, you are still back.” Ye Xiu said.

“***, don’t pretend you don’t understand!!!” Wei Wei.

“Do not cut your meat, you don’t know how powerful!” Ye Xiu did not show weakness.

Wei Wei didn’t do much, and the result was mad. But if he is going crazy, he will be mad, and now he is dying to see if he can take a bite, but can Ye Xiu give him such an opportunity? Ping Pong is a mess, and the life in the wind finally bottoms out. A round dance stick stabbed, squatting down, picking up the windward array.

“Silver Wu, come out!” Ye Xiu shouted.

“Ye Qiu, you can’t die!” Wei Wei shouted, and the wind rushed down and fell clean.

“***, Ye Qiu, you **** the soul! You really can’t die!” For a moment of falling, Wei Wei immediately opened the equipment bar. As a result, he was again on the spot. Ye Qiu’s screaming is like a soul-hunting, actually actually took away his silver martial arts…

“Ha ha ha ha, old Wei, cry!”

The soul couldn’t make a sound, and couldn’t hear the sound. As a result, Wei Wei saw Jun Mo smiled with such a string of words, and then a smirked expression dangling on his body, so angry that he almost never turned his back. go with. Click on the friend bar and quickly add Jun Moxiao friends. The result is rejected directly. People simply open friends.

“Ye Qiu, your uncle, your grandfather, your uncle!” Wei Wei was arrogant, but he also knew that the people in the game could not hear it anyway. The result is that he is standing in the Internet cafe on the Internet. He is standing up and standing up with a bunch of people: “Which dog’s day has been in the autumn!”

“I am Laozi, how!!” Wei Wei took a table, and he also stood up, and immediately stood up with a dozen people.

The game house that stood up and stood up there, watching a dozen or twenty people here, was not a gangster or a rogue, and suddenly stayed. Although it is not awkward for your idol, it is more important for your own personal safety. Then he nodded: “Hello, 骂叶秋? Everyone!”

After all, such shameless as this person is still a minority. Most of them look at the momentum that is more prosperous, and the dingy has long sat down.

“Play your game!” Wei Wei also glanced at this person, and he is now in a mood of even the streets. Because he is very clear, these moves are useless to Ye Qiu and are completely useless.

“Wei Ge smashed?” At this time, the little punks around Wei Wei came up and asked.

“Mom, the weapon has exploded.” Wei Wei bitterly.

“Fuck!” All the people were together, and they looked at Wei Wei with a murderous look: “How do you do it?”

“Make it up, play with you.” Wei Wei waved his hand, and then saw the game in the game, Jun Mo laughed still in the show, directly back to the city to resurrect, eyes are not seen as the net first.

“Yeah, go.” At the sight of the body, Ye Xiu was sorry. For the point that you can’t communicate with the body, Ye Xiu has more opinions! Why do you need to be so real? For example, at this moment, it is a pleasant thing to hear the voice of the blasted person.

“Look at the weapons!” Chen Guo was in a hurry. The leaf repaired to Yinwu was in the claws, she could not wait.

“Look, look!” Ye Xiu said this before opening the inventory. This silver martial arts does not get its own hands, it does not see the attributes. So I only saw the word color of the weapon in the wind, and I can see the specific attributes at this time.

This silver martial is the power of a warlock.

Death Hand, Level 60.

Weight 3 kg, attack speed 2;

Physical attack 530; spell attack 777;

Intelligence +45;

Dark attribute enhancement +20;

Dark attribute resistance +20;

Spell crit rate +10%;

Spell sings speed +10;

Casting distance +2.

“Great!” Chen Guo can also distinguish between good and bad equipment. This cane only looks at the basic attributes, and knows that it is a real price of silver, and its attributes are above the orange. Then the intelligence, dark attribute enhancement, spell crit, spell sing, cast distance… are all very useful additional attributes to the warlock. This is another embodiment of the value of Yinwu. In addition to the attributes superior to the same level of Orange Wu, the additional attributes of Yinwu, it is all tailor-made. What do you like, what you need, you can work hard to make something.

Single-attack attribute, this hand of death is equivalent to 70-level Ziwu. But taking all these additional attributes into account, the value is far above the 70th level. Not to mention the 70th-level purple martial arts, 70-level orange martial arts are impossible to bring together so many practical attributes.

“Not less than 70, and did not play skills!” Ye Xiu is still able to pick out the point.

Just saying, there is news on qq here, Ye Xiu points to open it, happy, it is Wei Wei. I can’t find it in the game, this guy can’t wait to greet him.

“Wang Ba Gu, I will return Yin Wu to me!” Wei Wei yelled.

“Can’t be annoyed with old Wei, you see that you just throw me on the TV, I have to concentrate on the next pursuit! In case one accidentally hangs, your hand of death bursts out… What do you say?” Ye Xiu replied.

“***, then you are not hurrying down the line, wait for death!!!”


A tribute to the old Wei who exploded the equipment, tomorrow three more!

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