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Chapter 369 dilemma

The 369th chapter is a dilemma

As soon as the buns invaded the show, the group of players who were rushing to the shore suddenly fell a half. It is not to say how terrible the buns are invaded. The key point is that the current situation seems to be obvious. They were first introduced to the water, and then the majority of online game players were not afraid of the war, so that the two professional grades gave them a good lesson.

Now, they have finally come back to prepare to struggle to go ashore, and people have laid an ambush on the shore. Although there are not many people, only three are seen at present. But the problem is that one side is on the land and the other is in the water. Everyone can’t help but think of a word, called a stick to the dog.

After all, the “rushing!!!” road is still unclear, and then stay in the water but can only let Jun Mo laugh and slaughter. At this time, I do not know how many people shouted at the same time. Several players who have already reached the shore are suddenly jumping and want to jump directly out of the water.

When people were in the air, they suddenly heard three cannons, but the sound came from the shore of the grove. Among the faint trees, the explosion of the fire, three shells have come one after another. A few people jumped in the air, hiding from hiding, just waving their weapons to see if they could get rid of the attacked shells.

This kind of operation is theoretically possible and often occurs in the professional circle. However, in the online game circle, there are not many people who can do it, and most of them are limited to the situation of standing on the ground. At this time, the volley moves and wants to attack the shells that just hit the high-speed movement. These people really Nothing can be done.

Three shells greeted several of them from the water and exploded in an instant. The blast of the explosion flew a few people, followed by the sound of “噗通”, five people who jumped out, four people were blown up, and fell back into the water.

The fifth person escaped from the robbery, and his heart was happy. The result was that he had not yet landed, and he had a brick in his face. With the buns invading the side of the cold smoke, the spear shook with a sudden. This buddy will still be in the air. After being suddenly smashed out, it will be far away. After a series of blood flowers are floating in the air, it is also a “sound”. The difference is that after he fell into the water, there was a red burst of water on the surface of the water, but it was bleeding. It was obvious that Tang Rou’s record was accurate and the two sides were in the same position, and he was bleeding.

Buns invade, cold smoke and soft. These two people are the singers of the Jun Moxiao copy team, no one dares to despise.

Who is the person who puts the black cannon in the woods? No one has seen it. However, the players in Yanyulou are quieter than any guild at this time, because this habit has already reminded them of the aftermath that they have just left from their guild.

There is still one person standing on the shore, but no one knows it, but in the eyes of everyone, the threat of this person is even bigger than the other three. Because this person is a summoner, at this time a bunch of summoned beasts have been created, and the words are piled up on the shore, blocking their way to the shore.

Can’t beat the summoned beast? Those masters are still not. But the key to this delay! The summoned beast is wrapped around. What kind of buns invade or cold smoke or black guns come over to help the top hand, which is not to be thrown into the water again?

If you throw it into the water again…

Another name in the team disappeared after it was dark, and it was actually hung in the water. Those who have paid attention to it immediately found that this is one of the four people who had just been bombarded back into the water. Naturally, they were caught by the monarchs in the water and the wind and the smoke, and they died.

After the chase, there was a blockage. The presidents of these major guilds are also the masters of the battle, not the scenes that have not been experienced. Instantly, you can judge the advantages that can help them get out of trouble at this time.

“Dispersed!” Chun Yi shouted.

Others immediately took the lead.

How to say again, the number is their advantage. Xingxin’s people are few and far behind. Although they succeed, they are not dead. If you run it separately, someone may hang it again, but it will definitely let most people get out.

So the players still in the water, without thinking, or left or right to swim.

There are people in the back of the water, some people in front of the shore, can they just turn around?

This left and right points, Ye Xiu they really helpless, so they had to split two roads, chasing the side of the water, blocking the side of the shore. However, after the two sides separated the two roads, they were further reduced to zero. No one would pull the companions, each had their own ideas, and suddenly they were even more open.

Tangrou, they don’t go into the water, they just chase people along the coast. Even the old players of the major guilds are like rookies in the water. Tang soft buns invade like this. Even if the technology is good, the water has to be adapted to practice. Otherwise, it will only be more dishes.

Not to mention the dawn. A bunch of summoning beasts on the shore are bluffing! Nervously, my hands are sweaty. The major guilds are too cautious, and they must bravely rush to these summoned beasts, and they will immediately know that these summoned beasts and paper pastes are similar. It is really too bad for the owner to operate.

