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Chapter 407 Small special day

Chapter 407 Small special day

The news of Wei Wei and the buns invading the front and rear feet, plus the unique day of April 1st, suddenly made Ye Xiu suspicious. But looking back and looking again, Wei Wei asked the address to prepare himself, how to look at it is not like the April Fool’s Day trap. Could it be that this guy would think that he would be given a welcoming ceremony here, and then he would not come to enlarge the pigeons? Although Wei Wei has no lower limit, it is really not so good.

Looking at the buns invading this side, there are many doubts. This guy went to buy tickets in the past few days. When he suddenly came back to the news today, he said that he was on the train. It was a few days apart. This is really not in line with human nature. But I thought about it again. This is a buns invasion. It has never been in line with human nature. It is very wrong to use people’s common sense to infer. So Ye Xiucai has this question. Asking the buns to invade these days, no news is busy. !

“Oh! There is no way.” The news of the buns invasion is not fast. From the qq display, the buccal intrusion uses the mobile phone login, and the mobile phone button limits his hand speed.

“In fact, I bought it on the same day. As a result, a group of my friends heard that I was going to be a professional player. I said that I should practice it for me. Then I practiced today, practiced tomorrow, and practiced the day after tomorrow. I have practiced several times. Days, practiced and practiced, my ticket has changed and changed, and finally changed to the present.” Buns invasion said.

“That’s really hard for you…” Ye Xiu said.

“Fortunately, okay, but I am coming soon. I am going where the boss is!” asked the buns.

Ye Xiu saw that it was also an initiative to ask how to go. This is not like a fool’s trap. So he treated like Wei Wei and directly reported the address.

“Can you find it?” Ye Xiu finished the address and asked the buns to invade.

“Do not worry!” The buns are full of confidence.

“You can’t find this call.” Ye Xiu threw Chen Guo’s mobile phone number to the buns.

“I think the possibility of using this phone is absolutely zero.” The buns invaded.

“Hope!” said Ye Xiu.

After giving the two people an address, Ye Xiu went to find Chen Guo and told her the two news. As a result, Chen Guo was a look of alertness. She looked at Ye Xiu for a few seconds and then asked, “Is it true?”

Ye Xiu is helpless. This special day always requires such caution. Ye Xiu had to come up with the most serious expression and said: “It is true. If you think about it, even if you want to go to April Fool’s Day, would it be too boring to take this foolish means?”

When Chen Guo heard it, he did not relieve it. Instead, he was more alert. He asked very nervously: “What are you going to do?”

“How old? Still April Fool’s Day?” Ye Xiu left a disdainful expression, and he left after he took the cigarette.

Speaking of this April Fool’s Day joke, Chen Guo is not afraid. In the morning, Tang Rou and other webmasters who came to work have had a little joke with her. The average person will naturally not be too unbalanced. But now the big **** is tossing up the **** hurricane in the online game, Chen Guo is really afraid that he will make a foolish day without a lower limit. At this point, seeing Ye Xiu so disdainfully despised her and left, Chen Guo was not angry, but instead felt quite practical.

The next day was a step by step, April Fool’s Day, not a big day, and the glory online games did not prepare any special activities for this festival. On the other hand, the professional circle is catching up with the competition today, and by the beginning of April, it is already the sprint stage of the professional circle.

Professional leagues are usually single-weekly single-players, and they have their own adjustments in case of festivals or special circumstances. Usually one season begins in mid-August of the year and ends in early May of the following year. The mid-late May is the most prestigious part of the season, with the top eight teams in the league playing the knockout and winning the only championship.

So from the beginning of April every year, it is already the last few finals of the preseason. Some of the outstanding achievements, or their poor team, may even be basically a foregone conclusion at this time.

For example, in the eighth season, April 1st is catching up with Saturday. It is a match day. There are five Saturdays in the month, five games, two games in May, and seven games. It is the eighth season. The preseason is all over. There are still seven games in April, which is a little more than the previous season. Usually there are only five or six games left in April.

When the season comes to this stage, some situations are a foregone conclusion. For example, blue rain, reincarnation, micro grass, and tyrants, the score leaders of these four teams have already stabilized into the playoffs. The remaining seven games are spelled out. From the current trend, the reincarnation guild is in full. After the game, the team continued to exert strength, and it has surpassed the micro-grass to kill the second. After the remaining seven rounds of competition, it seems that they are very energetic to compete with Blue Rain for the first place in the regular season. It is only regrettable that there has been no direct comparison between the reincarnation and the blue rain in the remaining seven rounds of competition.

