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Chapter 480 Counterattack for one minute

The 480th chapter counterattacks for one minute

“Now counterattack? Where to fight back?” Desperate people now have a feeling of being out of breath.

“The opportunity is very good now, come with me!” Ye Xiu said, Jun Mo laughed out of this dark and narrow alley.

“What, let him run again!!!”

The three presidents received their reports, and the Thunder was angry. In their words, they use “he” instead of “they”, and it is obvious that it is really unimportant to be ruined in the eyes of the president.

“It took so long, and I shot and killed one person. Now that I am playing and disappearing, I still don’t go offline. What do he want to do?” Chun Yi said.

“Do you want to use our strength in such a way? He is not so naive? This method can slow down the speed of leveling in the new district, affecting the process of land reclamation, but what is this in the field of God?” Tiannanxing said .

Chen Yehui did not say anything. He looked at the computer in front of him, and he couldn’t figure out what he was doing. What Ye Qiu wants to do now. He was completely qualified to leave, but he wanted to stay in the wilderness town and play hide and seek with everyone. When is this entertainment? It shouldn’t be so naive… The top god, need to have fun here?

“There is no boring and no running. The two of them have come together again. What is the plot?” Chun Yi said, ruining people, and finally was regarded as a kind of existence.

“Since they don’t plan to go, we don’t have to put our strength on this kind of prevention. It’s better to let everyone search and kill together.” Tiannanxing said. In order to prevent escape, they left considerable manpower in the two directions of the east and the north leaving the wilderness town. It seems that the other side has no intentions, and it seems that there is no need to waste this part of the staff.

Tiannanxing and the two of them finished and were preparing to pass instructions. Suddenly, Chen Yehui received a message: “They have appeared again!”

“Where!!” Tiannan Xing and Chun Yi Lao asked in unison.

In an unnamed alley in the wilderness town, the players of the three Jiawang dynasties are preparing to check an alley. When they see the figure together, Jun Moxiao has already flashed in front of them.

“Ah!” The three of them were amazed. They didn’t make a shot for the first time, but they sent a message.

Jun Mo laughed but did not escape, but took the initiative to the three.

Heaven strikes!

A slanting pick, the three people standing in the word, all under the cover of this small skill.

The rightmost person was completely unresponsive, and was directly provoked in the air. The two people quickly fled and evaded, but after the attack, the person was immediately interrupted.

Falling palms!

The palm of the hand blasted, the mid-air player has been blown out.

Forbearance? Hundreds of hooligans!

A few water snakes usually plucked out of the alleys. Before the players landed, the water flowed up and they were bundled into a dungeon and trapped in it. The ruinous gray figure rushed out, and he waved three hand-swords and shot them quickly. The two players quickly tried to hide, and the result was that Jun Mo laughed and messed up, and the spears in the hand knocked on each other, affecting the two. Two songs, one in one.


Tolerance? Empty and double kill!

Tolerance? Shadow dance!

After the shuriken, the target is short-lived, and the ruinous and untiring grasp of the opportunity, up and down is the success of three skills. Every move is extremely fast, and the ignited fire is not extinguished. The two hand-knifes that have been smashed and killed have cut the two. Then with the air and the double killer knife, the shadow dance has begun, and then the gray silhouette of the sky, the offensive is totally concentrated on the two.

The two players were completely unable to resist, and successive attacks, even let the two feet off the ground, turned out to be alive.

This is just an attack that is devastating on the one hand. Ye Xiu’s Jun Moxiao was assisted by the side, and under the smashing offensive, he did not hesitate to do his output, with the tireless rhythm.

It’s obvious that the ruin of the people is not too much to put these two opponents in the eye, but it is the heart and the gentle smile. Seeing Jun Moxiao is very cooperative with his offensive, and constantly changing the rhythm, he has to be happy with the help of Jun Moxiao.

As a result, in this busy schedule, Jun Moxiao’s head also raised a smiling expression, apparently aware of the savage and intimidating secret, but he could easily keep up with the rhythm of chaos, and the attack was always methodical.

Players trapped in hundreds of squats can’t get out of trouble, and can only stop sending messages. The shadow of the shadow dance in front of him, he was shocked. The two partners in this offensive are completely abused. In this dazzling figure, the existence of Jun Moxiao is different. One stroke, one skill, every skill, has a board and an eye.

