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Chapter 499 Not lost

The 490th chapter is not lost

“Attention to add.” Liu Wei called.

Sun Xiang and Liu Wei are two enemies, and the consumption is naturally larger. But for professional players, life is a very basic thing to pay attention to. Plus, now in online games, there are no restrictions on pharmacy. In this respect, it can be said that there is no need to worry about it.

Liu Wei is watching Sun Xiang playing so arrogantly, and some worry that this guy has over-the-top to forget such basic things.

“I still use you to say?”

As a result, Sun Xiang was very contemptuous. Liu Wei was depressed and could only endure it because it was within the results he foresees. If Sun Xiang really forgets, he will probably not pay attention to it. This is not forgotten, of course, will despise Liu Wei. As a professional player, this kind of reminder is really naive.

“Retreat first?” Lou Loulan finally couldn’t help but make tactical suggestions.

Fighting will, as long as a combo, will stay at this stage. Then attack again and start counting from the beginning. Therefore, the will of the fighting spirit is also a very troublesome skill, and often washes away the state that it is easy to play. It is such a lot of trouble, in the professional circle, in order to not be caught in the chicken rib skills.

The three of them have been fighting, and the result has become the target of sending a combo. The three men will always find a suitable attack for him. At this point, if you can get rid of a blow, you can stop his fighters from continuing to improve. The will of the fighters was quite easy to crack, but their commandingly resurrected the former fierce battle mage.

Liu Wei did not bother that the other party suffered little loss, but the other party’s resurrection, and soon returned to join the battle, and the situation suddenly changed.

Four people, this is obviously a tipping point for this pile of weeds in front of Sun Xiang.

Three people, he can play a combo, pile up the will of the fighters, but four people, then he will return to the situation where he was attacked by continuous attack and did not fight back.

Sure enough, it is a must!

Liu is annoyed and remorseful. He should attack Junmo, why should he meet Sun Xiang’s intentions and attack this elemental mage? The result was a waste of good time.

Sun Xiang did not have a safe operation, and Lou Loulan, who was ruined, and the two who had just been hit by him had come to pick him up. Xiaobei’s battle mage and nightingale judo had already re-engaged. Four to one, and four to one.

Liu Wei wanted to **** the rescue. As a result, the figure appeared in front of him, but Jun Moxiao flashed in front of him.

“The machine can’t be lost, I said it.” Ye Xiu said calmly.


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