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Chapter 473 It is hard to find a way out

The 747th chapter is hard to find

Forbearance? Birds!

The unlucky one who just entered the door, smashed and rushed out of the door. A pair of gray figures jumped directly from the bottom of the player who was rushing outside the door. This is not surprising, everyone is not prepared, ruined and tirelessly rolled, do not stop, got up and jumped on the opposite side of the roof.

The chasing troops on the street were busy and messy, and it was very reactionary to know what happened. Quickly turning the angle of view, I saw the ruined figure sinking, it seems that I have already gone down the street next door.

I was run away by this guy!

Some players are annoyed. They are ruined and they all know each other, and even some people have been picked up by him. There is no good feeling for this guy. Although the guild has never organized a big hunt for this guy, but the player has some actions in the private, but has not been able to succeed.

Destructive and Junmo laugh, two extreme extremes for the guild.

Destructive and tireless, from the perspective of the guild, such a straggler can not hurt the core interests of the guild. How to jump, it is also an ant biting an elephant, it is not painful. However, in the process of ruining and tossing, the guild will always have the interests of very few people hurt, although the destruction of these in the Great Guild will soon be able to make up, but it is tireless and has personal resentment. The player is really a lot.

And Jun Mo laughs will be reversed. What he did was not directly harmful to the guild individual. However, the gas field he showed was the ability to compress the guild invisibly. For example, in the tenth district, Jun Mo smiles and dazzles the light, so that the newcomers only know that there is such a master, I do not know what the game is. This situation has a great impact on the development of the Grand Council, but it is difficult for individuals to feel.

Can mobilize the guild as a whole, after all, it must be an opponent like Jun Moxiao. Destructive and tireless, is the gift of a substantial bundle of sales. However, in the process of concrete implementation, there are still many people in the guild who are very happy to be rude and ruthless. It’s hard to chase and kill people. They don’t even need the supervision of the upper level.

“Is there anyone in the East 8? Destroy people and come in your direction!”

To deal with the ruin of people, many people spontaneously cooperate with each other.

“We are there, but we have not seen ruining people!”


“This guy is on the roof, he didn’t jump!!”

The player who just climbed the wall immediately saw the ruinous and insatiable rushing on the roof from the perspective of the people hiding on the street.

“North and South 4, *** 47, 48 two intersections!!!”

“North and South 4 received, but we only have five people…”

“He can be dragged on the roof!!”

The news continues to flow, and everyone reports the devastating whereabouts and mobilizes the recent forces to encircle them.

The way of contact is varied, and the temporary channel established by the guild can only be used by people of this guild. At this time, joint operations require some communication with each other. In the game, outside the game, as long as they can communicate with each other, the people who send and receive messages at a time are busy and busy.

“Is there a place at the intersection? It’s going to be ruined!”

The player who is chasing the roof, seeing the road to the end, and urging.

“Ready!” But this is already waiting.


Attention to the five players at the two intersections, suddenly saw a gray shadow from the roof quickly down, the captain greeted, and everyone prepared the skills immediately dropped. But this shot was not found right, this gray shadow is also a little smaller?

“It’s not a man! It’s a piece of equipment!” Everyone has already seen it, but this moment, the real gray figure flashes, and the ruined people turn over and fall down. As a result, the five people just lost their skills and this is still a trick! The ruined people are so easily and easily clashed with their ***.

“Destruction and tireless breakthrough ***, now North and South 4 fleeing north.” Although shameful, the five people have to send out news, while rushing north.

“There are no people near the North and South 4! The target has just passed the 48 intersection! No one can block the 49, 410, 411.” Someone is arrogant.

“Received! 410 intersection, get there soon!”

“We have seen the target, chasing the target, thing 9, coordinates xxx, xxx.”

“Things 11 reinforcements. Coordinates xxx, xxx.”

“We are things 12, do we need our help? Coordinates xxx, xxx.”

Nearby players are all reported positions, along with coordinates. It’s so lively to chase and kill people.

However, the three presidents at this time saw this situation but it was speechless. It’s not that they care that everyone is chasing and killing people, so the key is that the contrast is so big that they are a little depressed.

The focus of their minds is still Jun Moxiao, but Jun Moxiao has no news as early as five minutes ago. Did not leave the wilderness town, but it has already got rid of their tracking.

Now they are dealing with the ruin of people, they are called chasing; to deal with Jun Moxiao, it is already called search. Regarding the news of Jun Moxiao, they are constantly receiving two kinds. Not found here, and not found there.

