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Chapter 513 Someone behind

Someone behind the 513th chapter

The shouting of Ye Xiu seems to be quite embarrassing, but the operation under the hand is methodical, and this can still be considered, which is much better than the initial situation.

Even so, Ye Xiu is still far from taking the initiative. Although the other side of the assassin succeeded, but the other side of the assassin himself to find death. Desperate to kill so many lives, leaving a fraction of the leaves to kill, Ye Xiu still can not solve his meaning, but also come out to mix.

Then there was a performance of a shuttle in the skill, and Jun Mo laughed again around the corner and shrank. Although the other party’s commander is strong, there are not many people. It is also very important that the remains of the ancient city of Luolu are not leveling areas. Like in the wilderness town a few days ago, while avoiding the vision of the three major guild players, we must also pay attention not to attract the hatred of the mobs, and it is even more troublesome to say.

And what about the remains of this ancient city? Ye Xiu now smokes, and you say how comfortable you are.

“Since this person is like this, should this be the Lanxi Pavilion doing tricks?” Chen Guo sees that Ye Xiu is quite relaxed and does not keep quiet.

“Not like.” Ye Xiu shook his head. “The words of Lanxi Pavilion are more than the players of the dozen or so people at the moment. Wouldn’t it be more than a dozen people to give him a few?”

“Then he is not for the Lanxi Pavilion. Now there is no reward. What is he like?” Chen Guo wondered.

As a result, I heard Wei Wei in the game shouting: “Ye Qiu in the corner listens, you have been surrounded, and it is your only way to come out and die. You are embarrassed to go down the line. It is a waste of time and speed.” Speed ​​out, let us kill you and take five hundred to eat a big meal.”

“Rely, don’t you tell me that the reward is gone? You really don’t know or don’t know?” Ye Xiu replied.

“What do you say, I can’t hear you, you are louder.” Wei Wei shouted.

Ye Xiu immediately shut up, this guy, apparently lie to himself more and then expose the position, so deliberately provoke the topic here!

“War and no war, no downline, hiding time and delay, are you really waiting for the rescue? Are you not forcing me to call people again? Mom’s five hundred more sodas are not enough. Now 20 people have to go out and have a meal! I have to post it!”

Ye Xiu listened to this Wei Wei’s, five hundred aspects always said that there is something to be said, but to say that this guy really did not see the statement, I don’t know that the reward has been withdrawn, and there is some unbelief in Ye Xiuzhen. After thinking about it, I suddenly said to Chen Guo: “Do you have any friends of these big guilds? Inquire about this reward.”

“The statement is clear, haven’t we all seen it? Even if you regret it again, it won’t be so fast!” Chen Guo laughed and laughed.

“No, I mean, there will be other measures within the Grand Council.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh?” Chen Guo took a moment and suddenly became stunned.

She has been mixing in the field of God for so long, the big guys don’t know, but of course the friends in the major guilds still have it. I asked for a lap of busy news, and I really told Ye Xiu.

“That’s really right for you. There are rewards within several major guilds. It is for you, killing once, five hundred! Some guilds also have rewards for their contributions.” Chen Guo said that he quickly told Ye Xiu.

“This goods are really for the money!” Ye Xiu speechless.

“It’s mixed enough.” Chen Guo commented. You have to count the average person, according to Ye Xiu, this is also a very big god-level figure. As a result, it is really miserable for the five hundred pieces to be so arrogant. This is down to 20 people, how to divide the money? 25 people per person? Or the killer takes a 300 piece, the other person is ten? How do you feel very poor?

“But it’s not all. The main thing is to have some fun. Anyway, I am still idle. I see that there is a 500-piece activity. If you have nothing to do, let’s play!” Ye Xiu analyzed his opponent’s motives.

“Hey, find me soon!” Ye Xiu and Chen Guo chatted, while observing the other’s encirclement space approaching their hiding place, and quickly jumped out and shifted.

This out is immediately exposed, but how much is taking the initiative, it is always more shocking than the opponent finds the side and then rushed to escape.

“Good guy, slipped again. Sure enough, there are two sons, you don’t go offline today, I see how long you can hide.” Wei Wei saw Jun Moxiao’s figure and was also a busy commander.

“You don’t want to run is true.” Ye Xiu shouted.

“Rely on, while running away, you can still say such words, you are definitely Ye Qiu, can’t be wrong!” Wei Wei called.

The two sides tossed on one side, and the mouth was still on the side. Chen Guo was speechless for a long time, and finally realized that this is a professional confrontation! This trashy is endless.

“What are you going to do?” Chen Guo is a bit stunned. To say a helper, Ye Xiu now what help? Those who are in Loulan are not there. Besides Ye Xiu, I don’t know anyone, wouldn’t I be waiting for myself? Chen Guo was nervous. She was very eager to help herself, but when she really had a big expectation for her, she felt a lot of pressure.

