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Chapter 389 Three choices

Chapter 389—Three Choices

After increasing the pressure several times, the Seven Guilds are still insisting. They think that Lanxi Pavilion and Domineering have long been helping Jun Moxiao to find their whereabouts, so there is still no change in the situation, but they also take the initiative to find someone else’s troubles and make some mistakes. In the final analysis, the water warfare ability is too poor, which makes them unable to quickly and efficiently kill the targets found, and repeatedly let the other party delay the tempering to Jun Moxiao to come to the rescue.

The presidents of the Seven Guilds are also the big husbands who can bend and stretch. At first glance, this is very bad. While despising Lanxi Pavilion and domineering, while changing the strategy decisively, they all continue to avoid the strategy before they take the initiative.

This is repeated, and it is only their own. For Ye Xiu, they are indifferent. They continue to practice while they are leveling and listening to the situation. At a later time, Su Mu Orange was once again on the line, so there was one more overwhelming killer, and the pressure faced by the Seven Guilds was naturally greater.

Time goes by, Ye Xiu and others are still comfortable, and the players of Lanxi Pavilion and Domineering Heroes are full of enthusiasm. In the face of the same club guild, this overwhelming, let the other side see and ran, the advantage of not being able to fight is really long time and has not passed. Everyone deeply realized how comfortable it is to enjoy the coolness under the big tree.

Time is finally moving towards the early morning, and it is time for a daily copy. The players of the Seven Guilds were all nervous all day, and this should have been a concentrated copy of the time, but they felt that they had won the rest. In the copy, there is no need to worry about this kind of attack that does not know when it will suddenly pop up.

“Let’s have a book under it!” The elites of each kilometer are actively calling for it.

“At last I can rest…” The sub-presidents of the Seven Guilds are squatting. Of course, they are also part of this elite team, and this whole day is also with other people.

“Group two four-person team!” Some guild detachments are more human-oriented. The technology of these people pve is no problem, the four-person team can pass the copy, but the impact of the copy record is hopeless. And now they are in this state, the copy is a vacation, and there are people who have the spirit to brush what copy records.

The sub-presidents of the Seven Guilds did not expect that their humanized arrangement had brought a fierce blow to their guild. The team that has been brushed out from the first copy has been ambushed. In the face of the top players such as Ye Xiu and Su Mu Orange, they didn’t even have the chance to win back the copy and win the safety. The two teams ended up with the two men. Other copies of the entrance, but also each of the Tang soft thousand Cheng Lanxi Pavilion domineering people ambush, relying on the advantages of the number, but also saved two teams.

A copy, the result of the group destroyed four teams, belonging to four guilds, immediately led to the madness of the four guilds. Then I immediately understood that this is the time when the other party refreshed the copy in the early morning, and it has begun to monitor the copy entrances quietly. Seeing the entry and exit of their team is not exposed, but only after the dispatch of the staff, waiting for their copy to end a blow.

The spirit of the seven guilds was highly tense and it was really exhausting. In the early hours of the morning, I just thought about making a copy and relaxing. It was too urgent and too careless. Such a very simple means, no one even thought about it.

At this time, the repentance was too late. The four guilds that had been destroyed immediately thought that since the other party had such a hand, the copy of the copy that was mastered may not be just these four places. It is only because of the manpower problem, so these four places are the main attack. In terms of the number of people, there are nearly 20 people in total. In theory, it is also possible to directly grasp the movements of 20 teams.

Thinking of this, the four guilds were quickly notified to the other guilds of their own guilds. At this time, the other party was still in a vacuum, and then quickly transferred a copy of the entrance.

In addition, the three guilds that were all safe and sound were a little late after learning the information. Their people had already made a copy twice, and they suddenly cried without tears. At this point, it is already too late to transfer, forcing a copy, wasting a number of times, and it is directly counted as death, certainly not worthwhile; but killing the end, then coming out, encountering an ambush, the same loss. The safest way to avoid this is to go offline in the copy. But the copy is surrounded by the leveling area. Who knows if the other party will be practicing around here? This has not been on the line and has not been leveled, and the loss is actually even greater.

Helpless, these guilds can only take a risk, first pass the copy, and then gamble on whether their team’s whereabouts have been exposed.

So the second copy came out, and the team that did not hit the opponent screamed for luck, and the team that hit the opponent had to be shackled. This time, two teams were caught after a copy, and all died.

