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Chapter 43 Do not priest

Chapter 43—Do not priest

Tian Qi, they also just made a copy for a while. Under the command of the night, the second half of the copy is indeed smoother. It can be seen that this person is a master with higher level and more experience than them. But for the guy Tian Qi, they didn’t worship at all. In fact, they didn’t notice it. It wasn’t just Shen Yu. They themselves had already become a master of poison. It’s already a high level among players, but it’s not in their eyes.

After coming out of the copy, this guy stood on the side of the magic, a pair of “Come on, praise me mercilessly”, and received a system message: “You are kicked apart from the team.”

“Rely on, confuse, why kick me?”

“Are you not having something? Hurry and go!” said Tian Qi.

“I am fine now.” Night Weiyang said.

“Sorry, there is no place, we have friends to come over.” Tian Qi said.

When I heard the words in the night, I blinked and said: “Is that the gentleman?”

“Isn’t it your business?” Tian Qi said.

As a result, the night of the night was not willing to leave, and the dead skin was on the side of the four people. Tian Qi is annoying, and he has the heart to hack this guy, but man is the master of domineering, and Tian Qi really does not dare to play this poisonous hand. This guy does not go, what is the intention? Tian Qi guess also guessed it. Can not help but be more upset, and such a master fight, they can not compete! Their strength is average, and they can be lucky with the high-ranking brother occasionally. Now if there is a master team that can be chosen, the master brother will mix with them. They don’t know each other, they haven’t had a relationship yet!

Being upset, Jun Moxiao’s figure has gradually approached, Shen Yu has shouted out: “Great God!!”

The bigger the sound in the game, the farther it will pass, but the problem is that the volume is emitted by a real person. It is conceivable that Shen Yu’s home is still at home or in the Internet cafe. …this, if there are others, it is really stupid.

Jun Mo laughed and raised the spear in his hand, and he said hello to them. Tian Qi and others are preparing to go forward, and the result is that the night is not running faster than the rabbit, and it has already rushed to the top.

“You are Jun Moxiao? Long time to lean forward, I am the master of domineering and heroic night.” Night is not going to introduce himself.

“Hello.” Ye Xiu replied, and asked Tian Qi and others who had been surrounded: “Your friend?”

“Yes, yes, I am Tian Qixiong just had a copy of the life and death of the next copy.” Night Weiyang said.

“Rely, who you are!” Tian Qi has never seen such a guy with no face and no skin.

“Tian seven brothers, don’t recognize people without a copy!” said Ye Weiyang.

Tian Qi really wants to kick this guy, and hurriedly gave the senior brother an invitation to join the team. While shouting at night, “We are going down, you are busy with your own!”

“Take me one, take me one!” The night is not screaming, what looks like a master? It’s just that the newcomers in the old district’s novice village are not shameless. People want to use at least typing.

“There is no place.” Tian Qi said.

“Good girl, let a position give my brother a good time?” Night Weiyang this guy actually found the soft underbelly of this team, dead skin Lai to go to Shen Yu.

Shen Yu is both a newcomer and has never seen such a guy with no face and no skin. He was at a loss, and he did not know how to deal with it. He had to compromise on the guy, and Ye Xiu promptly shot.

“Are you a pastor?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Yeah, the technology is very good, master.” Night is not a British side and he also took out his silver-colored cross pendant. Tian Qi did not know the game, but I can see that it is a good product.

“Ice crystal cross, orange Wu!” Ye Xiu said.

“Wow, it really is a master, have eyesight! Take me one!”

“We don’t want a pastor.” Ye Xiu said.


This is the spike!

Six words of spike!

The very active night is not heard in the moment, and Tian Qi and others are really worshipping the master brother.

We don’t want a pastor! How a gas field. This changed for the average person to stand at the door of the frosty forest and said to people, “We don’t want a pastor.” Even Tian Tian must despise them to brag. But the master brother is not the same, the master brother said not to be a pastor, then of course you do not need a pastor, the pastor to play!

“Into the book into the book.” Tian Qi shouted loudly.

No one will pay attention to the night, the night is like a sculpture, watching the five people line up into the copy.

“Master brother, how to kill?” Tian Qijin gave the captain directly to Jun Mo.

“I blame, you will try your best to output it.” Ye Xiu said.

Although the biggest difficulty of a wave of flow is in the mt of pulling strange monsters, but also has high requirements for other people, together with these people, Ye Xiu has no confidence to draw.

There are high-ranking brothers sitting in the town, Tian Qi and so on only feel that the copy is all refreshing, that is, Shen Yu classmates are somewhat ignorant, actually asked the master brother: “Great God, can we refresh the record?”

Isn’t this problem self-inflicted? They can’t brush the records, the problem is not in the master brother, but in those of them who are not masters. Tian Qi and others were rushing to help the master brother to answer this question.

The copy went well, the boss lost the equipment Tianqi and others, or neatly gave up Ye Xiu first pick, but once these guys are proficient in the equipment, Ye Xiu will still give them.

The two copies were quickly killed, no hidden bosses, and no amazing equipment. Jun Mo laughs can make another copy, Tian Qi, but they have no number of times, can only be very regrettable to leave, the result is a copy, see the night is not the guy is standing outside, the first copy when this comes out The guy is already leaving.

When I saw five people, I ran straight away at night.

“No number yet?” This kid cheerfully, let Tianqi exceptionally wanted to hit him. The night of the copy with them has been known to be the next two times.

“I have another time.” Ye Xiu is honest.

“So smart, I have one more time!” said Ye Weiyang.

“Is it?” Ye Xiu smiled.

“There is more cleverness! You see that there are three friends on my side, just one time left, you said that it is a coincidence?” The night is not talking, the people outside the copy have already come over three people, the top of the head On the top are the guild titles that dominate the domineering.

“That is really clever.” Ye Xiu said.

“Since it is so clever, why don’t we just take this time together and brush it?”

“Would you like to take a record again?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Okay, okay!”

“If you want to brush the record, there are two conditions.” Ye Xiu said.

“You said.”

“First, there is a charge.” Ye Xiu said.

“Hey, this is a good discussion.” Night Weiyang said, “What about the other?”

“Don’t be a pastor.” Ye Xiu said with a smile.

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