As a result, they blocked on the shore and there was nothing blocked. When people swim in the water, they will go their separate ways, some will go back and swim, and some will then swim around the shore, and some will swim in the water. Tang Rou also did not know which side to chase, but the result was received from Ye Xiufa: “Recovering the head.”


Tang Rou received the news, greeted him, and immediately returned to chase those who turned around. So many players who didn’t come to this side immediately waited for the opportunity and started looking for a place to land.

Tangrou looked at it and wanted to go back and kill. As a result, Ye Xiu seemed to guess her mind and gave her another message: “Don’t ignore those, then chase.”

“Why?” Tang Rou just directed the cold smoke and soft coast running, very free to send a message.

“Many people, not good to fight.” Ye Xiu seems to be very busy, and did not come too many words.

Tang Rou turned back to see the angle. There were nearly ten people who climbed to the shore in various places behind him. They were very alert and turned their views to their side. Tang Roo also knows that these people are also masters. One dozen, I have no problem, but I really want to get more, and then cooperate with each other to get some tactics. They are really afraid to fight.

Understand the meaning of Ye Xiu, Tang Rou will continue to chase after the buns and chasing the few who ran back.

As a result, these ideas are quite clear. When someone looks ashore, they immediately return to the other side and start to rush to the direction where they have already landed. Obviously, they are going to seek support.

“How do you get this?” Tang Rou stupid, she has a fight technology, and her brain is still far away.

“Follow the chase.” Ye Xiu news back.

Tangrou immediately greeted the people around him and returned together.

There are more than a dozen people who are easy to go ashore there. When they saw the cold smoke, they actually rushed toward them and quickly began to organize the team. Although this is not the level of Ye Qiu Su Mu Orange, they can’t dare to look down. The last time I was chased and killed by Jun Moxiao and others, they had heard of the mighty singles who had been killed from the Air City. Although that time did not waste their masters of these first-line elite. But it can be killed from the heap of people. This technique and courage, no one can say that there is.

“Hurry up, blood plus blood!!”

More than a dozen people were in a chaos, and they were injured in the water. They quickly urged the pastor to replenish. The water war was just a mess, not to mention the cooperation, even the most simple auxiliary of the pastor to add blood is not done.

The pastor in the team was busy, and the white light was brushed down together. Those few are still in the water, seeing the approaching, but also the courage to grow. More than a dozen people quickly adjusted, so they did not retreat, and they rushed toward Tangrou.

“Now?” Tang Rou asked Ye Xiu to go to the news.

“Killing!” Ye Xiu replied.

“Halo, why didn’t you just let me go back and kill?” Tang said.

“Isn’t that going to run the few in the water?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Really!” said Tang Rou.

“Don’t you like it?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I am interested.” Tang Rou returned a smile.

“Is there a problem?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Maybe, it will be a bit…” On the All-Star Weekend, Tang Roo thoroughly saw what was called the sky, the skills of professional players, and the teamwork between the teams in the final All-Star match, which made her modest and cautious now. She is gradually discovering the gap between herself and a real master.

“You can hit some in the water.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Oh? Are you in the water?” Tang said.

“of course.”

“Which location?”

“Not far from you, you can safely hit the water, just give it to me if you fall into the water.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Received!” Tang Rou closed the news, more than a dozen people were already close, and several people in the water were also eager to prepare for the water. Tangrou did not say anything, but the buns invade was a quick step, and after making a spelling knife, he shouted: “Kill it! Dawn, follow the brother!”

The slogan of the buns invading and shouting makes the opponent more than a dozen people are a stagnation. If the cold smoke is shouting, they will endure it, but this buns invade, the current level is only 33, and the summoner called Shuguang in his mouth is only 34. With regard to this brother, where is this invincible confidence?

More than a dozen people have some inexplicably and carefully observed around, there is a black cannon in the woods, they know. Can you say that there are actually more people hiding in the woods!

“Oops! There will be no ambush?” Someone said it directly. They haven’t checked the woods since they landed!

“I haven’t gotten back, let’s talk about it first!” shouted one.

Then, the three men bravely rushed up, and more than a dozen people were so guilty that they could not look at the groves, grasses and other places where they could hide, for fear of any ambush.


Because the attention was too concentrated, the brick that was invaded by the buns was directly placed on the face.

“Rely, isn’t it a master?” The buns invaded and shot a brick, and it was still very uncomfortable to sneak.

“Rely!” One of the savage swordsmen of the bricks, immediately angered, the epee was lifted, and a mountain smashed, and they rushed toward the three.

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