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Chapter 508 Unexpected

Chapter 508 is unexpected

The video was sent and was tried for one day. In the end, the club was still gnashingly contacted with Mo Qiang, but he was ready to understand the matter. Mo Qiang is a glimpse of himself. He thought that this thing needs some wrangling! Therefore, posting on the Internet made a foreshadowing, so I was prepared to intercept all the dialogue records, and what I did on the phone. The other side reviewed the video on this day, and he calculated countless splits in the mind, and the last person came, the two words: account.

The simple thing is that Mo Qiang is a little surprised. While giving people an account, while playing with the “Xiaoqiang” several characters, the more they look annoyed, they have ordered the technology to completely smash the title.

The five foils have been confessed, and the two 500 worthy have to have a saying!

Regrettably, there was no killing at one time, so in the end it was a high-sounding statement, saying that under the joint action of the clubs, Jun Moxiao and the ruinous two main criminals recently hid Tibet, and the behavior finally converge. It was only pity that their five younger brothers became abandoning sons and were completely killed by us.

Since everyone is very busy, we decided to stop here first, but we are not committed to launching such actions in the future. Scavengers, self-respect!

Needless to say, for the majority of players who don’t know the insider, it’s really a great success for the club’s action. The video that was released was a selection made from ten video videos. Therefore, ordinary players do not know the exaggeration of the loopholes in this.

The action club guild was the banner of picking up the scavengers. As a result, I didn’t think that I was beaten up in the end. After that, the scavenging atmosphere in the realm of God really converges a lot. The players are also very smart. In the face of the annoying scavengers, they have intimidated the actions of the major guilds. This remnant of brain damage can be regarded as a slight benefit for the players, and the clubs have gained some praise.

But these are things that have been seen for a while. At this point, after the club guild issued this statement, who is the most intuitively affected? Of course, Ye Xiu. Although it is necessary to be wary, it is not necessary to see the personal shadows and quickly transfer such grass and trees.

Two days later, the leveling was relatively safe. Jun Mo Xiao has been steadily upgraded to level 54. With Ye Xiu’s game time, this upgrade speed is very slow after level 50. But there is no way, who can let him have no copy?

And these days, Ye Xiu busy is no longer limited to the game. He began to use a lot of time outside the game to dig through the research materials.

why? Because of the information on the ready-made thousands of umbrellas he has in his hands, this is the end of the story.

55, 60, 65, 70. In these four stages of improvement, Ye Xiu needs to find suitable materials and props in the glory of the mainland.

And these grades have far more materials and props than before. Because from the 55th level, there is a new continent in the field of God in the glory, which is bigger than the old glory continent, and of course many new items. From the screening of suitable lifting materials, the workload is of course greater. Ye Xiu has become more busy these times.

Chen Guo, after all, is the owner of the Internet cafe, only considering the game regardless of business or not. Every day, I still have to look around in the Internet cafe. Early this morning, I was strolled after getting up. I was standing outside the gate and breathing fresh air. By the way, I twisted my waist and I saw the road passing by, and I went straight to the direction of Xingxin Internet Cafe.

When I got to the door, I smiled slightly at Chen Guo.

Chen Guoyi looked at this person, and his age is estimated to be 30 years old, a savvy and strong look. Such a person, how to look at it is not like a person who drilled the Internet cafe early in the morning. It is estimated that there is something urgent to use the computer.

Chen Guo pondered, but also took a polite smile on the other side, who knows that this person will follow: “Is Ye Qiu?”

“Ah!” Chen Guo did not return to God for a while, staring at the man, suddenly felt that this person seems to be a little good. Which professional player is it? Chen Guo’s brain turned quickly, but he didn’t think of anyone.

“Is he there?” The other side looked at Chen Guo’s daze, but asked again.

“Oh, yes, you come with me.” Chen Guo nodded and took the person upstairs. The person is looking for Ye Qiu, she is not Ye Qiu’s person, so I don’t feel that I have the right to ask Dong to ask West.

As soon as the result arrived, I saw the door of the room open, and Ye Xiu took the cigarette and went out. Seeing Chen Guo, I saw a person behind Chen Guo’s body.

“Looking for you.” Chen Guo let go and introduced it.

Ye Xiu did not see any change, just nodded, followed by letting the door open, indicating that people are coming in.

The man also nodded and smiled into the house. Chen Guo came over, and Ye Xiuke was not very polite. He immediately curiously asked: “Who is this person? It is a bit familiar, I think I should know!”

“Jia Shi boss.” Ye Xiu smiled and entered the house.


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