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Chapter 414 Shorted

Chapter 414 is short-circuited

Ye Xiu spoke to this person, but the operation under his hand did not stop. The man’s gaze did not move away from the screen. In the first minute, he was shocked by weapons and occupations; the second minute, Ye Xiu’s wonderful operation and battle made him shocked again.

But this time his look has not changed much. He has already made the most representative expression of shock in his cognition, but he did not expect that the other party will endless. After shocking, he will be even more shocked. He can no longer express himself with expressions.

“Too cows… This is too cow…” Looking at Ye Xiu’s harvest as an enemy, the man couldn’t stop talking. However, he is not a newcomer, but he soon discovered that Ye Xiu’s attack power is actually not strong. But the 50th level to kill the blame, this situation is normal, which shows how terrible this person’s strength is.

Soon, the battle was over, looking at the body of the land and the full life bar of the other character, the expression of this person was a little convulsion. He couldn’t make it shocked, so he had to cramp his expression.

“Great!” Finally, he still pulled out three words. After saying that I want to hit my face, only these three words, can not describe the feelings of the heart at this time! But what else can you say? This person found that he was not only not strong enough, but the language expression was also so bad.

“Alright!” said Ye Xiu. “It’s a bit slow.”

“Of course, you are only 50.” The man was busy.

Looking at Ye Xiu’s exit scene, this person finally got the courage and suddenly said: “Brother, is there any space to talk about it in the arena?”

“Hmm?” Ye Xiuyi.

“I am in the eight districts, and the role is called off.” This person introduces himself.

“***!” Ye Xiu suddenly yelled and shocked the man, and Chen Guo was shocked.

“What’s wrong?” The lift is very fearful.

“It’s okay, you go to build a room, I will come right away.” Ye Xiu busy.

“Well!” He rushed to the air and got up and rushed to his machine.

“What happened to you?” Chen Guo is still surprised by the reaction of Ye Xiu, who has been calm and calm, how suddenly he is so excited. Lift off? Is it a very talented person?

“Stupidly lost me.” Ye Xiu said.

“Well, I see it too.” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu reluctantly glanced at the opportunity to ridicule his Chen Guo, and then said: “The arena is cross-regional. I have forgotten such a basic setting. Are you stupid?”

“Hmm?” Chen Guoyi.

“How long does it take for players in the 10th district to rise to level 50, hehe!” Ye Xiu even shook his head.

“Why didn’t you remind me?” Ye Xiu, who finished his head, asked Chen Guo.

“I am stupid too much to do?” Chen Guo depressed. This is indeed a super common sense thing. As a result, the professional **** has forgotten it, and her five-year-old bird is also a short-circuit. It is really regrettable that Ye Xiu is there. This is not over yet, plus Su Mu Orange. When the three people played games together for a few days in the Spring Festival, they also mentioned this trouble. As a result, Su Mu Orange was also very slow to see the problems in this, and then they could not do anything together.

Is this… really everyone is short-circuited?

Chen Guo thought about it and suddenly got a little confused.

Ye Xiu is definitely a short circuit, so I have nothing to say. But she and Su Mu Orange are also short-circuited one after another, which is worth thinking about. Such a very basic problem, there is no reason to think of one by one.

Or is this because she and Su Mu Orange both have an unconditional trust in Ye Xiu?

Just because this guy said, so both are brains. What he was worried about, the two immediately queued to worry, thinking that there is any way to solve it, but did not think about it at all. This worry is problematic.

This guy, is it so reliable?

Chen Guo can’t believe it. This seemingly indefatigable guy has achieved such great trust.

Probably his identity…

Chen Guo answered this for herself. Ye Xiu’s side is already rushing towards the arena. The lift was then rushing back: “Brother, I built the room, the correction field 5, the room 4689, the password is poiuy.”

“Poiuy? What do you mean?” Chen Guo curious about this weird password.

Lifting his head and looking at Chen Guo: “You look at the keyboard.”

Chen Guo looked down, poiuy, the upper right corner of the keyboard followed by the order from right to left…

“Revising the field? No, let’s go to the regular field!” Ye Xiu did not care about this, but had an opinion on the revision field.


“I… mission.” Ye Xiu said something weak. Because this is impossible to explain. Level 50 hits 70, and if you can’t open the correction, it is easy to be misunderstood as a contempt for the opponent. Although Ye Xiu does not mean this. He simply because the correction field’s outcome is not counted, of course, it is useless in the mission. However, if you think about it again and again, if the other side insists, Ye Xiu thinks it is still.

