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Chapter 410 God's field challenge, start!

The 420th chapter of the field of God challenges, start!

The 50th-level Jun Moxiao, in addition to the thousand aircraft umbrella, this silver weapon, other equipment are very common. Because there is no occupation, so the main does not have a professional set, Jun Mo laughs on the equipment is all the way up, see what is convenient to change. Ye Xiu is still very good at engaging in the money for these ordinary equipment.

So now this body, what grades of what type, there are a variety of. But this is basically the attitude of any old player to play the game. Before the full level, few people will make a lot of equipment for themselves. The Great Guild will do this. First, good equipment is a guarantee for copying records. Second, they have more people and more resources. Most of them do not need to be consumed. The guild allocates resources internally, and the complete set of equipment is basically It can be spelled out.

However, at the moment, it is 50, and Ye Xiu has plenty of time, so he is not ready to take care of his equipment. It is not necessary to be the best in nature, but if you configure it well, the combat power of level 50 will certainly be improved a lot.

Returning to the main city, Ye Xiu began to find out in the market.

The opening of the tenth district has also been two months, and the market has been basically stable. When you opened the district, you rushed into the glory of the game, and spent two months, most of them would not be as rookie as before. What type of equipment is valuable, what type of equipment has special uses, and simple ones have already been distinguished. And there is always something in the street full of rare materials, and fools know that it is definitely not a waste.

Ye Xiu’s rise to the 50th level is already in the second half of the morning, but the trading street is still thriving. Only at this time, most of the stalls will not be living creatures. Usually the player has gone to sleep, just throwing the character here and hanging up the stall.

These leaf repairs are of course clear, so I walked all the way and saw that some prices were not ideal, and I did not think about bargaining with others. Just walk all the way, and see and point. This has tens of millions of players as productivity. It can be said that there is nothing that is in short supply except for the bosses whose maps are refreshed by the timing points. As long as you have patience, you can find whatever you need on the market. Ye Xiu’s request is not high-end at this time, and he understands this truth and walks patiently all the way. The wallet was opened again and again, and the equipment was thrown into the parcel one after another.

Waiting for a trade to go through the long street, Jun Moxiao’s equipment has been completely renewed. Ye Xiu pulled out the property panel and looked at it, but also nodded with satisfaction.

“This body, what is the study?” Chen Guo finally came up and asked. She has been quietly watching Ye Xiu to purchase equipment, and she wants to open it many times, but she has never heard anything, and she hopes to discover it by her own wisdom. I just kept observing the end and didn’t touch my mind. I had to ask for advice.

Ye Xiu looked back at Chen Guo and said: “Value for money…”

Chen Guo lost again. Cost-effective…a very real reason, but Chen Guo thought that this is the top god, things must be the best, and the cost-effective things, it is definitely not the best, so Chen Guo did not put it at all. Ye Xiu chose the reason for the equipment to think about it. Even if she saw the individual equipment that Ye Xiu bought, she already had the idea to veto. Who wants to be like this, the top **** in the glory of the glory, shopping in the street to buy equipment is actually cost-effective, Chen Guo feels that Ye Xiuzhen is very sorry for the rare materials of his warehouse.

“Complete the task of challenging the field of God, this body is enough.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh?” Chen Guo is a glimpse, and then reacted: “What is the price/performance ratio that you mean compared to the difficulty of the task?”

“Yeah.” Ye Xiu nodded. The character was finished in the main city. The equipment was well-equipped, and the challenges in the field of God were all received.



Two parts.

So when Ye Xiu passed the entrance of the arena, he knew that he was now a 50-level character in the 10th district, and he still let Jun Mo laugh into the circle. This shows that the Great God is also a human being, and sometimes I am also looking forward to some things that fall from the sky.

The arena is really powerless, and the first thing to do is the process task.

There are many internal processes. The first step is to go back to the novice village and find the task person to receive the task. It is to help find the wallet he lost at the waterside.

A common task that is common, after picking up, points to the coordinates indicated by the actor, and will reach the mission scene.

The mission scene in the realm of God is actually a copy of the nature, but only a single person to enter, so don’t worry that someone will disturb your challenge task, not to try to get help from others.

The task of retrieving the wallet is just that the content that sounds is cute. In fact, it is a test of the player’s jump operation.

The scene is set in a rushing river. The player can only walk on the river by jumping stones. Once he accidentally falls into the water, he will be immediately rushed to the shore by the river and can only come back after landing. And this wallet is undoubtedly lost on a stone in the river.

The arrangement of the stones and the lost parts of the wallet are all randomly produced, and the arrangement is enough to make the people trying to sum up the Raiders lose patience. All can only rely on their own strength to jump out step by step and find it.

