The King’s Avatar

Chapter 418 First into the realm of God

The 418th chapter of the first into the field of God

It is quite exciting for every glory player to rush into the realm of God. According to Chen Guo’s mind, how can I choose a good day, a good bath, and then worship the gods in the glory and then enter the realm of God. The result was changed.

Ye Xiu is certainly not in a hurry to pursue this, leveling, this is still his current theme. It’s just a 50-level Jun Moxiao. At this time, even the lowest copy of God’s domain level can’t enter. Even tasks can’t be done, just because the level is not required. At this level 5, Ye Xiu can only rely on the most vulgar brush wild way to practice, and it is still the more level brush.

Of course, the more 5-level brushing, it is not difficult for Ye Xiu. But in this area of ​​the gods, the most threatening is never npc, but the player. In the field of God, there is no reason to hack people. If you want to cut, then you will cut it and the chaos will be a mess.

The domain of God and the ordinary area can be said to be completely different game modes, just like the pvp server and the pve server. Players are free to choose, the game is not strong, and in order to protect the entertainment of players who do not like the field of God, they have never relaxed the development of the game mode after the full level of the ordinary area. Therefore, there are also a large number of players who reject the realm of God and enjoy peace of mind in the ordinary areas.

But no matter what, the realm of God is always a temptation. The materials and equipment produced here are higher than the ordinary districts, and the gap has always been maintained regardless of any content. So there are also many people who ran to the field of God to get some equipment, armed and then ran back to the ordinary area. This kind of guy is naturally despised so much that he was eventually defeated by the players. Players in the field of God despise, the hate of players in the ordinary area, coupled with the guidance of some public opinion, now such people are a lot less.

However, the monks are always incapable of extinction. Although it is still impossible to have such a person in the 10th district, it is because no one has ever gone to the realm of God. In exchange for other districts, as long as you pay attention to what the forum is, you can often see the posts of cruel people.

The important thing that Ye Xiu had in mind was leveling, so he did not hesitate after figuring out where he was, and immediately practiced.

There are people in the 55-level area, but in the end there will not be too many people. Ye Xiu also knows how popular this monarch is, but he does not want to cause any onlookers, so he also deliberately avoided it, found a stranger who no stranger, and trained the level with peace of mind.

Just brushing, suddenly found someone coming in a certain direction, Ye Xiu did not care too much, and later saw that two people rushed straight to their position, immediately watched out, one flashed, it has already swept a break Behind the wall, and then only a slight operation flashed a little point of view, looking at the two characters that swept.

“Hahaha, why are you afraid of being like this!” The voice of Chen Guo was heard.

Ye Xiu turned back and swept her and said, “You can’t care.”

“Trust me, nothing.” Chen Guo said.

“How do you know?” Ye Xiu said, but also inadvertently picked up Chen Guo’s screen, and then speechless.

Sure enough, because the two people who came over, one of them, is the haze of Chen Guo.

The two sides finally got in touch in the game, Chen Guo is still a little excited, how to say, this is also the super **** that I have worshipped! Although it is said that now because of the close relationship, the worship has been reduced a lot.

“How can I not apply through my friends!” You can talk to the gods with a resounding tone, and Chen Guo feels very cool.

“How to add?” Ye Xiu said that he opened the application of his friend on the other side, only to see the system message window filled in on the screen, the application message was brushed upwards, the scroll bar on the side of the window was flying fast. Shorter, the number of application messages is constantly rolling.

“You can be a real fire.” Chen Guo touches sweat.

Ye Xiu was helpless, and he clicked to clear all requests.

“You add me first, then I will add you back.” Chen Guo said, the result did not respond for a long time, looking back at Ye Xiu, sitting silently, looking at the screen in a daze. Chen Guo looked at the computer screen again, the message window did not move, and the whole game was still stuck.

“Card… stuck?” Chen Guo used an incredible tone. Today’s technical conditions, the word “card” is almost forgotten by everyone. Just today, Ye Xiu just tried to clear the request, and the result was to get the program stuck there. What is the amount of information? It’s not too long to calculate the computer in a short time.

“Wait a minute…” Chen Guo is the owner of the Internet cafe. After all, he still has some understanding of the computer. At this time, it looks like a crash. In fact, it is just a fake death. The system is busy handling the instructions to clear the request. I will take care of other instructions. So the removal is still going on at this time, just because it is too focused, so it looks like it is ignorant.

Ye Xiu had no choice but to wait. From the screen of Chen Guo’s side, I saw Chen Guo’s haze and a battle mage called Lin Shanshui came to him.

This battle mage Ye Xiu heard Chen Guo introduced. It was after she retired from Jiashi that she followed her. It is said that the technology is even worse than Chen Guo, which is basically a mixed-network tour, and the team does not have to be too hopeful.

“Look, this is the goods, the card machine, wait a moment.” Ye Xiu heard Chen Guo is clearly talking to Lin Shanshui.

“He knows who I am?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Well, I told him.” Chen Guo nodded. As soon as the Chonglin landscape resolutely followed her back to Jiashi, the relationship between the two was pulled closer. I have now met Ye Qiu, and Chen Guo has secretly told Lin Shanshui. This forest and mountain water is also a brain powder of Ye Qiu. Of course, it is shocked. I hope that I will have direct contact. Today, I heard that the role of the Great God is going to enter the realm of God, and immediately followed Chen Guochong. As a result, I saw that the role of the Great God was actually stuck here. Suddenly admired and added a few points.

It is a great god! How long has the card machine been heard? Great God is not ordinary.

Ye Xiu was sitting for five minutes, and the screen suddenly shook. The news seemed to be eliminated. But soon, Ye Xiu found that there was another news flashing again. Naturally, some players continued to apply to add his friends. Where will Ye Xiu make the tragedy repeat itself? The explosion of the hand, the moment has been set to refuse all applications, this has grown a tone.

“Lin Shanshui.” In the game, Chen Guo officially introduced the two.

“Idol!!!” Lin Shanshui did not wait for Chen Guo to introduce Ye Xiu, who has already shouted out.


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