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Chapter 377 One after another

The 377th chapter is one after another

Most of the players in the guild rank in the early 30s, and they are relatively new and tender. Obviously, it is impossible to join the leveling area of ​​Qianbo Lake to fight. But these people are enough to mobilize, dotted on the road from the empty city to the Qianbo Lake.

The players in their early 30s are currently the most widely distributed in the 10th district. This slogan has been erased, and a drill in a pile can not be found. As for the newly added players with a slightly higher level of 35 or above, Ye Xiu did not move, because he knew that these people must be secret. And in the early 30th grade, although not sure, but at least the risk is much smaller. What’s more, Ye Xiu is not all members of the staff, just pick out some of the characters, sent a message in the past, and named the surname to let them pay attention to the following names of players.

In a thousand people, if you can point to the undercover, it can only be a strange luck not standing on this side.

In fact, the people who point out are estimated to have no undercover, and their mission is very good. After all, just after joining the guild, the enthusiasm for the guild’s dispatch is still very high.

The copy team of the Yanyu Building was noticed twice by these humble low-level players. After sending the message to Ye Xiu, Ye Xiu easily judged the route they would choose from the direction they were conducting. The team of the Yanyu Building did not consciously evade this possibility. Just thinking about the lake and then being careful, could it be prejudged by Ye Xiu?

What is even more tragic is that the people in Yanyulou have not been aware of this yet, and they think that they are not lucky and too careless. This time, when a team of five people came out from the Air City, they were completely unguarded. They walked across the mainland with great sorrow. On the way, they were stunned by the Xinneng of the Xingxin Guild. Everyone actively sent information to the president. Ye Xiu organized it and saw it. The route of the smoke and rain team was clear.

“This time, let’s take the initiative!” Ye Xiu did not underestimate his opponent in tactics.

“How?” other people asked.

“The land ambush is lost.” Ye Xiu said, leading a few people to swim out from the Qianbo Lake. On the side of the road leading to the Qianbo Lake in the empty city, I found a place where I could hide my body and hid in.

“How do you fight this time?” Dawn asked. Although the help of this guy in actual combat is extremely limited, the preparation before the war is always the most serious one. Never use the idea of ​​a buns to confuse other people’s thoughts with strange ideas. Twilight is absolutely one-on-one, and two are two. In terms of execution, he is determined to be almost a bit rigid.

“Well, although we have no pressure to destroy them, we can’t care. When you get there, you will release all summoned beasts and block as much as possible the empty space left by us.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Twilight said seriously. In fact, this arrangement, Ye Xiu has said to him many times today, but every time before the new war, Dawn will ask again. I heard that it was the same arrangement and I didn’t feel bored at all.

“Others are still the same. Pay attention to each other.” Ye Xiu said. There are him and Su Mu Orange sitting in the town, to destroy a five-player team of players, others can really say that it is dispensable. However, at this time, it was on the land, and it was able to play. Ye Xiu still hoped that Tang Rou would experience more.

“We are hiding here, although they can’t see it, but we can’t see them!” The buns invaded at this time, and the six of them were hiding behind an empty stone.

“Hey, that’s it!” The buns invade suddenly jumped up.

“No need to do this.” Ye Xiu quickly stopped.

“From their speed of movement and the distance to here, time can be accurately calculated.” This is the strength of Twilight.

“Yes.” Ye Xiu said, “How is your team’s situation? Can you figure it out?”

“I can try.” Dawn is still quite confident at this time.

“The coordinates of the last registration are 3654, 2865; the time is 0:54.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Twilight immediately counted, and the answer was already reached: “No accident, 7:21 should be able to get here.”

“Yeah! Good.” Ye Xiu agreed. This twilight operation is not sensible, and it is quite sensitive in this respect, especially sensitive to the form of data displayed in the game. The five people in the Yanyu Building have only observed these two times, but they have already mastered the data of those people. The basic skills can be described as quite solid. The Tang soft buns intrusion is very lacking in this aspect of judgment.

“So long time, we can go ahead and kill something soon!” Tang Rou said.

“When you finish killing, you have to go back to Qianbo Lake! In time, it is the most cost-effective place here.” Ye Xiu said.

Tangrou listened as if he could understand and understand, but Twilight was a good blessing. He knew that this was another level of judgment on the scene. Although it is actually a little bit of time, but it can be accurately grasped, the skill is obvious.

