The King’s Avatar

Chapter 514 You are ready!

One inch of gray, Joe Yifan!

Although Chen Guo did not deal directly with him, he also knew the existence of this person. For Chen Guo Tang Rou, who is around here every day, Ye Xiu has not had any concealment.

Although Joe Yifan is still small and transparent in the professional circle, it is also an absolute master in the online game. Chen Guo quickly searched for a next inch of gray, and the level he saw was a calendar.

The Christmas event was smashed by too many levels of gray, and now it is not only catching up, but it is even higher than Ye Xiu’s Jun Moxiao half. This is also a matter of making Ye Xiu very helpless. 50-55 level, this stage can only brush wild monsters in the field of God. Which is like in the ordinary area, the perfect task chain does not say, a large number of copies at the 50th level, as long as the player is willing to huā time, this stage is very fast.

Not only 50, 55, 60, 65…

Because these levels have been the upper limit of the glory update process, in order to enrich the game content of that period, the capping stage must have a large number of copies for the players to entertain. When you can continue to upgrade, these copies suddenly become a treasure trove of experience.

Qiao Yifan apparently is practicing leveling while starting from the 50th level to carry out the challenge task in the field of God. After all, it is also a professional player, and those operations in the mission of God are still difficult to beat him. As for PK, Joe Yifan is not Tangrou. This newcomer is also appropriate to challenge the average player.

Only with Ye Xiu in front, the attention raised by Qiao Yifan this time is far worse. After all, his one inch gray is not like Jun Moxiao. When he reaches level 50, he can’t get experience in the ordinary area. He has nothing to do. He can only concentrate on the challenge of the field of God. Then he will focus on tearing in the arena all day and night. It’s hard to kill if you don’t want to pay attention. What about Joe Yifan? It is slowly accumulating little by little. He plays a dozen games in the arena every day and wins a win. No one thinks that this is another guy who started the challenge of God early.

Until the task is completed, the field of God is entered, and the system issues an announcement. “The tenth district is like a blasting pot. On the side of the gods, such an announcement is not unusual, but from the tenth district” is also horrifying people. A bit. The tenth district is currently the highest in the rankings, and now you can enter the realm of the gods. “Absolutely a big master.”

The moment when a inch of gray entered the field of God immediately attracted a curious crowd. Ye Xiu and Chen Guo were busy at the time, but did not notice the news of the system. Ye Xiu will know that it was because Joe Yifan went to the field of God immediately. Please come to the seniors. Ye Xiu immediately summoned him to be a hitter.

“Rely, you are really a helper!”, Wei Wei, with 19 helpers, sighed and sighed, so that Chen Guo is more and more admired for these great god-level characters.

The ice array, the continuous ice damage caused Wei Wei, the warlock’s six-star light to be immediately interrupted.

Just an inch of gray, after all, the level is too low. Under such a level of suppression, the ice effect of the ice array is completely resisted.

Where does Wei Wei know what an inch of gray is? It is not lucky to be frozen. After all, the probability is not 100%. After rushing out of the ice rim, he turns to look behind him and sees an inch of gray equipment. I was immediately aware of it.

He is not a professional player who has to focus on professional competitions. “Drilling in online games every day” is very familiar with all kinds of equipment. At a glance, he recognizes that the knife in the inch of gray is a 55-level Kano sword. It was a swordsman weapon that was popular in the past. Now because of the level of reason, it has not been heavy, even if it is old-fashioned, it will not choose a 55-level weapon in such an important PK moment.

This kind of thought turned “Wei Wei immediately clicked on a inch of gray to view the information, the level of the calendar is clear. The level is placed there, the equipment is almost no need to see, the role of this role can play a role Wei Wei has been aware of.

“This is the helper you started from a long time?”, Wei Wei is laughing and talking, and his eyes are bright. “The fascinating sword light of Kano’s sword has already flashed in front of him. Just because he is from a ghost swordsman.” The hand of the sword is filled with a few points of condolence.

“Oh, great!” Wei Wei screamed and quickly let his warlocks shun. Raise your hand and want to sing, and the next sword of a inch of gray came soon.

This ghost swordsman is also a cloth professional as a warlock, but on the melee ability, it is a different day. Wearing a cloth “that is also a swordsman” as for the warlock, like the Elemental Master is a pure caster, there is no martial arts.

At this time, it was caught in a small space by a inch of gray. “Wei Wei’s situation is actually quite bad.

“Hey, slow down slowly!”

Under the continuous sniper of the one-inch sword, Wei Wei’s warlock was very ugly to hide from the left, and his mouth was very screaming. Even if you yell at this time, you won’t feel half-divided.

However, Wei Wei still has no bones to this extent. “In the continuous smashing, he is not soft on the right hand.” He finally made a cry: “Help!”, “If you don’t care, this guy is for the purpose.” Unscrupulous, there is no such thing as a lower limit in the brain. Hurry up and hack him! The sooner the better!” Ye Xiu quickly made a noise to stop his noise. He did not come up to help, because the other party also arrived.

