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Chapter 4 Mysterious master

Chapter 4 Mystery Master ()

“Chen sister, you have to eat late at night…”

After buying back and staying up late, Chen Guo called the employees of the Internet cafe to enjoy it together. The dishes were pleasant in the Internet cafes, and immediately attracted a wailing protest from the Internet. In a time when dinner has been digested, it is a temptation to suddenly smell the scent of the dish.

“To queue up the noodles, don’t mess.” Chen Guo greeted.

“Chen sister eats a small stove every day, we will eat instant noodles.” The people who can’t refuse the temptation can only take the Internet cafe to instant noodles, and look at the envy and hate of the six dishes and one soup.

“You want to eat yourself and go to the opposite side to buy, don’t always want to support my people.” Chen Guo said.

“The next time you want to go out and say hello in advance, don’t you bring it with you?” said the man.

“How many people in the Internet cafe, can you bring it over? If you waste so much, you really want to eat and don’t bother to buy it. If you want to call the other side, will people be willing to send it?” Chen Guo said.

“Chen sister has a phone call? I borrowed it,” said the man.

“What do I have to do on the phone? Someone can support me, why bother with others?” Chen Guo said.

This time, not only the Internet, but also the staff of the Internet cafes burst into tears. I have no choice but to take care of the atmosphere. I really don’t have the quality of a pioneer.

“Hey, how are you still honing?” Chen Guo seems to be more anxious than the parties.

“What are you worried about?” He looked at him with a sly look, and he was a newbie task flow strategy.

“Rely, don’t you even have these? Look at the Raiders?” If it weren’t for the first-come card, Chen Guo would not believe that this guy had a 10-year tour.

“This newbie hasn’t been touched for many years, and I still remember it!” Ye Xiu said slowly.

“Don’t you have brought a new person, haven’t pointed out a newbie?” Chen Guo said.

“There is no such thing…” said Ye Xiu.

“There is no public morality.” Chen Guo despised.

“There is no time.” Ye Xiu said.

“People who don’t have time don’t come to play games, and people who play games are spending extra time.” Chen Guo said.

“I am busy playing games.” Ye Xiu said seriously.

“What about your work?” Chen Guo said.

“Play games!”

“Hey, is it a professional player?” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu smiled and said: “It’s still quite advanced.”

“A very senior? Professional player?” Chen Guoyi.

Ye Xiu proudly nodded.

“Retire it!” said Chen Guo.

“how do you know?”

“Crap, you are old.” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu smiled.

“I said how to pack up the guy in more than 40 seconds. It turned out to be a professional grade, although it was a half-tone.” Chen Guo said.

“Half tones?”

“I know the famous professional masters, Ye Xiu? I have never heard of it, not what is the halftone?” Chen Guo asked.

“Haha, it turned out to be like this.” Ye Xiuxiao.

“Don’t install it, in fact, you are not retired, is it not able to compete to the position, is it eliminated?” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu silently.

“Sorry…” Chen Guo realized that some of the words had poked at the other side’s sadness.

“It doesn’t matter.” Ye Xiu sighed.

“Don’t be discouraged, 25-year-old is not too old, practice well, and then go back again.” Chen Guo said.

“It is this.” Ye Xiuxiao.

“I really want to have that day, I still have something to do with you.” Chen Guo said.

“what’s up?”

“Signature.” Chen Guo said.

“Why is this necessary to wait for that day, I will sign you in advance!”

“Smelly! Who wants your signature, I am asking you to help me get the signature of my idol.” Chen Guo said.

“Oh? Who?”

“Su Mu Orange, and Ye Qiu, Ye Qiu may be difficult, the guy likes to install mystery.” Chen Guo said.

“Is that the case?” Ye Xiu burst into tears, and Comrade Ye Qiu was chatting face to face with you, sister.

“Yes, he almost never shows up. I said that although you are only a half-tone, it is also mixed, this does not know?” Chen Guo said.

“Know, of course, I know, tell you a secret, in fact, I am Ye Qiu.” Ye Xiu said.

“Yes? I also tell you a secret, in fact, I am Su Mu Orange.” Chen Guo said.

“I am really Ye Qiu.” Ye Xiu cried.

“I am really Su Mu Orange.” Chen Guo said.


“I don’t want to tease you, look at your Raiders!” Chen Guo waved her hand, but she was no longer angry for Ye Xiu, and it was a mixed-race character, even if it was Are you obsessed with using yourself?

But after the line of sight returned to his screen, Chen Guo couldn’t help but say: “In fact, there is something unclear about your novice task. Just ask me.”

“I want to study it. I only do the task of rewards as attribute points and skill points. Other tasks are rewarded with experience and equipment. It is better to mix the copies faster.” Ye Xiu said.

“Yeah, this is like an old bird’s idea, but you don’t have to study it yourself. Turn the Raiders you saw to the last page!”

“Oh?” Ye Xiu listened to the last page and looked at it. Think about it too, this novice task has not changed in ten years, it is something that the player can’t penetrate. Like his idea of ​​doing only valuable tasks, the average veteran will choose, and how can anyone sum up such a strategy? What he is looking at now is the one he needs. Ye Xiu immediately prepared to take the task according to the Raiders, and instantly burst into tears. I am a man who is known as the glory textbook level! Now that I am doing a novice task against the novice Raiders, how can this make people feel so embarrassed?

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