I didn’t want to lift off, but I didn’t care too much. I nodded. “You wait.” Then he ran back and went back. He didn’t rebuild the room in the ordinary area. He told Ye Xiu.

Looking at Ye Xiu’s Jun Mo Xiao went into the room smoothly, and then rushed back to the air and couldn’t wait to start the game.

Lifting off is a 70-level mechanic. It seems that the pk experience is quite rich. At the beginning of the game, it has already swiftly moved around the venue.

Ye Xiu was not polite, and he refused to correct it. If it is polite, then it must be regarded as completely unconstrained. So Ye Xiu made a decisive attack and ended the game in 1 minute and 14 seconds.

The time is a bit long, but this is no way. Level 20 suppression, 20 level equipment gap is not virtual. Even if there has been a hit, but the damage after the hit is resolved a lot.

In the eyes of normal people, this is already an extremely compact crushing game. Starting from being hit by the first strike, there is no chance to fight back when he takes off, and he is directly connected to the end of his life.

“Hey, don’t you use it?” Chen Guo couldn’t stand it anymore.

“I am not afraid of him misunderstanding? I am afraid that he thought that he would not be able to open the amendment, so let him know that I am really good.” Ye Xiu said.

“It’s amazing!” Ye Xiu just finished this, and he was knocked on three words when he lifted off.

The leaf repairer stopped on the keyboard and wanted to reply. It turned out that nothing could be said. Answer “You are not bad”? People are combo from start to finish, and there is no shot at one time. Where is it good? This guest set is too hypocritical. Finally, Ye Xiu had to answer with a smiling expression.

“Try it again?” said the ascension, the wording has changed very carefully, not to say “play a game”, but to say “try a game”, it seems that he is quite clear that he is likely to be fundamental There is no chance to “hit.”

“Good.” Ye Xiu agreed, so the two sides began the second game. The first game has made the lift know a lot. This game is not so cruel, and it is more relaxed. It took 1 minute and 30 seconds to solve the lift.

“It’s really amazing…” The airlift was talking again. Although this game was not as bad as one game, the one-sided crushing form did not change.

“It’s okay…” Ye Xiuqian was imaginary.

“Trouble.” Said the air.

“Well? Don’t you fight?”

“Can’t beat, the gap is too big, I think I need to practice for a long time.”

“Come on.” Ye Xiu said, after the two of them each quit the room, Ye Xiu turned back and said to Chen Guo: “Look, understand people, know the gap!”

“I understand that people are coming again.” Chen Guo looked up and saw the comrades rushing over again.

“If the brothers are convenient, please leave a contact? Have a chance to ask you!” said the sincereness.

“Are you in the realm of God?” Ye Xiu asked.


“I will come soon, I will see you later.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, that’s it.” Nodded, and then looked at Ye Xiu and Chen Guo, embarrassed to say “do not bother”, and rushed back all the way.

“The field of God!” Ye Xiu turned back and shook hands at Chen Guo. He did not pay attention to this episode, but he only got to know a player. As a veteran gamer, Ye Xiu has long been used to it.

“Come on you!” Chen Guo said.

“Successfully learn a few.” Jun Mo laughed in the arena, Ye Xiu Shun began to chaos into the room to find the game. On the regular field side, there are limited-level fields and free-fields. Jun Moxiao has 20 grades because of the difference between the two, but there is no such a large span of 50-70, so the two are playing in the free field.

How many players in the free field can be, Ye Xiu can not play with the character below his level, so set the conditions into the room, and then began his journey.

There is no suspense journey.

The level of Ye Xiu, even if it is 20, is a normal player. On the free side of the game, the advanced players come basically to find the thrill of the low-level players. Those who really want to compete will enter the ranks and find the right level. As a result, a large number of players who are looking for pleasure have fallen behind in Junmo. The level difference of 20 and the equipment gap are actually ineffective. If the environment of glory is really clean, many people must wonder if this is a plug-in.

In this way, there are still many people who feel that this person is very problematic. The biggest evidence is that the weapons in that hand are messy, and they will be the same. What kind of weapon is this? Is the plug-in directly so arrogant?

Just as Ye Xiu was invincible in the arena, in the official forum’s complaint version, his name began to appear again and again. In the competitive version, there is also a lot of discussion about him. The reputation of Jun Moxiao finally began to rush out of the 10th district and move towards full glory.

And Ye Xiu? Counting one victory, I simply saw that the realm of God is waving to him.


The second is coming… How to solve the problem that the arena has opponents, and it will be announced soon? (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to *** (***.***) to vote for the recommended ticket, ***, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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