Killing Wei Wei is of course the key, but with the low-level roles of Ye Xiu and Qiao Yifan, this time is really not enough to win a 70-level role. So the first priority is to prevent Wei Wei from joining his men. His point of the horse, Ye Xiu, did not know where he came from, in short, it was a bunch of people. It’s true that there is no Wei Wei’s command. Although Jun Moxiao’s level is low, Ye Xiu also has the confidence to break through one by one.

“Rely, Ye Qiu, you are stinky! Lao Tzu has been out of the river for many years, and the hero does not mention the courage of the year. On the shameless shameless limit, you should introduce yourself to be similar, don’t sneak into a good person.” Wei Wei Yi Yizheng The reprimand of the resignation, the leaf repair did not care, but the more important thing was that the attack of the ghost swordsman was not disturbed by his words. Instead, he listened to Ye Xiu’s “grasping time”, and then he became more embarrassed.

“Little Brother” is a good man, which team? “Wei Wei retired for many years, but the glory is still playing, the eyes are still very sinister. Qiao Yifan is rigorous and organized.” This kind of temperament, Wei Wei knows that he is a professionally trained professional.

Ordinary players operate harder, but they still have the habit of wild roads. This style, like the professional players of their older generation can not be avoided, after all, they have been playing online games for a long time before they began to explore the professional circle. Only some of the newcomers later learned the experience left by the older generation of players and took a lot of detours. This completely eliminated some of the messy habits that were developed during the online games. The operation of Qiao Yifan has such a brand, so Wei Wei quickly judged that this kid is professional, and it is a new generation. So he has, “Little Brother”, the name.

Qiao Sanfan is an honest child. Moreover, listening to the dialogue, I know that this person and Ye Xiu know each other. I can’t figure out the relationship at the same time. Listening to this person’s question, I honestly answered: “Micro grass.

“Oh, micro grass! The grass is great, and it is very kind of friendship with the captain of your micro grass. I think your technique is quite good. I have to say hello to him and let you start the game. Anyway. It’s already at the end of the season, and your micro-grass is the finale. It’s time to practice new people. Well, this is a thin face, I believe I still have it. “Wei Wei is a portrait of a worldly high-ranking man. “You are not bad, lacking is just an opportunity. “,opportunity!

The main tempting word for a new person is nothing more than this.

In exchange for Joe Yifan before the All-Star Weekend, if you hear someone promised him, maybe you’ve already gotten excited. But after a rookie challenge at the All-Star Weekend, I thought everything. After the end, but after meeting Ye Xiu, Qiao Yifan has completely awakened. On the opportunity, “Rookie Challenge is not an opportunity?”

But he did not catch it. Without chance, it can be said that it is not good luck; can’t grasp the opportunity, does it also come down to luck? At least Joe Yifan understands that he is not. He can’t catch the opportunity because his strength is not enough, nothing more.

During this time, he continued to practice hard. “He is no longer impetuous.” Before he has not abandoned enough strength, he will not rush to try any chance.

Once I could touch his remarks, at this time, Qiao Yifan could already laugh at it. He could even answer Frank Wei very frankly: “Sorry, I am not ready to meet the opportunity.”, “No!” Wei Wei The tone sounds much stronger than Joe Yifan. “You haven’t prepared for the past, but now you are completely different, you are fully prepared. ”

Wei Wei, who generously stated this rhetoric, even forgot to operate. The master warlock stood stupidly in this string of words and cut an inch of gray.

So sincere, let the gentleman Qiao Yifan feel a little embarrassed, and the result is that Wei Wei is also a big drink: “The era that belongs to you has come! Ready to go! Zhou Yibai!!”

Joe Yifan suddenly paused: “I am not Zhou Yibai.”

“What a joke, you are not Zhou Yibai?”, “Ha ha ha ha!” Another side of Ye Xiu’s laughter has been passed over, “Bovine, you, in order to strengthen persuasiveness, give up the operation and hard work on the knife Go and search for a name. Have you played it? You got the wrong person!”

“No? Who are you?” Wei Wei asked.

“My name is Joe Yifan.”

“Qiao Yifan?” Wei Wei” seems to be quickly flipping through the list of members of the grass that he just searched: “Is Joe Yifan not playing assassin?” ”

“Okay, you are all like this, and you want to continue to flicker? You don’t listen to him. You have a fart with your captain. He doesn’t even know if you open the door to the grass.” Ye Xiu said.

“Rely, who said I don’t know, I just had dinner with your captain a few days ago.” Wei Wei said.

“The door of our micrograss has never been opened south!” Qiao Yifan said weakly.

“〗 〖I, I said that you guys are more despicable than me, I am fighting with you!” Wei Wei shouted, suddenly desperate to let his warlock rushed toward Jun Mo Xiao, the hands already A spell has been condensed.

Qiao Yifan was really a little dizzy by this flickering. At this time, he was shocked and grabbed the block.” The result was that Ye Xiu shouted “Beware”, and the warlock’s hand shook, and a **** was actually thrown behind him. Come over.

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