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Chapter 356 Thanks for your help

Chapter 356, thank you for your help.

Chun Yi was very hard to sigh. As a result, the brains of the heads in the discussion group were all attached to the old souls of Chun Yi at this time, and they were all silent.

There was a quietness in the discussion group. On the side of the Xingxin guild, a bunch of undercovers were exceptionally embarrassing.

Ye Xiu’s words have already been thrown, but they have no idea what to do next. Asked the leader, the result leader can not make a decision now. The team is still not disbanded. Jun Mo laughed, the wind combed the smoke, and even the cold smoked soft buns invaded. Although I don’t know what these people are doing, there is always a feeling that the undercover has been stunned.

It is possible to let the undercover person say “I am undercover”, and that moment is extremely glorious, but if it is pointed out by others that “you are undercover”, then it is undoubtedly the most embarrassing and restless.

Jun Mo’s words are just not said to be thorough, but everyone in the words understands the lines. They have been completely suspicious, but people have not forced them to leave, and naturally there is no fear. The undercover that has already been exposed has no value for the other side, but it gives the opponent the opportunity to display the counter-measure. The reason is very simple, everyone is wondering how their bosses can’t come up with an idea. But where did you know that there was already a swindle between the major guilds in the discussion group.

The Blue River is an exception. As the president of the 10th district of Lanxi Court, he is also in the discussion group. At this time, I felt the feelings of both sides and suddenly felt tired.

His days of mixing in the guild are definitely not short. I have seen more of the style of competition between the competition guilds and even the cooperation. As a core leadership, he has always done this. Only after the tenth district, the major guilds have always been suppressed by Jun Moxiao, and at this time, the major guilds still do not forget to fight. It’s just a trivial matter of three or two wild numbers, and it’s time to calculate it, so that the Blue River feels weak.

“I stay.” The Blue River suddenly knocked out two words in the discussion group.

Everyone has a glimpse.

What does this mean? Everyone is a bit stunned. Is the president of Lanxi Pavilion personally lying undercover? Everyone is still wondering about this.

Even Lanhe himself, at this time, was a bit stunned. He himself did not know what he meant by suddenly “I stayed.”

Qq’s private chat window was immediately bounced off, and the Blue River opened it. It was Changchun Yishang, still simple and concise, it was a big question mark.

“It’s so tired.” Blue River’s answer is also very brief.

There was no reply on the opposite side, and the discussion group continued to be quiet, and the undercovers who mixed into Xingxin continued to remain awkward.

This stalemate has been kept for a while, and suddenly the Blue River saw a system message flashing in the guild. Someone has automatically quit the Xingxin guild, which is naturally a member of their undercover group.

One, two, three…

The team’s people quit one after another, and the Blue River has not moved. Then he received a message from Chun Yi Lao: “What do you mean by staying?”

Chun Yi is very rare to say so many words in the news, in the usual blue river will definitely cut off the map to go to the guild friends to vomit, but at this time, he really did not have this mood, slightly hesitant After that, I just returned a “look and see”.

Look at it!

After the release, the blue river suddenly felt that these words were very beautiful. He could not explain his feelings at the moment, but these four words seemed to cut into the heart. He just wants to do this, don’t have to think about anything, simply let it go.

The Blue River waited for a while and did not receive a reply from Chun Yi. The team on their side, in the end, was retired, even including the two wild numbers that Lanxi Pavilion and the Blue River mixed together. The two should have been sent by the president of the Blue River, but at this time I did not know where to receive the instructions, but they came to the Blue River and quit, and they have already withdrawn.

The successive members quit, and it was caused by a lot of shocks in the Xingxin Guild. The players quickly found that the pile of people who had just quit the guardian demon gods were very puzzled and expressed doubts in the guild channel.

“Nothing!” Ye Xiu said with a smile.

“These are all added temporarily to help us to protect the friends of the demon.” Ye Xiu explained to the players of the guild.

“Oh!” Everyone is ashamed.

“The president is so great, I know so many high-level players!” Some members have begun to seize the opportunity to show the president. Undoubtedly in these eyes, these 36-level players are considered to be advanced, and to know so many advanced players, this is also a very proud thing for many people.

“Cut, what’s the reason, the president’s level is much higher than them.” Some people disdain, that is, change the angle to continue to shoot Ye Xiu’s flattering.

