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Chapter 357 Difficult to support

The 357th chapter is difficult to support

Undercover and guardian affairs are coming to an end, although there are two unclear guys left in the guild, Ye Xiu face is not a matter of course, but psychologically still pay enough attention. An excellent undercover, an undercover that can come to the event, is enough to hit a guild. The guild system in online games is actually very fragile before the background of the club. Sometimes a very small thing may lead to the collapse of the guild, not to mention the fact that someone specifically uses this as a purpose to destroy.

Although the two unreturned characters, Ye Xiu did not say anything, it was not the case in front of Chen Guo, but the heart of the two still wrote down the names of the two.

These are just undercovers that are easily exposed because of the lack of consideration. As for those low-level players, whether or not they are mixed in, Ye Xiu is not known. However, since the establishment of the guild, these leaves have been psychologically prepared. Especially in the case of a guild that aims to set up a team, such a struggle will never stop. When necessary, maybe they have to use such a means. There is nothing wrong with this, and there is no moral immorality. This is already the most basic method of glory in the competition of the guild.

Not thinking about these things, Ye Xiu swept the channel of the sweeping guild at this time. Most people have gone offline after the success of the guardian demon challenge. It can still be left at this time, it is basically a night party. It is very likely that these night parties, who are willing to spend time, will become the first major force of the guild before it is impossible to create an account role like a big guild.

At this time, the hotspots discussed in the channel are naturally the guardian power of the members of the guild after the success of the Guardian Demon. Players of all occupations discuss how to distribute these free points. A lot of people are reading the various kinds of instructions on the Internet while they are talking about it.

This low-end discussion Ye Xiu felt that he really did not need to participate in the discussion, but for these very young people, as an experienced president, Ye Xiu felt that it is necessary to give some guidance to let everyone take a detour. After reading such a few minutes of effort, Ye Xiu has clearly found that the theoretical basis cited by many people is wrong. These theoretical strategies, which should have been regarded as rubbish, do not know which dumplings have been turned over from these bins, and they have been promoted as a superb collection.

“Hey, that’s no ho!” Ye Xiu looked unbearable and finally named.

“To!” The player who called Wuhao is a very active one in the discussion. He found that he was seriously valued by the president and personally named it. He was very happy. I should have a quick reply.

“Where did you find the Raiders? It’s not right!” Ye Xiu did not use the tone of discussion. It was because this unruly thing was too outrageous, and even the plausible could not be said.


“Ghost swordsman’s skill is spell damage type, plus intelligence to improve output is correct. But whether it is a ghost or a ghost, intelligence is definitely not the only choice. Some skills of the ghost have physical damage, especially in many cases. To the ordinary attack to connect attacks, it is necessary to carefully calculate some of the power. Besides, there are some skills with control effects, and the spirit is to enhance the attributes of these special effects, so the ghosts need to pay enough attention to the spirit. You The Raiders even have no doubt about the most basic professional features of this point. Seeing that the spell-type profession is full of intelligence? It is not so simple!” Glory is the most professional field of Ye Xiu, and immediately advocated for Wu Hao. The Raiders talked a lot.

“Ah…” Nothing is ah, but it is a word that can’t be refusal. He almost can’t understand what Ye Xiu is saying.

“There is a Raiders who say that the War Mage…” Ye Xiu’s words turned, but he has already pointed to another guy who is talking nonsense. The battle mage, that is Ye Xiu’s strength, and the words are silent in a few words.

“And ah! The freedom points given by the guild’s guardian power, we don’t have to reluctant to add it! If you add it wrong, or you want to change it, you will re-enter it.” Ye Xiu found that a bunch of guys can’t discuss points. When you add up, you can’t laugh. There are no free points in glory that are given when upgrading. These free attributes are all points given by the guild’s guardian power. This requires a different guild, and the guardian power is different. The free points are automatically reset. So it can be said that it can be washed without restrictions. I am afraid that I will not add it if I am wrong. There is absolutely no such necessity.

“There is a team to go to the copy, what kind of professional configuration do you have! It will definitely be exhausted, and change into two spell-type occupations!” Ye Xiu stared at the guild channel and immediately found a pile of problems. Some people have seen that the number of copies has been reset, and immediately organize a copy in the guild, but the team is not at all concerned, as long as someone signs up.

