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Chapter 447 Scattered person

The 447th chapter

For the onlookers, the outcome of this game is actually not concerned, not at all. Huang Shaotian and his night rains are annoying in the eyes of everyone. At this time, he is an experimental mouse. Anyway, how can he toss, anyway, everyone’s perspectives are mainly placed on the side of Junmo, especially in the hands of Jun Moxiao. arms.

It’s just that Huang Shaotian is even the white mouse. It is also the elite of the white mouse. Taking him as a reference object, it is more to reflect the difficulty of this scattered person.

Everyone can only discuss the last two sentences and immediately put their attention back on the game. A one-on-one match is only a few minutes long, and there is not much time left for everyone to speak freely.

It was stabbed by the dragon’s teeth, and the night rain that picked up the sky was so annoying that it didn’t come down for a long time. Jun Mo laughed and chased him, grabbed the opportunity of floating and successively hit several combos.

Huang Shaotian has nothing to do with it, because Ye Xiu’s several combos operations are perfect. At this time, rushing to use the skills of silver light blade will only waste one cooling.

Those who are good at capturing opportunities are more patience. At this time, Huang Shaotian continued to make noise while carefully watching the attack of Jun Moxiao.

Skills, angles, timing, the state of the weapons used, and the length of each weapon are worth noting. Every minute is likely to be empty.

The difference between a master and a rookie is here.

The rookie can’t see the difference in details at all. The old bird may be able to see the difference, but it can’t catch it. The master can see the difference and can capture the opportunity. Captured a lot, it became a great god…

Ye Xiu and Huang Shaotian are undoubtedly great gods.

Huang Shaotian watched the operation of Ye Xiu’s attack, but he hated it and it was even more noisy.

No one is perfect, even Ye Xiu, it is impossible to perfect all the details in perfection. However, he can reasonably allocate his attention. Because sometimes, in some detail directions, even if it is not perfect, the other party may not be able to use it.

Ye Xiu is doing this. If it is harsh, a set of combos can be said to be full of loopholes. However, the loopholes that cannot be exploited by the other party cannot be called loopholes.

The combo kept going, so everyone had time for discussion.

“It won’t be connected to death like this!!”

“The space that can be manipulated by people is really too big!”

Professional players are discussing. They can use Ye Xiu’s combo to make Huang Shaotian unable to break the principle, but there are career advantages. There are many skills in the scattered people, and all of them are low-level skills, making quick moves and short cooling. The combination of these skills is more flexible and adaptable.

For example, if you use a fixed occupation, in some cases, there is often only one skill available to continue the combo. If this skill is cooling, then naturally it doesn’t have to be said, and the combo ends here. Or when this skill is used, it must reach a certain operation, so it is not done, and the combo is the end. For people who are scattered, it is difficult to encounter such a situation. Because there are too many skills, in any case, there are multiple skills to choose from. You can choose the last convenient one to ensure a combo.

“The words are like this, but 120 different skills can be made into a combo without thinking, who can do it?” Someone said coldly.

No one spoke in the public channel, and someone sent a very hurt expression, which led to another round of queuing.

Any skill in glory can not be unfamiliar as a professional player. How will it happen in actual combat, because each person has different understandings because of the experience. However, having these skills in actual combat and putting all the skills together is another matter.

“Yellow to give a little strength!!!” Someone started to cheer for Huang Shaotian.

Of course, they are not actually saying that Huang Shaotian is winning. They just look at it. The more they feel that this scattered person is really in need of research, they hope to see more things and detect more things. I hope that Huang Shaotian can force Ye Xiu again. Show more things.

As for what these things are, they can’t say it because no one has any research on the scattered people.

“The ghost is a fart! Let’s try it out!”

“I rely, there is time to return the news, you are very busy!!!”

“You take the air as a massage!!”

At this time, ridicule, it is not simply watching the drama, this is a radical, it is also a kind of garbage, I hope that Huang Shaotian can quickly cheer up.

“Yu team, it is too ugly to lose this way, to be fined!!” Some people complained to Yu Wenzhou.

“Oh.” Yu Wenzhou just smiled and said nothing. He has been watching silently, only had some private exchanges with his teammate Yu Feng, and did not insert anything in the public channel.

“What do you think of the team?” But someone asked the door directly. Yu Wenzhou is indeed a person worth asking. As a result, he himself is also a veteran player with a lot of glory experience. Secondly, the person who is most familiar with the Huang Shaotian on the field is not his own.