To be honest, this early determination of the advantage is a painstaking effort for the team, but it is not very welcome to the league. The more popular saying in the glory circle is to name this situation “killing the game.”

Because of the remaining seven rounds, the four teams have lost some suspense because they have already secured the seats in the playoffs, causing their game to fall. These four are not the most eye-catching and popular teams in the league. Their game loses suspense, and it will also affect the decline of the box office and broadcast ratings of the entire league.

This is not the case. At this stage, even the focus of the media reports has been bad, and they have turned around in these popular teams, and they have reported to fight for the remaining four teams.

Smoke, vanity, whistling, three zero one, Thunder, Baihua, Huangfeng.

These seven teams are the focus of current media reports. It is also the last four seats in the playoffs that are not only in the theoretical seven teams.

At present, the positions of the two teams of the smoke and the void have been relatively stable and fully grasped the initiative. The whistling, the three zeros and ones and two teams are under great pressure. The latter three teams want to go up, and they are bound to step on their bodies. Although the Thunder team is currently in the ninth, has not yet entered the postseason, but the remaining seven rounds of the schedule is the easiest of the seven teams, and currently they are optimistic about their entry into the playoffs.

Before the retiring of Zhang Jiale, the Baihua team did not say the playoffs. They were regulars in the finals. Unfortunately, the deployment was disrupted this season, and the results have been unstable. After the seats at the back of the seats, I was squatting back and forth. At this time, I was very likely to be left behind, but the fans were anxious.

The Royal Winds team is the most unfavorable situation in the seven teams, not only the final ranking, but also the rough schedule. However, in the case that the four strong teams have already confirmed the playoffs, the so-called bumpy schedule is likely to have some variables. It is because he wants to meet a strong team, but the strong team is now sure that the position of the game may be lax, and it may end up being a good wind.

The pros and cons of the seven teams are analyzed by various expert media fans, but on today’s slightly special day, it is not theirs that rush to the headlines.

April Fool’s Day glory headline: Jiashi out! Is this a joke on April Fool’s Day? ?

Yes, Jiashi, who has not improved in a bad state, returned to the edge of the exit zone after the last round of the league. At the bottom of the third place, the points are only one point higher than the penultimate Mingqing team.

1 point!

It is very likely that the Jiashi team will jump into the abyss of the exit area after this round of competition today. And with their current morale, it’s really a problem to jump back and go back.

The media and fans’ criticism of Jiashi has been going on for a month. The Jiashi team also expressed their attitudes again and again, but everything was useless. The achievements of the Jiashi team still fell rocket-like. Singles, team competitions, and occasional flashes, but in the team game, a full March, Jiashi won a victory.

The disgusting eyes let the fans miss the gorgeous past, so the old team that has been retired, Ye Qiu, has been repeatedly mentioned. If Ye Qiu is still going on how this pseudo-proposition is always at this time, people are particularly relished. Many people will be very happy to forget that when Ye Qiu led the team to perform poorly, they talked about how people would be without Ye Qiuhui.

The head of the Jiashi team, of course, has become the focus of this round. So in the Xingxin Internet cafe, Chen Guo, who broadcast the game in a normal heart, did not intend to avoid it when it was the focus of Jiashi. This evening, the Internet cafe arranged the game of Jiashi.

After such a period of time, Xingxin Internet Cafe has already digested the influence of the unrestricted broadcast of the Jiashi game. Gradually, the weekend broadcast resumed the excitement.

h City is a lot of fans of Jiashi, but this is definitely not all, even if it is around the Jiashi Club, it can not really become a pure world of Kasei.

Those who have other support teams, or are more neutral, just want to see the big game and want to see the big-name team. The broadcast of Xingxin Internet Bar is very suitable for them, so they are very happy to spend it on weekends. However, without the common support and expectation, the atmosphere of watching the game together is still not as hot as before.

Then even then, for some guys who have never seen such an Internet cafe, it is still quite incredible.

“What happened? Is this someone going to marry the field?”

One long hair blocked half of the face, and from the other half of the show, there were some young people who sold each other. At this time, they stood at the door of Xingxin Internet Café, holding the mobile phone in hand, and the signboard of Xingxin Internet Cafe was very carefully compared. After some time, step by step. As a result, a crowd of black people immediately made him feel so emotional.

But obviously he didn’t have any fear of what he was doing. He came to the checkout counter calmly. He took a long sigh of cool hair and opened his mouth to talk. Suddenly he stopped to turn the phone and turned to the cashier. The sister greeted me: “Wait a minute, I forgot my words.”


New Year’s Day, the first year of the New Year, no suspense, come to be a buns, buns for everyone to celebrate the New Year, everyone must be good every day!

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