There are a wide variety of occupations in glory, and perhaps a casual professional match can be copied. However, there is always a different style of play and cooperation. Faced with different copies, there are always the most efficient, or the most violent, or the safest, and so on.

For the newcomer, of course, it is good to be able to pass through a copy of Dangdang. The number of copies in glory is consumed once, but it is not the customs clearance.

Ye Xiu is currently in contact with the master, even if not, with his joining, it is a foolproof thing to make a copy. But for ordinary newcomers, it’s normal to die in a copy every day. This is one of the reasons why the ranks of the major guild players are pulling the players farther and farther.

There is a master with a copy, and it is totally different from Xinnen himself to study the land reclamation. Even if these copies have a mature strategy on the Internet, the newcomers want to put these into reality, and they have to die many times in the process. Every time this is done, the rewards of the copy are all gone, and a little more experience is given. So toss, how can those skilled veterans rise faster? Even if the veterans can’t reach the realm of Ye Xiu, at least the copy will be played, there is no such unfamiliar distress.

Ye Xiu used to care only about his side, with Tang Rou, buns invading or other people, and then copying the copy is no pressure. But now it is obviously impossible to hold up a guild, the number of five hundred people, all relying on one person to support. The result was awkward in this guild channel. Correct the unreasonable places in your eyes.

Such a toss, Ye Xiu himself did not do anything, just stared at the guild channel for two hours. This is still the case when there are only a small number of people in the guild. There are so many problems. When the five hundred people are all in the same time, how many trivial things should there be?

Ye Xiu thought that some of his head was numb. This construction of the guild is a trouble, so the professional team will find someone to take care of. Professional players are a backstage, how can you personally rush to intervene in these matters?

Ye Xiu does not want to do this, but there is no helper around him. Tang Ruo’s strength is strong, but I am afraid that these newcomers are not as good in these respects. The buns invasion is skilled for online games, but let him run the guild? That’s the idea that comes to mind when the head hits the tree. Su Mu Orange and Chen Guo can all help, but because of their respective conditions, there are not many that can be helped.

Turning around, Ye Xiu’s gaze finally stopped at the two 36-level characters of the guild.

The two men are not currently off the assembly line and it seems to be the night party.

When playing the guardian demon, Ye Xiu actually paid attention to the actions of these people. The trick of deliberately releasing water or trying not to cooperate can’t escape Ye Xiu’s old ashes. This is why he is more convinced that these people are undercover, but it is not really because of the influx of people.

However, although Ye Xiu’s eyes are poisonous, after all, he is also in battle. It is impossible to pay attention to these things all the time, so the observation is not very comprehensive. For example, the two characters at the moment, what kind of performance when killing the guardian demon, Ye Xiu can not remember. This is one of the reasons why he is not sure about the identity of the two.

“If it is undercover, maybe it can be used again?” Ye Xiuxin pondered. Will come to the undercover, it is the loyalty of the guild, the absolute glory of the veteran. Although there may not be any management skills, Ye Xiu does not need such an operator at present, but only hopes to have a helper who can share these newcomers. As long as it is a glorious old bird, it can basically be competent.

However, this errand is no better than playing the guardian demon, which is already a member of the core leadership. This is the circle that every undercover has sharpened his head and wants to enter. Entering such a circle, there is an opportunity to establish their own prestige within the guild players, and if the person is undercover, then it is really dangerous.

How to get it? Ye Xiu quietly considered for a while, and finally opened the names of the two people, trying to apply to add friends.

Soon, one person has passed, while the other side, clearly online, has been slow to respond.

This unresponsiveness is of course the Blue River. He doesn’t know what to do now, holding the undercover wild number and turning around on the vast map of glory. Suddenly I received the system message, and I just took a look at it. It was actually a friend application submitted by Jun Moxiao.

“What does this mean?” Blue River found that he was really suffering. Obviously, I want to be in a daze, and there is always something going on, and I have to think about it all at once.

If you think about it, there is no clue, and the Blue River will not matter. I agreed to the friend’s application, added it, and then sent a message to the past: “What is the president?”

“What are you doing? Nothing to come to the arena and learn from it!” The news of the other party’s reply was entirely the tone of an old friend, and the Blue River was a bit embarrassing.

“Don’t you recognize me? Impossible!” The blue river groaned and returned the message: “Well, where are you going?”

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