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Chapter 42 Waiting for the price

Chapter 42—Waiting for price

The Blue River is a person who loves face. Was swayed around the shore in the guild, and his face was very unsatisfactory. In the end, he took the initiative to hang around the shore and prepare to go to the arena to discuss and discuss. It is such an opportunity to hang around the bank, and naturally it is very happy to promise.

It is quite common to learn from the arena of the guild. However, this person who studied Lanxi Pavilion knows that it is not that simple. The outcome of this discussion will determine who is eligible to be listed as the top five masters of Lanxi Pavilion.

As a result, the result was not scored. The president of Lanxi Pavilion made a speech at this time, letting the Blue River take people to the Tenth District to open up wasteland.

The Blue River temporarily left the field of God, and began to be busy in the new district. Unhappy things were temporarily left behind. But at this time, a sudden rise of the master, let him suddenly mentioned the swaying around the shore, friends around do not know how to answer.

It was in a state of silence. The Blue River suddenly received a message and opened it. It was the front of the Zhongcaotang: “Ha ha ha, how did you just break the record, the master will retreat?”

When the Blue River slammed, it was furious: “Are you shameless, and you are safe in our guild?”

“Don’t be so careless, it seems that you are not in our guild,” said the frontman.

“I am still not safe.” The Blue River is straightforward and it is quite common to insert each other under the ground. However, since the new district was opened the next day, the Blue River has not taken care of these things!

“I have to pay attention to you have not inserted!” said the car before the news.

The blue river has a move, and replies: “Hey, if you take the initiative to recruit our people, you can only blame yourself for your own eyes.”

The car before receiving this message is also a glimpse: “What do you mean?”

The Blue River does not return.

“Cut, I know that you are just jealous of me, old blue, this little trick will not be made, too naive.” said the front of the car.

“I have no time to deal with you, leveling.” Blue River replied.

The Blue River was busy with him, but the front of the car was entangled. Repaying the line, said Jun Moxiao has already withdrawn from the Lanxi Pavilion, and the car is in front of Da Le, while preparing to pull it together, while going to the news to laugh at the blue river, I did not expect the blue river yin and yang to come up with such a sentence, as if Jun Mo Laughter is that he deliberately let go of these big guilds to suck.

The car front thinks that this 80% is the blue river, but it is not very sure.

For undercover or something, the game is not well-prepared, and excessive entanglement is just an increase in trouble, but the role of Jun Moxiao can be different. This is a big master. It is definitely a re-use of the guild. It is not the basic role of arbitrarily hanging a name. If such a character is undercover, it will be more catastrophic.

The original strong guild in glory that did not lose to the three major guilds was because of falling undercover. At that time, the master of the guild was the undercover of the hostile congregation. Finally, the undercover forces were mature, and the original form was revealed. A group of people and materials were taken away from the guild, and the guild was seriously injured. But when the more deadly blow, the guild regained vitality in the process of regaining vitality, the result is tmd is undercover, and finally at the critical time, the momentum is gone. The super-strong guild will not be able to survive this.

After this incident, the unions in the glory are very cautious about the masters who want to go to the top. The more the big guild is, the more it is. And in the last undercover event, the gold medal undercover was the opportunity to open the new district, mixed into the pioneering trade union to start from the bottom, steady and steady, all the way to the field of God. This person’s tenacity is worthy of being the king of glory undercover.

Now this monarch is laughing? Suddenly in the tenth district, it is more attractive than anyone else. Such a person must be the object of competition among the major guilds. Will this person be undercover? At this time, undercover is so high-profile? Before the sigh of the car, he decided to contact Jun Mo. As long as you are on your own, you have the initiative.

Junmo, who left the frosty forest, was rushing to Bourse.

The frosty forest is located on the southwestern border of the glory of the mainland, and Bourse is a small town near it. No matter which district, here is the first stop for newcomers to leave the novice village, there is no lack of excitement. After leaving the novice village, Jun Moxiao went straight to the copy of the Frost Forest and went to the town of Bourse to register his account. Where is the account, where is the resurrection of the character after death, this is the rule of glory.

The town of Bourse is not big, but there are all the facilities. Ye Xiu let Jun Moxiao go to the warehouse first, and put the newly obtained strong beads and other things into it. Seeing 88 strong bead wires in the storage box, Ye Xiu smiled and shook his head.

After leaving 48 strong beads, the rest of the stuff was imported into the material library of the equipment editor. I am getting ready to enter the equipment editor. Suddenly the message beats and I open it. It is Tian Qi.

“Congratulations to the master brother, when I saw the copy, I saw that you have refreshed the record of the Frost Forest. It is amazing!” Tian Qi’s news said.

“Oh, nothing.”

“You joined the Lanxi Pavilion?” Tian Qi asked.

“No, it is to help them make a record, temporarily added a bit. Now has retired.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ah?” Tian Qi is different.

“How many times have you copied?” Ye Xiu suddenly asked.

“Twice.” Tian Qi said.

“Is it worse? I still have three times.” Ye Xiu suddenly wanted to use the number of copies first.

“Yes! Of course!” Tian Qixian was a glimpse, and then he returned to God. The master brother was still willing to make a copy with them. This is really good.

“I will come right away.” Ye Xiu immediately let Jun Moxiao leave the warehouse and rushed to the frosty forest.

Tian Qi They are just some very ordinary gamers, not the level of Lanxi Ge master. It would be more efficient to work with the Blue Creek Pavilion. But Ye Xiu would rather be with these people. He can see the meaning of the big guild’s tying. He also understands that the strength of Lanxi Pavilion is enough to provide him with thousands of umbrellas. However, joining the guild will form some kind of responsibility and obligation. The trade union will arrange for you to copy, level, and do the task. In turn, you will need to be a member of a copy, leveling, or task for others. Ye Xiu does not want to be so tied.

For the top technology, not joining any guild means it is possible to cooperate with any guild. Today, I helped Lanxige to take a record. Next time, it might be a help.

Everyone with a bit of eyesight will realize his value, and every union that wants to create records will come to him for help.

So waiting for the price, isn’t it better than joining a trade union to hang on a tree?

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