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Chapter 416 For the great hero

Chapter 416 is for the great hero

As a hand to kick Ye Xiu out of the professional circle of the Jiashi team, the mood at this time is even more unusual. After the New Year, the first time the club’s regular meeting, this matter was placed on the table to discuss.

This is the regular meeting of the club. Of course, the participants are the leaders of various departments. In terms of the team, there are the deputy captains, Sun Xiang and Liu Wei. The guild is naturally Chen Yehui, in addition to the development department, logistics, headhunting, propaganda… As a trump card in the history of glory, Jiashi develops Today the departments are quite neat.

Of course, the issues to be discussed at the regular meeting are not limited to this one. After all, just after the New Year, I started to say some good news that was thriving. At the end, I talked about Jun Moxiao who had been in the online game in recent days.

Chen Yehui unconsciously looked at Liu Wei, Liu Wei’s acting is very good, a pair just knew.

Chen Yehui can’t pretend like this. This is a thing in the online games, and Ye Qiu has a kind of inseparable relationship with their Jiashi. If he does not notice it at all, his guild work may be somewhat derelict. Fortunately, he had communicated with the manager before the regular meeting, and some of the intersections with Jun Moxiao in the online game were also reported in a true and false manner. What Chen Yehui is most worried about is that the club officially ordered him to suppress Ye Qiu in the online games. This is too much pressure, and he really has no confidence.

So at the regular meeting, when the manager asked him to introduce Ye Qiu in the tenth district, he highlighted how unstoppable Ye Qiu was in online games. What is the dominance of the Blue Creek Pavilion? It is all typical of the reverse side of the knockdown. And their dynasty, because of the wise guidance of the president, from the beginning to keep a close distance from this suspicious guy, there is no big loss for the time being.

It’s just that… Because this person has come out to spoil, the major guilds in the tenth district’s land reclamation work are not going well, and their dynasty is no exception.

Chen Yehui’s final summary made the manager frown. The land reclamation in the tenth district is also a step in Jiashi’s readiness to re-emerge, but now it has encountered obstacles, and this obstacle can be said to have been created by themselves. If Ye Qiu is not kicked out of the team, Ye Qiu will not run to online games, Ye Qiu does not go to online games, then the Jia Dynasty devote itself to the tenth district, it should be easy to get the upper hand.

“Hey, how to say it is also a professional god, went to the online game to go out of the limelight, really lost the face of professional masters.” Sun Xiang after listening to Chen Yehui’s description of Ye Qiu’s strong position in the tenth district, it is very I am uncomfortable to evaluate it.

“This is the case, but for our guild, such an opponent is indeed stronger than ever.” Chen Yehui certainly does not mind to advocate Ye Qiuduo at this time, it is best to make Sun Xiang this new captain unhappy To rush into the online games and Ye Qiu duel. Although he knows that the club may not allow it, but the young people are full of vigor, maybe they may run privately. Just like Liu Wei.

Speaking of Liu Wei, after the last talk, this guy is not a little bit moving. It is said that he has to help again to deal with Ye Qiu, and he did not see any action at all. Chen Yehui felt uncomfortable when he thought about it.

“How is the situation of the guild in the new district?” the manager asked.

“It is similar to other guilds. Because of the strength of Ye Qiu, the most important copy record is basically monopolized by him. Now, in the eyes of the newcomers in the 10th district, Jun Moxiao and his guild are the first in the new district. We… …唉…” Chen Yehui sighed. “I see the situation is more complicated. For the time being, the manpower and strength are first transferred back to the realm of the gods. The new district here first maintains the rank of the character, so wait for the turn!”

“Ye Qiu’s role is a loose man, and there is still a piece of silver in the hand, right?” the manager said.


“Information of Yinwu, how is the research of the development department here?” The manager’s eyes turned to another person attending the meeting, Qin Yu, director of the Jiashi Development Department.

Qin Yu’s expression is also very serious. After thinking about it carefully, I opened it: “This silver martial is relatively clear, and it is completely created for the special existence of scattered people. The deformation design of various weapons is very delicate and completely solved. This kind of gameplay requires the trouble and cumbersomeness of multi-weapon switching. From this point of view, the absolute genius, we also studied for a few days, and for the time being, we can’t figure it out. This silver martial is just an unprecedented The idea, so its specific properties, we can’t infer.”