The end of the shadow dance, the shadow of the sky is attributed to the person. But ruining people is not running now, not pulling away. The final position is like facing Jin Xiang, directly on the top of the two people, and then directly connected to the bird, his attack, but also not finished!

too strong!

The two players who were attacked were suffering. As a member of the Grand Council, they have never been beaten to this point. This is placed in the arena, which is simply a victory of “glory.”

After the bird fell behind, the back of the body was tied to the first surgery, ruining the tireless and skillful combo, and the quick operation made the two people have no chance to respond at all. From start to finish, the careers of the two did not even have the opportunity to be exposed, because they simply did not have the opportunity to launch even an attack.

Until this time!

The back-binding first skill is a skill that can only attack one target. At this time, one player finally got a gasp. Just after being attacked by the bird, he was already stepped on the ground. At this time, he was about to turn over. I know that it was just halfway up, and the character banged back to the ground, but it was a ruinous back. When the first skill was to slam the other guy to the ground, he was slanted to him.

The two of them haven’t settled yet. They saw a hand in the character rolling into the eyes of the two people. There was a loud noise, the whole screen was full of smoke, and the two characters were smashed and they didn’t even have themselves. Know that only the life bar continues to brush down, the other side’s attack continues.

“No way…”

The two people are already desperate and completely give up resistance. Unless they have any external force, and they themselves, they feel that they can’t do anything.

30 seconds!

For the entire half minute, the two players were passively beaten in this situation without any resilience. At this time, the skill time of the slamming slam dunk is already here. The player who was trapped in the game finally got out of trouble. Although the offensive of the two men has already frightened him, he can’t do anything if he left his partner to run alone.


This man savage swordsman has just thought this way, not even raising the epee. Suddenly there was a bang, but it was shot in the middle of a shot.

Ammunition skill: stiff bullets.

As the name implies, the target being shot will enter a rigid state. The human skill is directly in the name of rigidity, and the time of the stiff state is certainly not as short as the effect added by the skills such as the dragon tooth. In this shot, there was a stiff time, which was 2 seconds.

2 seconds, for the state of rigidity, it is already a very fatal time. Such a skill as a rigid bomb can be said to be a turning point in a battle.

A stiff effect that interrupts any attack.

In the state of rigidity, it is a good opportunity to make any counterattack.

Any occupation in the gun department, whether it is an ammunition or not, is almost a skill they must learn. For a while, the stiff bullet was even considered to be the existence of a cheat.

A skill that is so highly valued will also be subject to super interpretation and prevention. If the stiff bullets are gone without a trace, if they are 100%, then it is a cheat. Even if it is as sharp as a normal shot, there is a suspicion of cheating.

In fact, the stiff bullets are far slower than ordinary bullets, and they are quiet and large, and the bullets are large. This obvious feature was quickly overwhelmed by the players. With a high degree of attention, everyone knows how to resist this skill.

In high-level competitions such as professional games, such skills as rigid bombs are unlikely to be a direct attack. Must be hidden and covered. Starting from the early pk, it has now become an auxiliary yin.

The poor savvy swordsman player is obviously a big deal. Although they all know that Jun Moxiao is a casual person who has not changed his position, no one has carefully visited what kind of skills the scattered person has.

The shape and the leaf repaired this shot, it is also very yin.

Using the perspective of the melee, the ghosts put a shot, the sound was covered, and the fire was covered. The timing of the shot is more accurate in the release time of the dungeon.

It’s the savage swordsman who was trapped in the dungeons. He didn’t even count it, just waiting for the water to disappear. He didn’t even think that he would be attacked in his dungeon. Because the dungeon is even if the releaser’s own attack is thrown over, it is also destroyed, which will shorten its duration.

This is completely unexpected, and it is a shot that is accurate. It can be said that it is overcast.

Even when the bullets flew out, the water prison had not disappeared.

But when the bullet flew, the dungeon just disappeared, and the mad swordsman made the decision to “scrape”. He might have seen the bomb, but when he didn’t come and think about it, the bomb had already flown in. In his body.

Two seconds of rigidity, unable to make any action, he can only earn an eye to see Jun Mo laughed with a shadow split, the real body has already flashed in front of him.

For his slaughter, this has just begun…

About a minute after receiving the discovery of Jun Moxiao’s whereabouts, Chen Yehui received the message for the second time: the three-person group, the group was destroyed.

This news, Chun Yi Lao and Tian Nan Xing still do not know, they are still dispatched the man to rush to the coordinates.


First more! Today is three more!

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