“The helper is coming soon.” Ye Xiu said.

“Who, can’t you say me?” Chen Guo asked, the result of Ye Xiubai’s busy drifting, let her want to die.

“You know when you turn over the system.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo wonders, what does this have to do with system news? I was about to ask again, but found that Ye Xiu was a little busy at this time.

A large fireball rolled from the front and blocked the route that Ye Xiu was prepared to move forward. After the early pursuit of the soldiers, it was actually caught in a small narrow alley. Wei Wei’s tone seemed to be very helpless for Ye Xiu’s slogan. He also shouted the slogan that took a day, but the result was another successful killing!

Going back and forth, Ye Xiu saw that there was a big piece on the wall on the right side of the first few steps. He quickly let Jun Mo laugh a few steps and rushed over the wall.

This jump, but not landing, directly opened the mechanical rotor in mid-air and flew far.

“Rely, it’s too treacherous! Let him be beaten down by me.” Wei Wei’s warlock is even outside this gap, apparently here is a trap he placed. Under the gap, the thief had already put in a number of traps. Jun Mo laughed that if he had to step on it, he would not have to think about running again. I don’t want Ye Xiu to guess this, and it doesn’t land at all.

On the ground, several gunmen ran and shot in the air.

The speed of this mechanical rotor is not fast, and the operation is not very sharp. However, under the operation of Ye Xiu, it is extremely flexible. It swings left and right in the air, hides the flying bullets and cleans them. The player players are stunned.

Wei Wei is not the master who said that he does not practice. He has been keeping a close eye on Jun Mo, and has maintained a good distance. Judging that the time of this mechanical rotor is coming, after the pre-judgment, a lot of chaotic rain will be poured into the area where Jun Moxiao must stop.

As a result, Jun Mo laughed as if he expected it to come down here, but the thousand-machine umbrella did not receive it from the top of the head. It was like an umbrella, so it was supported on the top of the head, and it ran straight from the chaos of rain. There are no winding roads.

Compared to shields, the Thousands of Umbrellas are more comfortable and comprehensive in blocking this attack from above.

“Rely, good and despicable weapons!” Wei Wei was too angry. Jun Mo laughs, whether he is around the left or around the right, he has arranged, so that he did not take care of him directly. There are also limited hands of others, and the opponent is not the last two characters that can be entangled.

“The three teams will come back and will not go to your side. You go to the 3958, 2564 area. One team breaks his retreat, the second team revolves around the left and the fourth team, and moves four out to see if they can go around.” Wei Wei’s real instructions are actually all in the team channel.

Wei Wei pointed it out while he was turning to the right. He is now at the peak of the peak, and the level is not lost. In the average player, it is definitely a super master, but it is not enough to put it in the professional circle. But the one-on-one delay, Jun Mo laughed, he still has confidence, after all, he has the great advantage of ranking.

Behind a row of incomplete low stone walls, Wei Wei let his warlock cats go all the way. He had been talking with Ye Xiuqi before, but he did not say a word at half time. Those who dare not reveal their position now have been replaced by him. When I heard Ye Xiu, there was a word that shouted to him without a word. The voice was getting closer and closer, and Wei Wei was ready to attack at any time.


The figure in front flashed, and Jun Mo laughed directly over the stone wall and flew over. It was not far before Wei Wei’s warlock. Wei Wei, who had been prepared for a long time, immediately smashed the ball of a cursed arrow. He did not play Jun Moxiao, but it was arranged in a row to fly over and blocked his way.


Wei Wei was familiar with the operation, and a black light bursting out from his warlock’s hand, he ran towards Junmo.

Jun Mo smiled and turned sharply. He wanted to go away, but he saw that the black light seemed to be spiritual and turned around and continued to wrap.

“Hey, hand control!” Ye Xiu yelled, rolling forward, and the black light turned and turned again. Wei Wei once again tried to let the black light bow down, but here is a new humming.

Six-star light prison!

From heaven to earth, the six pillars of black and purple are starting to grow, and they are free from the smile of Jun Mo. Under the control of Wei Wei, the light column will be sealed by the six-star light as soon as Jun Mo Xiaoyi is touched.

“Someone behind!!” Ye Xiu yelled.

“Cheat the child, you!” Wei Wei dismissed.

“Really someone.” Ye Xiu is still calling.

“Is there a ghost?” Wei Wei continued to despise.

“Haha, there are ghosts, ghosts.” Ye Xiu smiled, Wei Wei warlock’s feet, blue and white aperture flashed, an ice array has condensed.

At the same time, Chen Guo finally found something after slamming the system news.

System Announcement: Players in the 10th District are immersed in gray, completing the mission of God and entering the realm of God.


A more beautiful day! The three more tomorrow will be ready to go! Is there any kind of ticket matching?

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