Of course, the seven-minute wait is not too big. Several people are driving the game, and they are rushing to find something to send a little time. They are all back to the game immediately.

“Speak to the message.” After returning to the game, I saw the message left by Ye Xiu on the team channel.

“Come on?” So everyone changed to the message.

“Well, pay attention, there will be footsteps, the size of the sound, you can judge the distance of the other.” Ye Xiu said.

So a few people squatted behind the stone and listened carefully.

“Come on!” Ye Xiu suddenly sent a message.

“Where?” The buns invaded indecisively.

“Probably… there are 20 distances in the body?” Su Mu Orange said.

“Now 20, there are 22 just now.” Ye Xiu said.

Both professional players have the ability to judge the distance from the sound size. Although everyone does not know who the two are right and wrong, but from the confidence of Ye Xiu, Su Mu Orange seems to be inferior in this regard.

“Attention, find a fixed footstep.” Ye Xiu does not waste the teaching materials, and strives to help everyone improve.

Tang Rou’s side, trying to seriously turn his head around and use his ears to face the computer screen. However, Ye Xiu is also fully engaged in the game, not aware of how hard this sitting girl is.

“Like, go around!” Ye Xiu suddenly got the news.

This thousands of experience is the most abundant. It doesn’t make footsteps when you are in Minhang. It is a must when you want to sneak back. Immediately lingering, from the other side of the boulder, the ear heard the footsteps seem to be rubbed from his side, but when the body was wiped out from behind the boulder, it just happened to see the backs of the five. Qiancheng continues to worship infinitely.

Tang Rou, the buns invade and the three characters of the Dawn have also followed the thousands, and quietly, the five people behind the Yanyu Building have already smashed a row of people. You look at me, four people, I see you, did not hear Ye Xiu ordered, but did not dare to go.

As a result, I heard a cannon. It is not Ye Xiu who first shot, but the wind and comb of Su Mu Orange. The familiar people are already familiar with this situation. In most battles, it seems that the remote gunners of Su Mu Orange are driving strange.

However, there is hatred in the open strange, and the strange nature will rush over. It’s not the same. It’s a sudden explosion. The five people are not rookies, they all flash. Then, when I saw the name of the wind and the smoke, I immediately screamed in my head, and I didn’t cry on the spot. They already know what they have encountered.

The five people had no war, and immediately wanted to turn their heads. As a result, they immediately saw a row of four characters behind them. At this time, they went straight to the station! The right side has become the most empty way out. The five people don’t need to communicate. They rushed over to the other side. As a result, they flashed in front of them. A character has stood firmly in front of them. The terrible id on the head: Jun Mo laugh.

The five people shook hands, almost as much as the four behind them…

In the face of top professional players, the five people really dare not go hard. Looking behind them are four people, but in the eyes of five people, they are not as terrible as each of them. Then the five people turned around and rushed toward the back. As a result, when I turned around again, there were still four behind me. The summoner had already called all the summoned beasts out, and the four stood like a Great Wall.

Five people are desperate, but the other side has already begun to attack.

There is no need to elaborate on the process of fighting. Even one percent of the confidence is not five, and it is a quick one. Then it caused a roar in the discussion group of Ziyulou: “What? Again!”

“They ambushed on the road, we didn’t expect…”

“I can’t think of it! You didn’t go out with your head?” The smoke and rain locks were also really angry, and the reprimands were more ferocious.

“This Ye Qiu is really too much! I don’t want to find the domineering heroes. Why do you always stare at us in the smoke and rain building?” The smoke and rain locks are depressed.

The smoke and the rain want to say that Ye Qiu may not really have anything to do with it, but they are just constantly showing flaws on the side of the building, and they have given them a chance. After all, I still didn’t dare to say it. I followed the president and blamed Ye Qiu for being shameless.

“What should I do now?” The five people who died three times burst into tears. One night, the copy has not been down, and the experience has been reduced by 30%. This is not the previous melee. One of the five people in the melee was killed in it, and the experience of 40% was not enough. The loss was super heavy and he could not make up for one day.

“God, what do you think?” The smoke and rain locks the building.

“I see… other guild teams will probably be in the copy. Ye Qiu, they are really looking at our family. Let’s not try to compete with him. Let’s hide. Let’s wait for other guilds.” When they come out in the copy, they always have new goals. Let’s take the opportunity to go to the next copy!” The smoke and rain quickly gave advice.

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