The seven guilds saw it, and the other party’s information on them was first collected. Once again, they cleaned up and quickly exchanged a shot and changed the ground. The teams that came out were adjusted and transferred.

All that can be done has been done, but both have been hit hard, and the teams are uneasy. For them, this is a very simple copy, and some people are nervous enough to make serious mistakes, and directly defeated a team. Unfortunately, Ye Xiu can’t know the situation. Otherwise, if he doesn’t do it, he can draw a few more “xx” on the notebook.

The last copy came out, and the result was that some people were happy and worried, and there was still a line of the team’s whereabouts, and the ending was naturally a suspenseful group. The day of the killing, in the evening, this copy of the period that I thought was relaxing can actually reach a climax. From the top to the bottom, everyone from the seven guilds spit blood and spit.

The experience loss of death once, it takes several hours to make up for it. The pace of leveling of the Seven Guilds has been significantly slowed down, and the top 100 rankings in the rankings have changed a lot. Although the killing of these characters has great luck, on the whole, it can still be seen that the seven major guild elites have steadily declined on the list.

In the climax of being killed, the record of three copies of the Qianbo Lake was also used up. But the guilds have been chaotic, and what to do next, everyone is confused. After this round of blows, the morale of all people has been depressed to the extreme. Even if it was not killed in this wave of climax, there was no feeling of luck in the heart.

The elite characters were divided into two parts at this time. Some of them were just hanged back to the main city after the third copy. At this time, they were too boring and they were too lazy to go out. There is also a part of it that is safe and sound. In the Qianbo Lake, it is like a ghost and a ghost. Everyone has a look and feel.

At this moment, the presidents of the Seven Guilds are embarrassed to say something like “persistence persistence” and stand up and talk. Because this day, the meaning of persistence is really big? Everyone was very careful and cautious, and the results were repeatedly killed. If the copy meets this means, even if it is really expected, it is really difficult to watch out.

Just when everyone felt embarrassed, the branch of the Seventh Guild of the Seventh Guild, was unified and received a message from Jun Moxiao: “I still want to insist? Does it make sense?”

Yes! Does it make sense?

The seven sub-presidents received this news, but they were not busy with anger. They all asked themselves this question. After a moment of silent thinking, the seven people actually felt together that this insistence is really meaningless.

The purpose of their initial actions in these guilds was to kill thousands of people, so that Xingxin Guild could not form a copy team that could threaten them. But what about the results? It’s impossible to kill thousands of people, and now it’s impossible to fight back by the great **** of Xingxin. Now their purpose is to survive only in the Qianbo Lake to reduce losses. And what about the Xingxin Guild? While they are constantly giving them a blow, their copy team will be unaffected after five days because thousands of horses and horses will join the guild.

What are these guilds for their guilds? If they do nothing, at this time, they can even level up safely and steadily. As a result, they must find their own troubles and make a good leveling area a crisis.

Now their leveling efficiency has been slowed down. For Xingxin to set up a copy team, there is no such thing as a sniper. All their efforts are not for the benefit, but just to avoid losses. Obviously, this loss can’t be absolutely avoided. This day, sharing the guilds, luck is good or bad, maybe some homes are very violent, and some families can sneak a smile. However, such a day may not end on this day, or even five days. Such a day will continue until their level is lifted away from the leveling area of ​​Qianbo Lake.

This choice, they can not do, they can retreat, go to the lower stage of the sin city, or go to the next level of leveling area of ​​the Qianbo Lake level. However, since these veterans choose to level up in the Qianbo Lake, it is natural that leveling in this leveling area is the most efficient. Such a concession is already a loss.

Today, there are three roads in front of them.

First, choose the concession in the leveling area, and go to the leveling area where the efficiency is not lower than that of Qianbo Lake, causing the role to be upgraded slower;

Second, negotiate with Jun Moxiao, or you can use materials for peace as before, so you lose material and others are guaranteed;

Third, to maintain the status quo, continue to bear the pressure, bear the risk, and hide in the Qianbo Lake to avoid the gentleman and continue to level up. The consequences of this choice will ultimately be completely unpredictable. This choice is a luck. If you take the smoke and rain floor to talk about it, this day has already lost money to your home. However, if you come to the Royal Wind Guild, this day is quite economical compared to the first and second choices.

Where to go, the bosses of the seven guilds have to re-enter.

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