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Chapter 231

“It’s amazing…” The two players who lost eight games were not as ugly as everyone thought, and this made the onlookers look at each other. This scene of support, even Ma Shenyi has benefited, and it is not too embarrassing.

After watching the game, the next step is of course to watch the master. However, the four masters were not consciously onlookers, but they did not move in their own positions. People suddenly feel that this is really a masterful style. What everyone thinks is very remarkable. It is probably a trivial matter in the eyes of the people.

Ordinary onlookers are worth it. The two kicked the field, and finally got up and saw the four people one by one, and sincerely expressed their praise. Then he said that after having the opportunity to ask for advice, he left with Ma Shenyi. Because these two people are still considered to be atmospheric, the departure of the three does not seem to be awkward, and even evokes some people’s sympathy. Under such circumstances, Chen Guo did not go to the wicked to degrade others, Ma Shenyi lost this time, but finally did not lose.

After the three left, the four masters and Chen Guo looked at each other and went back to the position to continue the game. There are a lot of curious players in the onlookers who want to discuss with the four people, but the results are all politely rejected by the four. Everyone is helpless, and the storm of playing this game seems to have passed.

Tang Ruo is at the front desk of the cashier, but he can’t log in to the game to watch the game. Because her character is still in the tenth district, and these are more than the role of the field of God, of course, the arena that occurs in the field of God.

Although the Glory Arena is a cross-region, it does not span the field of God. The arena in the field of God can be understood as a more advanced arena. The player’s winning and losing results, the general area arena and the arena arena are calculated separately. The two arenas are also different rewards for different missions.

Tangrou can only see a few games through the screen of a relatively close person. She originally thought that she would have to go to the battle this time, but she found that Chen Guo did not have such an arrangement.

As for the four so-called masters, Tang Rou is all aware. Among them are the customers of Xingxin Internet Café, and the network management of Xingxin Internet Cafe. Tang Rou has been in Xingxin for so long, and now it is also glory. Of course, she is very clear that these four people are by no means a master. At the same time, she also knows that these four people must have been seen by Ma Shenyi. Chen Guo’s arrangement should be ulterior motives. As for the master, Tang Rou basically thought of it.

“Look at it, I went up.” Chen Guo obviously also knew that it was not difficult for Tang Rou to guess, and she made a wink, and then ran back to the second floor after saying hello.

On the second floor of the 213 box, the first thought that came out after Chen Guo pushed the door in was: the ventilation facilities of this box were far from enough and had to be strengthened.

How long did it take for me to leave this time, how much smoke did the goods smoke? Chen Guo, who was a little confused, felt that she could not find Ye Xiu.

“Well? People are gone?” Ye Xiu’s voice was in the smoke, and it seemed to be awkward.

Chen Guo opened the door to smoke a lot, and did not enter when he was hiding outside the door. All four computers in the box were opened. At this time, the two that Chen Guo could see were already on the table.

“Go,” she said.

“What reaction?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Nothing to react, very modestly recognized the loss, just left.” Chen Guo said.

“Oh.” Ye Xiu also responded simply.

“What are you doing?” Chen Guo asked.

“Look at the eight games I played just now.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo stepped up his conviction and finally stepped on the box and sat down next to Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu is here, really looking at the game he just played. It’s just not as meticulous as he was when he was studying professional games. He was directly driven twice and did not switch to various angles. Chen Guo thought it was the main point of view, but after watching it for a while, it was found that the main perspective was correct, but it was the opponent’s main perspective.

“How are these two people?” Chen Guo asked.

“The level is OK, but it is far from the professional level.” Ye Xiu said.

“Of course it is impossible to be a professional player. Professional players have entered the door of Internet cafes?” Chen Guo said.

“It doesn’t matter who is it. Did they record it?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Record.” Chen Guo said, “Every game is recorded.”

“It seems that I guessed it well!” Ye Xiu nodded.

“But how can Hongtai Internet cafes blend in?” Chen Guo said.

“Isn’t that critical? Just just pick a head over.” Ye Xiu said.

“How are you playing in these eight games?” Chen Guo asked.

“Four styles.” Ye Xiu, “The average person may not think it, but if a professional player gets the analysis in his hand, he will definitely feel different.”

“Jia Shi people should be familiar with you!” Chen Guo said.

“They just cooked a leafy autumn.” Ye Xiu was faint.