This task was also tossed Chen Guo for a long time, and fell into the water countless times, and finally got the wallet. At this time, the Great God played, and Chen Guo certainly had to look around. As a result, I saw that Ye Xiu ran to the scene and rushed to the river. It seemed that he did not look at it and jumped directly.

No stay, no stay. Because it can only be seen from the main point of view of Ye Xiu’s computer screen, Chen Guo is more intuitive to understand how fast Ye Xiu’s movements are. The screen on the screen has not been fixed for even a second, the angle of view is constantly changing, Chen Guo does not know whether he is looking for a wallet or looking for a foothold; the character is also constantly jumping, Chen Guo has no idea this Is in which direction.

Three minutes later, Jun Mo laughed and jumped on the shore and went away.

Chen Guo was stunned and looked at the screen in a silly manner. After a minute, it was confirmed that it was already running towards the novice village. He was shocked: “Is it finished?”

“It’s over!” said Ye Xiu.

“Where is the wallet?”

Ye Xiu points to open the inventory, as the wallet of the quest item, the color of the text is different, and the mouse has been pointed at a glance.

“When did you pick it?” Chen Guo did not see it.

“This…” Ye Xiu also felt bad description.

“I didn’t see it at all!” Chen Guo said.

“If you say something earlier, I can come slowly…” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo was speechless, until Ye Xiu paid the wallet and started the second task.

The second task is to fight, but there are limits, only ordinary attacks can be used, and no non-public skills can be used.

This task also caused Chen Guo to vomit blood. Gunners, ordinary attacks are actually a way, that is, shooting, although you can put a variety of postures to shoot, shoot under a variety of sports conditions, but the opponent is the only means of injury.

A gunner with no skills is a player, just like playing a cs game.

A 1vs100 game, only one life, death in battle, direct return, the only discount is death without any punishment. The challenge mission in the realm of God, if there is punishment and death, the Glory Company will certainly be attacked by terrorists.

The task of this 1vs100 is of course also plottic, but these Ye Xiu will go to see, take the task with ease, and the plot dialogue is directly esc off.

Chen Guo changed her posture and prepared for the performance of the Great God. Soon she burst into tears.

She has recently used the role of Jun Mo to laugh, how to forget the monster of the thousand aircraft umbrella?

A profession, only a set of routine attack routines, but when Jun Mo laughs, there are six sets. The shape of the thousand-machine umbrella has changed, and that is a set.

Far and near attack, all-round attack, even the shield.

The goal of this 1vs100, of course, will not be a boss. In fact, even the strength of the 70-level mobs is not. However, Jun Moxiao is only 50 at this time. In the face of this 100, in terms of level, it is actually at a disadvantage.

But in addition to the thousand umbrellas, Ye Xiu is of course more demon.

What is the difference in the level of the district? A bunch of cockroaches.

Thousands of umbrellas constantly change shape under the operation of Ye Xiu. Every change is not like that when Chen Guo used it, sometimes it was just boring and changed.

Ye Xiu has a purpose every time he changes his shape. The weapon that changes shape will immediately attack the most appropriate target in the most appropriate way.

In the task prompt in the upper right corner of the screen, the number of 100 is constantly buckled down.

The life of Jun Moxiao is also constantly falling.

But Chen Guo knew that this was not Ye Xiu’s temptation, but he didn’t care. He has enough life to destroy the 100 scorpions, and does not need to care too much about life. Anyway, there will be more compassion in the system.

The second scene is also passed quickly. Chen Guo looked at the time and was completely different from the challenge she had in the field of God.

Ye Xiu went directly to the third scene.

The third scene is still fighting, but it is a real battle, unlimited, one-on-one.

But the opponent is a boss.

The night cat demon, the hidden boss of the novice village Greenson. Of course, at this time it is no longer the poor 10 in the forest of Novice Village. If it’s just 10th level, even if it’s a hidden boss, it’s a grayish face for the 70th level player.

The night cat demon has grown to 70.

A 70-level hidden boss, 50-level character to heads-up, but the player is the top player in glory. Anyway, it is a very unusual contest.

Chen Guo breathed a gaze, and then saw Ye Xiu and the previous two scenes, go in and fight, without hesitation.

The 70-level dark night cat demon, suddenly like a mouse, and Chen Guo even heard the constant cat screams in Ye Xiu’s headphones. It was a scream.

“The system has been completely unable to stop…” Looking at this side of the heads-up, Chen Guo thought silently. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to *** (***.***) to vote for the recommended ticket, ***, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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