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Chapter 401 Temporary guest

Chapter 401 Temporary Guest

“Shameless!” Tearing.

Ye Qiu? After a while, he suddenly smiled: “It’s not too late to go back tomorrow.”

Turning his head and looking at Chen Guo: “The boss, is it convenient to borrow a day?”

Chen Guohao nodded: “There are no problems in how many days you can live.”

“You don’t want to add chaos.” Ye Xiu quickly came out and obstructed. “You see this guy’s thief is not dead.”

“Cut!” Ye Qiu restarted the automatic disobedient mode. After a snoring, he turned around in the first floor of the Internet cafe, then went to the stairs to inquire: “Is it right?”

“Yes. I will take you up.” Chen Guo came to lead the way.

“Thank you.” Ye Qiu nodded thanks. As long as he is not talking to Ye Xiu, his demeanor is to be reflected in a word and mind.

“Polite.” Chen Guo waved his hand and led Ye Qiu to go upstairs. Ye Xiu didn’t say anything anymore. When he saw the two men going upstairs and shaking their heads, they ordered the glory of the computer when they ordered the cigarette.

“I live here.” Chen Guo pushed the suite upstairs and introduced it to Ye Qiu.

“It feels very comfortable!” Ye Qiu immediately praised after entering the house.

“Yes?” Chen Guole said with a sigh. As the owner of the room, it is certainly worthy of being praised.

“Which side does Ye Xiu live?” asked Ye Qiu.

“Oh…” Chen Guoyi, a little embarrassed between the look. Ye Xiu’s living environment is really embarrassing to say. As the boss who arranged Ye Xiu to live, she was embarrassed to face Ye Xiu’s relatives.

“This side.” Although the heart is awkward, Chen Guo still did not cover up, pushed open the door of a small storage room, but at the end it was still not busy adding: “It is only temporary.”

This is not a lie. At the beginning, Chen Guo really only planned to temporarily arrange Ye Xiu to stay here, but Ye Xiu did not care about it at all. He lived very satisfied and made Chen Guo not very anxious about this matter.

“Oh!” Ye Qiu Ying said, the small storage room had already been read at a glance, and his face did not reveal the incredible expression of Chen Guo’s imagination. It seemed to be very satisfied and very happy. Finally, actually Looking back, I said affirmatively: “It’s good.”

“Oh?” Chen Guo was a little surprised, but it quickly reacted. This guy is very uncomfortable to see where the buddy brother lives, so is it happy?

“Where do I live?” Ye Qiu then asked.

“Oh… just live in my room!” After Chen Qiu led Ye Qiu, he pointed to his bedroom door.

“then you?”

“I live next door, the girl here goes home for the New Year, these days are just not there.” Chen Guo said of course is Tangrou’s room.

“You… live together?” Ye Qiu looked at the three doors.


“There will be no problem! Live with the shameless guy? You have to be careful!” Ye Qiu said.

“No.” Chen Guo smiled. Although Ye Xiu is sometimes a mad guy, it is really a problem in this respect. He has lived with two great women, and has not caused any incidents that make everyone feel embarrassed.

However, if that guy’s words, even if it causes any embarrassment, it is estimated that it will be shamelessly resolved? Chen Guo suddenly thought about it.

“It is still inconvenient to live in a girl’s room! Can this sofa sleep?” Ye Qiu pointed at the sofa in the living room.

“It doesn’t matter!” said Chen Guo.

“Oh, then I will sleep here!”

“I mean, it doesn’t matter if you sleep in my room.” Chen Guo said.

“Don’t worry, I will sleep here!” Ye Qiu said, and at the end, it showed his firm attitude: “I insist.”

“Oh, then you insist on it…” Chen Guo did not persuade at all. At the end, he asked: “Is there luggage?”


“Well, then take a break?” Chen Guo asked.

“Don’t use it, go see what the guy is doing!” Ye Qiu turned and opened the door, but still asked Ms. Chen if she wanted to go out.

The two then went downstairs and returned to the Internet cafe, and saw that Ye correction was playing hard.

“I know how to play! I bought a bunch of things and didn’t clean up?” Chen Guoxun.

“That is, you know how to play games, contempt.” Ye Qiu stood on the side of Chen Guo, very pretentious.

Ye Xiu reluctantly looked up: “How to clean up.”

Chen Guo reached out and said: “The useful things are used!”

Ye Xiu said very weakly: “Do you know how much of the things you bought are useful?”

Chen Guoyi. She only bought a lot of money, and bought something specifically. Most of them can’t think of it now.

“Back mouth! Deduct his salary, boss wife!” Ye Qiu was next to him.

“You have to figure out what you bought!” Ye Xiu said to Chen Guo.

“Even if it’s useless, you have to pack it up!” Chen Guo said a moment, then ran to study what he bought.

“Ye Qiu went to help.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why don’t you go?”

“I am working.”

“Just playing games…” Ye Qiu mouth muttered, but still helped the past. He is really not a person who can sit calmly while picking up the treasurer.


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