The King’s Avatar

Chapter 367 Wave flower

The 367th chapter

“what happened!!”

At this time, the players are basically in an area, but it is necessary to save the news of the team channel, and the basics can be heard by everyone. The player was slammed into the air by the waves, and everyone shouted like a blast.

However, there was more shouting, but it did not cover up the next burst of rush.


A series of sounds also echoed with the sound of water splashing. Only a few bullets rushed out of the lake and flew straight out to the player who was smashed into the air by the spray.

“Someone under the water!!” Someone called out. There are some amphibious crawling or aquatic monsters on the shore of Qianbo Lake. This gun-like skill they will never be. It is only possible that the player character is coming out.

“How is it possible!!” Some people are already surprised. They have been smashing in the light for more than half an hour. Where did the water appear? As a result, there was a person who appeared in the water at this time, and this person is absolutely impossible to be a thousand, so how did he escape the eyes of everyone before?

“This…this…” On the side of Lanxi Pavilion, the boat suddenly stuttered.

“There is something to say.” Chun Yi old did not give up chasing, shouting.

“This seems to be a less useful operating technique!” said the boat.


“I can’t remember the name. Anyway, it is dedicated to the water war. The character hides underwater, accompanied by the ups and downs of the waves. From time to time, I raise my head slightly to supplement the oxygen. It did play a good role in some water battles when it first appeared. The sneak attack, but later because it is too close to the water surface, as long as more attention, it is easy to be found, the utility is greatly reduced, and slowly eliminated.” said the boat.

“If you say this, I seem to have an impression…” Chun Yi is a old man.

“Although it has been eliminated, this… is also a professional-level operational skill…” said the boat.

“Is it a gentle smile!” Chun Yi said.

Their discussion of the work here, the other roads have long been submerged by the players to find out, the result is that after seeing the waves, it is a rush of a surge, it is actually three players have been sent to the surface.

Fighting in the water, many of the effects after the attack are very different from those on land. The player who was hit by the water in the end was attacked in the end, and the player could not judge it. But at least, they finally saw what it was like underwater.

“Jun Mo laughs!”

“Wind combs!”

Players who have passed through the water have already rushed to send messages in the team.

“Rely!” The people after receiving the news are all screaming. Because these two name components are too heavy. Ye Qiu, Su Mu Orange, this is the most top combination in the professional circle. Although they now have dozens of people, but for the two people, everyone still has no bottom. For a time, the characters who had just tossed on the water were not moving at the same time. When they met the two men, they still did not fight, and they hoped to get obvious instructions.



After three consecutive sounds, it was another sound, but four players fell one after another.

This is the same as in the water, but the effect is of course not to stand up on the water and stand up. It is only after the water is touched that there is a smooth transition, and the body shape is quickly adjusted, instead of falling into the water like a stone, and directly sinking to the bottom gravity and buoyancy to compete.

However, the flat players, the elite players of this big guild can already be very skilled, but on the water, there are really not many people who have done such special exercises. Four players, the team’s failure to accept the body, four “small pass” came over, and saw the four people have been sinking down. This is like the effect of falling on the ground. After a while, the four talents stabilized their figure at the bottom of the water, which is preparing to drill out of the water. Suddenly, the blisters around him were straight, and they all twisted their perspectives. They saw a glare shot. However, the gunner of Su Mu Orange came to a laser cannon in the water.

The game! Except for special instructions, any skill can be used in the water. It’s just because the environment is different, it may have different effects. Most of them are due to the resistance in the water, which reduces the speed.

However, the gunner’s laser cannon seems to be unaffected by the resistance, and it is still so fast. The action of the player’s character in the hand is also affected by the water resistance. It is not as agile as the ground, but where has it escaped this fast and incomparable blow?

The laser cannon shot from the bottom of the water, a beam of light shot, even a bright light on the lake surface, and then through the refraction and reflection of all kinds of optical scenes, it is more spectacular than the land.

The four players were directly put into the candied fruit by this laser cannon. The death was unacceptable, but the damage was unclear.

The four people are already dizzy, and as a result, a figure has swiftly swam around them, and the guys are all kinds of skills.

