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Chapter 395 Dangerous balance

Chapter 395 The dangerous balance

A high level of confrontation, only looking at the technology to see the speed can not appreciate the true meaning of it. Huang Shaotian’s game against Wang Jiexi, the two pits dug up successively, it seems that Wang Jiexi has already planted it.

Thang Long smashed into the air and went to Wang Jiexi’s retreat. But this time, Wang Jiexi’s reaction was faster, as if it was expected to be so general. The king did not stay in the air and jumped off the broom, turned, did not fly out, just waved twice in the air. The airflow driven by the broom is so popular that the king is not popular. It is also a little bit of movement. It is this little bit of movement. The night rain is so annoying that the dragon is smashing, smashing the king’s not popular side, putting a Jianguang waved over the sky.

Huang Shaotian’s heart is also not well known. The king did not stay on the face of the system with no expression. He seemed to see that the eyes of the king who did not stay in the line also flashed the calculations. This time, he was planted in the pit where Wang Jiexi will count!

“砰砰” two sounds, in the air, underground, two magic bottles were broken.

The ice rain slowly fell from the air, the lava ignited the square inch of the land, followed by the king did not stay the line has reversed the broom, continually rolling towards the night rain sounds overcoming, is another skill of the magical scholar: broom whirlwind.

Huang Shaotian didn’t want to be beaten like this. However, Wang Jiexi obviously has already made his possible means completely clear. The skill of the two flasks was so fast, and this time was not enough for Huang Shaotian to do anything. The broom whirlwind had already been displayed. A wide range of magical storms spread along with the rotation of the king, and this skill enveloped a great scope. Although Huang Shaotian wanted a silver-light blade to descend quickly, the result was the same as the previous phantom sword that Wang Jiexi tried to escape from him. Was involved in a runaway tail, and was dragged into the entire offensive, beaten by the whirlwind broom that the king did not stay, and turned from the air to the ground.

The injury of the three skills, Huang Shaotian’s night rain sounds no miss, as compared to the big trick he did not leave the line for the king, really from the damage value, at this time he suffered a loss. To make matters worse, at this time, the scene was actively grasped in the hands of Wang Jiexi and was photographed on the ground. This is not finished yet…

Of course, Huang Shaotian’s work will not be a problem. When he was photographed on the ground, the character has already turned away from the trend. The magical scholar’s broom whirlwind, in the moment of landing, also needs to be operated by the body, otherwise they will also turn to the ground with a head, although it will not fall out of the injury, but a fallen down in the eyes of the master will delay many fighters. And such a basic operation, Wang Jiexi is also difficult to make mistakes, the role is also a roll, jump back.

The actions of the two characters are as neat as rehearsing.

Roll over and jump back. Followed by, the night rain is annoying here is a sword light flashing from the waist, and the king does not stay here, this is a black shadow rolled out from the sleeve…

In the process of jumping back, the two also each had a skill, and once they pulled out, they got a night cloak. Just because the two people chose to roll and then reverse the opposite direction, they have already opened the distance in an instant. The two skills of the two are all empty, and no one hurts.

After the distance, the swordsman seems to be a place where there is no dance for a while, but the magician scholars still have some means of attack in the middle distance. Suddenly, the skills of magical bombs and magical rays began to be annoyed with the rain of night. Huang Shaotian had no means of counterattack on this side, and it was simply a big skill. The night rain sounds annoying shadows, and instantly produces six images, but Huang Shaotian used the high-level skills of sword dance steps.

This skill is based on the experience and techniques of the operator. Huang Shaotian is already the top of the swordsman. This skill is used. It is Wang Jiexi who can’t discern which one is true at a glance. Otherwise, this skill can really become a meaningless flower shelf.

Six nights of rain were annoying, and they rushed up.

Wang Jiexi could not directly identify it, but had to test his skills. However, the high-level skills of the sword dance step are much stronger than the shadow of the ninja. The shadow of the ninja is just a dumb dummy, and it has a life value, and it will disappear after a few easy attacks. The sword dance steps are different, and the resulting afterimages have no life value at all. However, because it is a residual image, the attack will be hit directly, and in this way, it can be divided into true and false. There is absolutely no way to destroy the afterimage.

Wang Jiexi flew a few middle-distance attack magic throws, and immediately tried two afterimages. But how could Huang Shaotian be tried to be true and false so easily? I saw six dazzling cross-transpositions. The commentary was as exclaimed as the guest competition. Even under such an operation, I am afraid that Wang Jiexi has already found it. It’s up to the two afterimages that I’ve just tried.

