The King’s Avatar

Chapter 463

Chapter 463

Falling on the ground became a corpse of the dawn of the ice is not in a hurry to resurrection, at this time he only wants to spit a blood first.

Joined the Jiawang Dynasty and killed the Zhongcaotang first?

Yes, Ai Shi of Zhongcaotang is indeed the first to be killed quickly, but after this is over, I will kill myself. Why don’t you say hello?

The depressed twilight whirlwind became a soul perspective, floating in the air, only to see that the three guilds underneath were already blasted.

The players in Zhongcaotang rushed to Lanxi Pavilion, and the players of Lanxi Pavilion rushed to the Jiawang Dynasty. They all wanted to save their own bosses. As a result, the bosses died so fast. Rescue and anti-rescue have no meaning, but the conflict has already broken out.

However, there is no unified command. Both Lanxi Pavilion and Zhongcaotang have no clear strategic intentions at this time. It is a battle of willingness and enmity. As long as the top of the head is not the title of the guild, there is no discussion immediately.

“That’s… too mean!!” Chen Guo stunned for half a minute, which made it easy to vomit such a sentence. There is no sense of pleasure in this sentence. The word “despicable”, Chen Guo does not feel that he has already fulfilled his feelings at this time.

Especially when I saw the leisurely squatting in the rear of their Jiawang team, it looked like a way of soy sauce.

In terms of weighing the gains and losses, Meng Tianchen is quite keen. The current situation can be said to have been caused by Jun Mo, but now he is now a safe place outside the battle. In the most fierce battles, the three guilds have players constantly falling.

Jun Mo laughed, is it really helping them with the Jia Dynasty, or is it ulterior motive?

Meng Tianchen did not think about whether Jun Moxiao was watching the play in a leisurely manner. At this time, when the scene changed, there was an action immediately, and he did not give him such an opportunity.

“How is it? How?”

At this time, it was anxious to see them in the team channel. Listening to the sound of screaming outside, the hearts of several people are all scratching their hearts. They and Ye Xiu are not aware of each other, how much trust can they have? At this time, I heard that the outside was already very chaotic. Some of them were suspicious that Ye Xiu did not give them the news deliberately. He himself picked it up and said it.

“If you come out of the hole, you must be careful.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Received!” A few of the dark scented shadows could not wait, and they lined up to drill a hole. The first scent of the dark scented shadow, the perspective of a turn, then see the outside chaos into a group, suddenly bursting with anger. As a senior scavenger, the scent of the scent quickly found that there was a valuable piece of equipment lying on the ground, and quickly rushed over.

At the same time, a gray figure suddenly rushed down from the roof on the other side.


Seeing that it is the end of the month, it is helpless to let the whole Qin Jun fall, depressed!

Catch the plane at night, write a chapter first, comrades, see you tomorrow!

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