“Small days are a big loss.” Yu Wenzhou was asked not to hide, and answered broadly.

“How do you say this?” The person who asked asked to continue to ask, and others had long waited for the news.

“The change of scattered people is very complicated, and it needs experience to deal with it, but now who has the experience of the scattered people? So now the awareness of Shaotian can’t keep up. Ye Qiu is not a rookie. I know how to use this. You noticed that no, he The use of these combos, no one is a routine routine, in addition to starting the dragon tooth must be in the sky, you have seen even if it is a skill of the same profession is connected?” Yu Wenzhou slow swallow I swallowed the ground and said one sentence.

Noticing this is not necessarily a person in Yu Wenzhou, but it is also quite a lot not noticed. After listening to the attention, everyone soon heard a lot of sounds.

“Yellow, your captain is pointing at you, I heard no.” Someone took the opportunity to sip.

“Roll!” Huang Shaotian is not a Wenzhou, and the news is very fast.

“Yu team he dares to let you roll!” The man turned his head and complained.

Yu Wenzhou certainly did not take these jokes seriously, and did not reply, just continued to pay attention to the game.

What he said, Huang Shaotian has indeed noticed.

So while he was watching, he was thinking about himself, and he was looking for possible routines when these low-level skills were all in hand. Master the routine, do a pre-judgment, and if the enemy machine first, the chances of cracking the trick will increase.

However, if it is in the long journey of the alliance, there is a lot of time to do research in this area. Now, Huang Shaotian has even begun to do this work in the process of being hit by a floating battle. It is very likely that he has already died when he has not yet researched what has come.

Therefore, Huang Shaotian did not do too much brain supplement at this time. He just remembered the routines that had appeared before, and then thought about the possible flaws in these and prepared. Then, he needs a little luck, he needs Ye Xiu to have repeated strokes, and that is the best time he can find. It is impossible to completely understand the combo routines consisting of 120 skills in this actual combat.

The life of the night rain is constantly falling, Huang Shaotian is not discouraged, nor disappointed, he is still waiting.

So forbearing, when you need to concentrate, this guy can still whisper and scream, so it can be seen that Huang Shaotian is not an ordinary person!

Huang Shaotian used the noisy way of reporting skills, and at this time he had no skills to play, so he changed the skills of Jun Moxiao. And keep his style, just keep his eyes closed and report, no matter whether the skill of the person is shouting in his mouth, just screaming in the back, “It’s so powerful,” “This can be swollen.” “I want to hang up there is wood” or something. If you hear this guy’s embarrassment, it is absolutely unimaginable that this is a hunter who is still looking for opportunities to wait for an opportunity.

Just saying so much, but there is no response, Huang Shaotian thinks that Ye Xiu is definitely not with a headset. If you want to shut up yourself in order to create a fake, you are so much awkward, obviously it is not his fault! This guy can give up such an abacus. However, it has been silent until now, it seems that I really did not hear myself talking.

“Shameful!!” With this sentence, a screen-sweeping event began.

Everyone is wailing.

This is the way they are familiar with Huang Shaotian. In the professional league, you can’t voice, so you can only type. Therefore, the channel public channel will be the ridicule of Huang Shaotian. Today, because of the voice, this guy went with his mouth, the channel was hard to clean, and as a result, suddenly broke out at this time.

In the endless words, Huang Shaotian did not give up what he had been expecting.

“Don’t give me a chance! Give me a chance and you will die…”

This sentence really came after all the people thought that it was a purely bragging sentence. !

After a fist-cutting fist, he was pulled back with a night cloak of a magician scholar. This is a trick that Huang Shaotian has already firmly remembered. At this moment, after the collapse of the boxing, he was already ready, and he saw Jun Mo’s sleeves and a shadow flying out.

Huang Shaotian, who had been prepared, finally made a quick half-shoot reaction. Falling phoenix smashed out the sword shadow, the night rain sounded like a shadow flying over the attack, and headed toward Jun Mo.


At this moment, many people simply screamed in front of their own computers. Then I quickly sent a surprised expression on the channel.

Everyone thought that Huang Shaotian was definitely going to be defeated by this unfamiliar scattered person. No one expected that he could still fight back in such a bad situation.

“Yellow Shaowei tyrants!!” Many people quickly started to brush the screen.


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