Indeed, Wang Jiexi couldn’t stare at the two goals he had tried in six such identical roles in such a change. But he knew that Huang Shaotian had such a technique, so from the beginning, he only stared at one of the two tried-out roles, which he can at least do. Then another wave of temptations, naturally to avoid this role, change to a few others.

You must know that Huang Shaotian is not hitting Wang Jiexi’s attack so much, and he is also evading. This wave of attacks, in the end, barely hit one, which is naturally an afterimage.

Wang Jiexi is very clear that it is absolutely impossible to test the true body in the temptation. The attack on the real body does not evade, Huang Shaotian is not so idiotic.

The two wave temptations eventually revealed two afterimages. The six night rains were already annoying under the operation of Huang Shaotian. The chasing would come up to keep the king in the middle, and the six characters kept the distance and rotated around the circle. .

“Which is the real body?” Chen Guo looked up and could not help but nervous, asked Ye Xiu.

“I don’t know.” Ye Xiu shook his head, and Huang Shaotian was indeed at the peak of the operation of the sword dance step.

However, the sword dance step can not be used all the time, this is just a skill to confuse the opponent, and the game is to kill the opponent to win.

At the same time that the afterimage disappeared, Jianguang suddenly rose.

Although Wang Jiexi was careful to play 100,000 points, he finally got the shot again. This has to be flashed off, and Huang Shaotian will spend a lot of effort to toss the sword dance step for so long.

“Who will win the two of them?” Chen Guo’s temper is always a bit eager to wait, always like to know the results beforehand.

Ye Xiu just shook his head slowly, no words.

Chen Guo was helpless and had to continue watching the game. And this great **** contest is really wonderful, finally, the players in the Internet cafe who are watching the Jiashi game, can not help but glance at the projection screen from time to time, and later, collective rebellion, want to see this game first The winners and losers will say.

The two great gods, in the end, no one has long occupied the advantage, the two sides can not change the role between the offensive and defensive, full of equal strength. The life of the two characters is also very balanced, and it seems that the last moment is impossible to tell the winner.

“Wang Jiexi’s winning face may be bigger.” Ye Xiu suddenly made a prediction.

“Why?” Chen Guo asked.

“This balanced situation is the situation that Wang Jiexi is good at. Huang Shaotian is good at chasing and winning. The more chaotic, the easier he is to capture the opportunity. But this one is fierce, but it is not chaotic, you come and go, The exchange of offense and defense is actually very standard. That is to say, if this progresses, there will be no chance for Huang Shaotian to capture the winning point. The scene is only smooth and excessive, look at their offensive and defensive rhythm, the final blow is probably just right. It is Wang Jiexi who grabbed the attack opportunity.” Ye Xiu said.

“Really?” Chen Guo likes to ask, but after asking, she is not sure.

“Look at it!” said Ye Xiu.

So in the eyes of Chen Guo, the technical content of the two sides suddenly fell sharply, she began to count only, this time, Huang Shaotian is attacking; next time, Wang Jiexi is attacking; next time…

Counting the number, the game is finally ending, both sides have been red blood, Chen Guo counted for a long time, but also counted some experience, a look at the situation, surprised: “It seems like… really what you said.”

Ye Xiu on the side is silent, just staring at the game.

“Huang Shaotian has no way to do it?” Chen Guo asked, actually so steady to the defeat, so she felt a little ridiculous.

“Yes.” Ye Xiu only said one word.

“What is it?” Chen Guo asked, she loves spoilers.

“Look.” Ye Xiu was looking up at the projection screen, indicating Chen Guo to see.

Chen Guo, who has been counting for a long time, saw the situation immediately and found an abnormality.

“No! This time should be Huang Shaotian to seize the attack opportunity, how…”

After swearing, I suddenly found out what it was like, and immediately excitedly said: “Yes! He deliberately gave Wang Jiexi a round of attack, so that it was his turn to the final blow.”

Chen Guo’s excitement only lasted for three seconds, because she had already seen the contempt in Ye’s eyes. Immediately think about it, I am also amazed: the life of both sides is counted, give up an opportunity, it is not the previous progress, continue to come to me, the first thing will still be Huang Shaotian, because he lost a life.

“Huang Shaotian, just want to break such a smooth situation, deliberately let himself be at a disadvantage.” Ye Xiu finally explained.

“At a disadvantage, is it an opportunity?”

“Continue to continue, there is still a line of life, of course, the opportunity is not big. I am still more optimistic about Wang Jiexi, he will not be unclear about Huang Shaotian’s intention. Can direct such a situation, I think he has a way to restrain Huang Shaotian found a chance to kill.” Ye Xiu said.

“Hey, if this Wang Jiexi wins, the grass will get four points, and the blue rain is only one point.” Chen Guo is counting.

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