From the perspective of glory, Qin Yu is also a super senior player. Without a full understanding of glory and without rich experience, it is absolutely impossible to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the development department. The responsibility of the development department is to study equipment and study how to arm the role to the strongest. But the scattered people… This kind of gameplay can be withdrawn from the stage when the professional league appears. Therefore, the development department of the major clubs has basically not involved in the aspect of scattered people, so this Yinwu Qinyu really can’t do much evaluation. He can only admit very calmly that this is a weapon they can’t make at all.

“Where did Ye Qiu come from such a silver martial arts? Has he ever talked to you about related topics?” the manager asked.

“This…there is no impression in the impression…” Qin Yu is not sure. As the captain of Jiashi for seven years, Ye Qiu has no exchanges with the head of his development department. In the autumn of the leaves, the silver weapon is evil, and even one of them can be said to be impossible to evolve. To this extent today. After so many years of talks, I have had such details. Qin Yu really can’t remember it at all.

“Then you are sure that he did not use the things on the club side?” The manager asked unwillingly.

“I am sure of this.” Qin Yu nodded.

There were quite a lot of people at the meeting, and most of them were silent at this time. In fact, Ye Qiu retired from the team, many of them did not know the inside story. The personnel of the team, they are not able to intervene. However, as a member of the club, Ye Qiu and the club have problems, and these gossips have heard more and more real. At this point, seeing the attitude of the manager discussing the issue of Ye Qiu is obviously a kind of mentality to be wary of, and everyone is also aware of it. No matter how you think, you won’t talk at this time. How to face Ye Qiu, who seems to be in trouble now, is basically not a matter of their department.

“Ye Qiu’s move, we must continue to pay more attention.” The manager is also a slewing head to smash Chen Yehui.

“I know.”

“Other guilds should also know his identity?” the manager asked.

“Know.” Chen Yehui nodded.

“What are the attitudes?”

“Retreat…” Chen Yehui said with a smile.

“Including the tyrant?” asked the manager.

Chen Yehui nodded.

“Is it really so smooth and easy to make him rise again?” The manager seemed to be unable to sit still, and then immediately realized that he was somewhat rude. Ye Qiu’s remarks are also one of the important heroes of Jiashi. His current attitude is not suitable for so many people. At the very least, it is more chilling.

So I decided to set the gods, and slowly said: “At present, it is rumored that Ye Qiu is preparing for the self-organizing team. In this case, although he must be a member of our history, it will become our competitor. We wish him success, but as an opponent, no one knows more about how terrible this opponent is than us, so we have to do some preparation.”

This passage was obviously for the sake of the rescue. After the talk, the manager immediately decided to end the regular meeting. Later, it was secretly left behind by the team and the guild. These people on the frontal battlefield had to deal with Ye Qiu.

On the side of the online game, Jun Mo laughed no problem and has been officially confirmed. Such a powerful person does not have the news that the club is recruiting. Although the players are very puzzled, they can only continue to guess. After Ye Xiu’s madness in the arena for several days, finally, the requirements of the mission area in the field of the gods have all been reached.

Although there are many links required, such as winning games, such as winning streak, such as the time requirements in winning the game, the requirements for blood volume…

In addition to the win, other links are also like a small game.

For example, winning streak, starting to ask for a winning streak, after completing the winning streak, the mission becomes a five-game winning streak, then ten consecutive victories, and so on.

For example, if the amount of blood begins, it is required to have more than 50% of the blood volume in n fields. After this is reached, it will be 60%, and then 70%, until the number of full blood is required.

Relatively speaking, this amount of blood is still simple, after all, it can be achieved through accumulation. The vast majority of players, in the arena missions are ultimately stuck in a winning streak. Of course, this task can’t be accumulated. If you lose a game, you will lose it. Countless players will stop here. In the end, this task is also derived from the industry of selling, many players rely on deliberate loss to other people to help them complete the task to make money.

In response to these cheating, the game system is constantly revising the rules. The player is constantly thinking about various methods for the rules. The struggle between the two sides will last for a long time, and it will obviously continue.

For Ye Xiu, these are not problems. How many wins he won, even how many games he won. You have ten or ten games in five games, and they have all been reached in one pass.

The blood volume, the time, and so on, the various links Ye Xiuquan are solved in the process of completing the number of wins. Because of the constant onlookers, Jun Moxiao was even the subject of the player, called the arena of the most efficient challenge in history.

The challenge of God is the abbreviation of the player’s challenge to the field of God. Everyone regrets that the link of the task process is impossible to watch the video, but the glory of Jun Moxiao in the arena is completely recorded by the players.


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