All four are very slow to see the skills, I feel that I can escape 100%. However, I forgot that the skills of the other side are slower, and their actions have corresponding discounts. Their eyes are fast, the operation is fast, but the character seems to be slow to listen, and thinks that the ten skills that can be evaded can be eaten.

“What’s going on there?” At this point, the players on the surface didn’t even know what was going on here.

They saw the four characters dumplings fall into the water, and the latter laser shot, and then the water is like being boiled, and the water is constantly rolling.

Looking through it, it seems that the dumplings are under the pot, the laser cannon is ignited, and the water is boiled…

“Help…” Just as everyone is still pondering how this dumpling is cooked, someone in the team channel is calling for help.

Frankly speaking, everyone didn’t see who the dumplings were in the pot. It just seems that the situation is different at this time. Is there any doubt? Although the boss has not ordered whether to continue the war, but there are people who ask for help, how can not sit idly by.

So the water players in the water are diving into the water, and then look at this direction, see that the waters are already stirring up the river, and how many people can not see clearly. The crowd quickly rushed over there, and suddenly they saw a white light flashing there. Everyone was shocked, and then I looked at the team again. Sure enough, one person left the team, and it was naturally killed.

“Come on!” When this person dies, who is at home immediately. So the player of this family began to rush, greeting everyone to get on.

The result was the rush of the crowd in all directions. The white light flashed again and again in the waves. Eventually, the waves stopped and the lake became quiet. There was only one character left standing quietly: Jun Mo laughed.

So four people are so dead?

Everyone suddenly fell asleep, and suddenly they dared not go forward.

They went to save lives, but now that their lives are gone, will they be sent to life?

Everyone stayed here and couldn’t help but look around. As a result, I found out that there are more than 30 people here. How can I be scared when I am faced with one person?

With such a thought, everyone is very embarrassed. Even if the other party is Ye Qiu, but there are so many people, there is no reason to be afraid, right?

Some people are still thinking, some people have already shouted out on the channel: “There is only one person, no one is afraid, everyone will come together!!”

When the news just fell, someone immediately smashed out. Here, Ye Xiu’s Jun Moxiao is not straight and waiting for him. He killed four people at the bottom of the water, and the use of oxygen was not enough. He immediately went to the water.

“Control him! Don’t let him go into the water!” Someone found out that this move immediately judged that Jun Mo laughed enough oxygen, so as long as he forced him to get out of the water, he won’t win without a fight, so he immediately reported the news.

Immediately, two figures suddenly appeared on the top of Jun Moxiao’s head, blocking the route of his flight. It is the player of two ninja professions. At this time, the shadows are used for instant movement, jumping directly here, trying to stop a block.

As a result, Jun Mo smiled and threw a grenade out. There was no fire in the water, but the water wave was rolled up again. The two ninjas went to the surface with Jun Moxiao. Only two of them were smashed up by the explosion. Jun Mo laughed that he was swimming up to breathe.

Jun Mo smiles on the surface of the water and does not rest. The left one spears the right sword and attacks the two ninjas together. The wind and comb of Su Mu Orange there is like a morning, the shoulders are against the guns, and the water rises and falls. This ups and downs for a professional player, but it does not affect the accuracy of shooting. In the roar of the cannon, the two ninjas rolled over the water.

“Hey, don’t be an audience!” Ye Xiu suddenly shouted.

There was a head on the water, and the head was always dull. The name on the top of the head was clear: Qian Cheng.

“This is handed over to you!” Jun Mo laughed and took a hand, and one of the ninjas slid toward Qiancheng by the wind and waves.

“I know that bullying children can not do anything more difficult to blame?” Ye Xiu gave thousands of opponents and said. And his Jun Mo smile suddenly jumped, and he couldn’t jump too high in the water, but just now, the messy attacks that came out under him were all hidden. Then the palm of the hand spread, and a grenade slipped.

“Rely!!” The players who just emerged from the water, saw a grenade slamming down their heads, and quickly thought about it, and where the water was going.

The “bang” sounded, and the waves were another tumbling, and the players in the water below were all rolled up.

With the sound of “噗通”, Ye Xiu’s Jun Moxiao was a fierce and tied back underwater.

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