There was a rapport in the guild, and the senior characters retired and eventually did not raise any storms. Only one person at this time said very awkwardly: “What? I am not…”

The team of 20 people has only six people left. Except for Ye Xiu, they are four people, a blue river, and the other is the buddy who is wondering.

The Blue River is of course very clear, because there is indeed one person in this group of people who is not an undercover from the guild. Of course, he couldn’t figure out what kind of words he meant before Junmo’s laughter, and even more so, he couldn’t figure out the disguise of the undercover incident.

Learn his tone and pretend to be like him?

The blue river brain flashed such a thought, and then found that this seems to be the previous domineering Jiang You proposed, was regarded as a redundant action plan by others, how did he unconsciously embark on this routine?

The Blue River wants to go with the flow, but finds that it is still a matter of time. Just say it now, it’s not like it! Unwitting people should be as confused as this buddy. But learn to scream like him! This is again disguised, and the Blue River is really too lazy to do these things again.

who cares! The blue river finally didn’t care, didn’t say anything, and didn’t talk much. With the account in hand, after two or three times, the natural points given by the first-level attribute guardian demon of the five-level guild were added, and the team ran away. Leveling up.

At this time, he himself was unclear. Since he was not in the mood to be undercover, he was holding the wild number and mixing it in the Xingxin Guild. He only knew that he didn’t want to touch the Lanhe number at this time. That accounted for his identity in the Lanxi Pavilion.

“Hey, there are two people left. These two are not sent by other guilds?” Chen Guo, who was around Ye Xiu, watched them play the guardian demon and saw Ye Xiu put these guys on, seeing All the senior characters have withdrawn, but they still have to ask for two.

“Where do I know, I am not a god.” Ye Xiu said.

“This looks like a point, this team retired without a word, this is where to go? Want to do?” Chen Guo pointed to the names of the two characters for comment.

Ye Xiu still just shook his head.

“But you are really shameless, actually use the undercover sent by the people to protect the demon god.” Chen Guo said.

“Fortunately!” Ye Xiu said while using the mouse to mark some names in the buddy bar.

“What are these people?” Chen Guo asked.

“What is the grassland, the domineering hero, the Lanxige class in the tenth district president.” Ye Xiu introduced to Chen Guo. Chen Guo’s situation in the field of God in these guilds is quite a few, but she has not mixed up in the tenth district and she does not understand at all.

“But if you play this way, there are no such people.” Chen Guo said.

“How come, you didn’t pay attention to the state when I came out from the copy of the guardian demon?” Ye Xiu said.


“The mana will be gone soon!” said Ye Xiu.

“Ah?” Chen Guo seems to understand something.

“If you don’t have such a group of high-level characters, you can’t use this style of play. My mana is not enough to control the field to exhaust the life of the guardian demon.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo thoroughly understood. This style of play seems to be extremely subtle in controlling hatred. Others just need to output as a fool, but this is only technical. If the output data does not meet the requirements and prolongs the combat time, the two characters controlling hatred will not be able to continue because the end of the battery life.

At the 30th level, and the role above level 35, this is certainly not at the level of output. Especially after gathering so many people, the difference is even greater.

“If there are no such people, how would you fight?” Chen Guo asked.

“Oh… then wait until we upgrade and then play again.” Ye Xiu said.

“What do you mean, thanks to these undercovers, can we pass this level of guardian demon?” Chen Guo said.

“Almost!” Ye Xiu nodded.

“Although I feel shameless, but this feeling… unexpectedly very cool! Do you know if there are people in the Jia Dynasty?” Chen Guo said.

“It’s better to go across the street and ask?” Ye Xiu said.

“I really thought about it.” Chen Guo honestly nodded.

“Ha ha ha, forget it, just say thank you will be finished.” Ye Xiu said, but he opened a few names in the friend’s column, sent a message of thanks, the words are sincere, so that Chen Guo is completely Imagine how the old people who received the news on the opposite side would burst into tears.

“your sister!”

As Chen Guo expected, many of the presidents who were in the night of the cold pool, such as the solitary drink, were mad at the news. The undercover that has been painstakingly sent has become a volunteer for others. Moreover, the words of a serious person do not mention any undercover, but they really regard these people as the helpers of the good associations of the major guilds. That rhetoric, if this is a person who does not understand the situation, I really can’t pick a little bit of trouble. It is also the ghosts of the major guilds, the more ghosts in their hearts, the more grievances they receive from this gratitude.

“Jun Mo laugh!!”

This night, there are players in several places, chanting the name.

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