“Does your other professions be as powerful as the War Mage?” Chen Guo was shocked. Ye Xiu is known as the Glory Science and Education Floating Sky Literature Game. At that time, he was already a well-known player, and his research and strategy on various professions were widely spread and influential. After joining the professional league, he used the battle master of Yiyeqiu for more than seven years. Although the nickname of the textbook has been there, everyone still regards this person as a fighting god.

“That won’t be.” Ye Xiu’s answer made Chen Guo feel a little relieved.

“But it can’t be too much.” But Ye Xiu’s subsequent addition of another sentence made Chen Guo because the metamorphosis was stimulated. His level is not too much, and all kinds of occupations are at least professional level, right?

“Where are you coming so much!” Chen Guo was amazed. 24 occupations, if you practice one hour a day, you don’t have to do anything.

“Accumulate.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo nodded.

“Of course, there are talents.” Ye Xiu added.

Chen Guo turned his back to his computer screen and didn’t want to care about this person. However, she also has to admit that these top glory gods can be called glory geniuses.

“I want to know what they will look like when they go back to watch the video!” Chen Guo was bored and confused about the icon on the desktop, and was very embarrassed to think about it.

A very hard loan, arrange, and lay down such a situation, but the result of the real climax is not seen, which is really troublesome.

Glory Club.

After leaving Xingxin Internet Cafe, the two masters who played the game also expressed their apologies to Ma Taiyi, the boss of Hongtai.

What can Ma Shenyi say? He has seen the level of these two people. He had no problem in picking up an Internet cafe. Who knows that Xingxin Internet cafes have come so many monsters these days without a word. To blame, you must first blame him for this competitive opponent intelligence kung fu did not do anything, and rushed to play the field.

Not to mention the performance of the two men, although lost the game, but did not lose face. This is a good result for Ma Shenyi, who was hit hard after being defeated. I want to know that when he knows that Xingxin Internet cafes have such a master of Jun Moxiao, it is really more uncomfortable than death. After the final loss, the team left quietly. It’s not bad to have such a treatment after a big fanfare to lose.

So Ma Shenyi also praised the two people for their encouragement, and continued to welcome the two to go to his game. In the end, the two sides temporarily separated in the rapport, and Ma Shenyi returned to his Internet cafe. After the two men turned around in a random way, they finally got into the Jiashi Club.

At the Jiashi Club Association Studio, when they saw the two men coming back, Chen Yehui immediately jumped up.

“How?” Chen Yehui immediately asked.

“Get it.” After returning to his own territory, the look of the two people was finally ugly.

“Well, come with me.” Chen Yehui brought the two out, even in his studio, some words are not convenient to talk about. There is no reason for it, just because their opponent is Ye Qiu, the most prestigious **** in the history of Jiashi. To deal with Ye Qiu, this kind of thing Chen Yehui only dared to find a close friend to discuss in secret. Jun Moxiao is Ye Qiu. This is a core member known to other guilds. However, in the Jiawang dynasty, Chen Yehui did not tell anyone at all, but he did not dare.

“What is the situation?” With two people coming out, hurriedly walked toward the side of the team. On the road, Chen Yehui first inquired about the two.

“There are four masters!” said the two.

“No?” Chen Yehui paused in surprise and forgot to walk.

“We both saw it.” The two said vowed.

Chen Yehui was hesitant and led the two to continue. The person who finally met, of course, was Liu Wei.

“Xing Xin went over and explored.” Chen Yehui opened the door.

“Oh?” Liu Wei is also very interested in this.

Chen Yehui did not say anything, but gave the right to speak to two people who personally inquired.

“Xingxin Internet cafe has four masters!” The two almost didn’t rush to talk about it.

“Master? How high?” Liu Wei was much more calm than Chen Yehui when he heard the news. The world that professional players have seen is different. There are too many so-called masters in the online game circle, and it is a cloud in the eyes of professional players.

“We have a video.” The two said.

“Get it out and see.” Liu Wei said.

One person stepped on the computer and logged into the network hard drive, but saved the recorded video recorded at that time. Soon the video files of the eight games were downloaded. The man got up and let go, while he said: “A gunner, a magician, an assassin, a boxer.”

“Is the gunner a haze?” Chen Yehui asked the sentence.

“Not… four people are male…” When the two men took the lead to do this, Chen Yehui gave a confession, and the haze was a key inquiries. As a result, the haze has not been clarified yet, and four new characters have emerged…

On the screen, Liu Wei has already opened a video, which is the game of the gunner.


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