Five minutes! If you go out of war, it will be enough to take off. But now they know that Jun Moxiao has not yet gone offline. After the war, but not off the line, it is not a matter of killing them. The three men were somewhat upset at this moment, and the news of “There is no such thing” was very annoying. Look at the ruining and tireless pursuit of this side of the fire, the mood can be imagined.

“This guy, what kind of ghost do you want to do?” In addition to the rule of ruining and ruining people, and slightly devising the policy of ruining and untiring, after the discussion, three The giant did not mention the name of ruining people at all. Their concern is always just a smile.

The mood of the three people is entangled in contradictions.

Jun Mo laughed and disappeared from the war. They thought that this guy would go offline soon, and he was disappointed and angry. Whoever thinks this person has been there. As a result, people are still feeling uneasy. After all, the downline is the safest and most effective way. This person actually does not go offline, leaving some suspense in the world.

Ye Xiu did not do anything at all, and he has already made the president of the three major guilds restless.

I can’t find Jun Moxiao, watching all the news that is devastating, and the three are more and more angry.

“How can it be done, even a ruinous person can not do it?” Chen Yehui took the lead. The more people who are eager to catch up with Jun Mo, the harder it is to stay calm, and the pitiful ruin is the gas barrel at this time.

“Jiuyang, Jinxiang! How do you guys from the two regiments, how can you not see your news for a long time??” Chen Yehui guild in the guild.

“We are guarding the south side…” Jiuyang and Jinxiang are the core masters of the Jiawang Dynasty and Chen Zhonghui’s cronies.

“What are you still waiting for? Five minutes have not seen anyone! They are moving, go to search, and find.” Chen Yehui.

“Looking for Jun Moxiao, or is it ruining?” Jiuyang asked cautiously. He was a bit stunned. The president started to criticize and couldn’t make people ruined. Then the topic turned him and Jin Xiang’s name. It seemed to blame them for not contributing. Then they said that they didn’t see people for five minutes. This is to say that Jun Moxiao Then I went to find… Jiuyang felt that the president’s thoughts were a bit messy.

“Jun Mo laugh!!!!”

“I know…” The two men led the lives and quickly mobilized their team members. They also searched four times. Chen Yehui finished the two, and he was named after all the training with the group. The head of the training team returned to the captain of the regiment. The captain quickly urged the team members. The Jia Dynasty was beaten from top to bottom, and no one was slowing down. Search, search, and some are directly assigned to quickly kill the ruined people.

Chen Yehui now looks a little annoyed when he is ruined. It feels like when he is serious about doing things, but there are always flies in trouble.

Desperate and savage, ready to spell a path, but the result is a strong barrier. Desperately, it is not to say that it is necessary to die, and it is only tougher than before. Some places that have been avoided before will choose to forcibly break through. The result is so strong, but there is still no place to rush. The ruin of the bloodshed is tireless. At this time, the north exit from his target is farther and farther, and there is a tendency to be compressed to the foot of the west. The room for maneuvering here is even smaller. Originally, it was necessary to be surrounded by four sides. It is possible to find the situation on three sides. The situation can be imagined.

“There are no people at the 24th intersection, there are no ones!!” The exchange started again, and the ruined people have been forced to this position.

“Someone.” Someone answered, it was the golden fragrance of the Jia Dynasty. After being beaten by Chen Yehui, and Jiuyang are also busy with each other, they are now moving to this area and just received the call.

“Destructive people are coming in your direction.”

“Oh, give it to us!” Jin Xiang is the core of the guild, so the angle of thinking about the problem is relatively high. For the tirelessness of her, her attitude is consistent with the upper level. But now she hit her head and she didn’t want to let it go. I was not hurt by the president, but she was also blocked. However, there are two goals for this action. It is not easy to find a ventilator. It is easy to hit it now, just to play it.

“Distributed!” Jin Xiang is the leader of the group, with more people than other teams. Not three or five piles. At this time, ten people were ordered by her, and they were scattered at the 24th intersection.

“Report the target location.” Jin Xiang asked.

“Coordinates xxx, xxx.” Someone answered, apparently all the way to kill and ruin the tireless. It’s hard to be ruined. He is hitting the horse’s nest all the way. He hasn’t fought off at all. He has to get out of the game and has already gone offline. He is still tossing. At this time, the north side was blocked by a man, but he was forced to run south. The front is another way. With the experience he has run for so long, this situation is sure that the horse will have someone to kill and plug it, but this time, the intersection seems to be unexpectedly quiet!


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