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Chapter 411 Real career god

The 411th chapter of the real professional god

The third is closed and the time is over.

“I will try it out!” Chen Guo applied to Ye Xiu, and she suddenly had an impulse.

“Try it!” Ye Xiu didn’t care.

So Chen Guo switched to Ye Xiu’s machine and manipulated Jun Moxiao.

The challenge of the field of God, countless players are repeating and repeating each level to the past, the impression is very impressive. No need to look at any tips, the task flow is all fresh in memory, Chen Guo soon received the fifth level mission.

Of course, the content of the mission is not a battle. Chen Guo is not arrogant enough to feel that he can defeat the 70-level opponent with this 50-level character. If you have this strength, you will not feel that the task of completing the challenge of God in the 50th level is incredible. This incredible, mainly focused on the battle, those who run and jump, Chen Guo feels that the 50 or 70 level is not much different.

The fifth level is another task to test the operation skills, and the main operation to be used this time is to roll over.

Many places in the field that need to pass, go straight, too high; go down, too slow; go down… it’s slower, so you can only rely on the action of rolling to get through.

A common point with similar levels in the previous design is that there is no loss.

In this level, if you don’t grasp the timing, such as picking up the bezel, you will immediately trigger the opportunity, directly kill, start from the beginning.

This Guan Chen was also done by herself. At this time, I saw that Ye Xiu had achieved four passes, and only felt so cool and mighty. Suddenly it is also an itch, want to try to be able to be a mighty one.

It turns out that it is certainly not possible.

Although Chen Guo has passed the record before, it is clear that through these levels, Ye Xiu is completely dependent on strength, while ordinary players, a considerable part of it depends on luck. They didn’t really take it easy to pass, and in some places, it just happened to pass.

Once again, if there is no substantial progress in technology, it can only be a pray for luck.

Chen Guo did not say luck at this time, and her status was not good.

Staying up late is not her strength. At this time in the middle of the night, she is already poor and lacking in spirit. In addition, I thought that Ye Xiu was watching, and the spirit was inexplicably nervous.

“Don’t look at it!” Chen Guo turned and said.

“Where did I watch?” Ye Xiu asked.

Chen Guo is speechless, Ye Xiu really did not see, is playing with her haze!

Suddenly, Chen Guo felt that she hoped that Ye Xiu could see it. However, when I said “Don’t look at it”, I was so embarrassed to change my mouth. I just started myself.




Chen Guo has been continually failing. The best one has only passed six obstacles.

Chen Guo peeked at the side of Ye Xiu, holding her haze haze is not a pleasure, really did not care about this side. Chen Guo continued to persist in the scalp, continued to fail, and finally could not bear it.

“Hey!” Chen Guo called.

“Well? Is it finished?” Ye Xiu turned and asked.

Chen Guo burst into tears: “I can’t go.”

“Then I will come.” Ye Xiu and Chen Guo changed positions. After two and a half minutes, Jun Moxiao ran out from the exit of the scene. Chen Guo only hates that she has not written her eyes and cannot copy Ye Xiu this game technology.

“Do you want to play next time?” Ye Xiu began to take care of Chen Guo at this time.

“Go to sleep!” Chen Guo got up and decided not to ask for excitement.

“Now sleep?” Ye Xiu looked at the time. “Today, the Internet cafe is officially open, is it?”


“What time does it start?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Noon.” Chen Guo said. Since the Internet cafe did not have any guests in the morning, Chen Guo did not urge the staff to come back to work in the morning, but the appointment would be open at noon on the eighth day.

“You can get up at noon? Don’t you keep them open at noon?” Ye Xiu asked.

“No need to.”

“That’s good.” Ye Xiu nodded and continued to care about his game.

Chen Guo began to hesitate again at this time. She actually wants to see Ye Xiu as a challenger in the realm of God. Looking at the tasks that make them ordinary people have a headache, it is extremely incomparable to be crushed in the hands of the Great God. Just because I was stimulated, I decided to go to sleep. It was only for a while, and suddenly I felt sleepy and I didn’t want to stay. However, Ye Xiu reminded her that she had to open the door to do business at noon, so this became a problem.

Business is available every day, and the task can be this time.

Finally, Chen Guo used this reason to convince himself and fold back.

Seeing that Ye Xiu looked at himself in confusion, Chen Guo looked at him with a slap in the face: “When you look at it, I don’t want to sleep anymore!”

“What do you want to do?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Look at your mission.” When Chen Guo finished this, he discovered that Ye Xiu had already retired the game. The video on the screen was a video of the glory game.

“Well, why don’t you do the task?” Chen Guo asked.

“No hurry!” said Ye Xiu. “There is more time.”

“What video do you watch?” Chen Guo still curiously got together, and after a few glances, he said: “Isn’t this at night and Jiashi?”


“Team game?”


“Don’t you read it?” Chen Guo wondered.

“Research it.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo understands that this is the difference between amateur and professional. Amateurs have nothing to do when they look at it, but professionally treats each game as a material, as a topic to study. Observing opponents and researching opponents, although Ye Xiu is not currently in the professional league, he still does the same thing.

“There are any doorways in this game, you can tell me.” Chen Guo said.

“No need? You are qualified…”

“What are you talking about!” Chen Guo is angry.

“It is like this. You see, in the evening game, Li Yibo said that from the slanting of the Han Wenqing desert smoke, the tyrants began to harvest their tactical fruits, but it was not.” Ye Xiu said.

“Hmm.” Chen Guo nodded.

“Well, um, actually, you don’t remember, right?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I remember!” Chen Guo roared, because there is no way to prove that he had to use the volume as evidence.

“Remember it. Then you see, in fact, the tyrant takes the initiative, it is from here, the stone does not turn this one, did you see it?” Ye Xiu said.

“Zhang Xinjie’s stone does not turn.” Chen Guo nodded.

“I let you see where you are.”

“I saw!”

“What caused this move?”

“Is this not what you want to talk about?”

“You can’t just think about it yourself?”

“I am this qualification…” Chen Guoyu Yu Huai.

“Oh, that’s also…” Ye Xiu’s face “I know.”


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