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Chapter 351 Role cloud

Chapter 351

When the idea of ​​the Blue River comes out, the more you think about it, the more likely it is. But this wild number is a very confidential account of the guilds, and no one wants to let anyone know until they are completely exposed. But at this time, everyone does not have to expose each other’s roles, just to confirm whether their own people are mixed into Xingxin.

Lanhe thought so, pulling out the buddy list would like to find other guild presidents. After seeing the vacant friend’s column, it was a glimpse. Then I reacted to it. At this time, I used the wild number, not the blue river. Account, where are the friends of those guys.

Helpless, the Blue River had to contact the spring wind that still stayed in the ten districts, and briefly said what he had analyzed.

“Wait!” As soon as the news was communicated, Chun Yi was immediately so concise.

Not a long time, Chun Yi old came to the news, this time there is only one letter: “q!”

The Blue River smashed the gods, so that he was familiar with the style of Chunyi’s old news communication, and immediately understood that this was what he meant to be on qq. Quickly windowing the game. After logging in to qq, I immediately received an invitation from the discussion group. Going in and seeing, it’s so lively, there are more than a dozen people who use the id in the game to do business cards. No one is not recognized by the Blue River.

After the Blue River entered the discussion group, several people came. In the discussion group, not one person represents a guild, like their Lanxi Pavilion. In addition to his ten district presidents, the guild real boss, Chun Yi, also came in to participate in the discussion.

“It seems that everyone is aware of it?” The opening remark was the Tiannan Star of Zhongcaotang.

“Don’t say the account id, the family said that they went in a few people, let’s make it clear.” The domineering night of the cold pool is recommended.

When Lanhe saw what the two men said, they immediately understood that other guilds were just like him. They also discovered that the current senior players of the Xingxin guild were all of them.

“We have four here.” After the night of the cold pool, they took the lead in speaking.

“The same, four.” The Blue River immediately said.

“Three.” said the former priest of the Caotang.

“Two.” The reincarnation of the reincarnation is also there. The reincarnation team has a lot of ambitions this season. Although their guilds are not the strongest in online games, they are also working very hard.



There are two other guilds, each of which has already been mixed with one person.

A few family members have a total of 15, and now there are only a total of 19 characters in the Xingxin Guild. In addition to the monarch laugh, cold smoke, wind and smoke, these three, that is, only one advanced player is not concerned with them.

The guys in the discussion group scrambled to send out a stunned expression.

“If the other party does not notice this, in fact, the situation at the moment is quite good.” Zhongqiantang’s psyllium suddenly said one.

“I understand what you mean,” said Blue River. “But how can the other party not notice this? We are all Xingxin ran to apply when they reached level 5. Before that, maybe a senior player was added. But this time, all of a sudden, so many times, this is not enough to detect abnormal?”

“But you see, now all of us have been invited to the team by him. This group is obviously going to challenge the guardian demon. This shows that he has not doubted us yet,” said the former.

“That may not be, maybe he just wants to use us to fight the demon god.” Blue River said.

“Then he will never be able to pass the guardian demon.” The front of the car replied.

When everyone heard it, they suddenly understood. The meaning of the psyllium is obviously if you rely on them, then everyone will not work hard, and deliberately can not beat the demon. Although their account number will be somewhat lost, they are prepared to sacrifice everything, even if it is a waste.

“I said that even if we don’t contribute to the guardian demon, they can pass through their own strengths sooner or later. How many times have failed, at most, the image of their guild is damaged, and it is far from our expected goal?” Night temperature cold pool said.

Everyone listened to it and fell into meditation. Indeed, it’s really nothing to do with it.

“But doing this may actually win their trust.” Tiannanxing, the president of Zhongcaotang, suddenly came up with a sentence.

“Yeah!” Subsequently, Chun Yi Lao also followed up with a word of approval, but did not say any reason. When it comes to this kind of message chat, he will become very silent.

The discussion group is a veteran veteran. Although I didn’t hear the explanation, I thought about it from the idea of ​​”winning trust” but I also understood it.

The difficulty of this guardian demon is fixed, completely determined by the guild level, and has nothing to do with the player level. If 20 level 70 players kill the level 1 guild of the level 5 guild, it can be said that there is no difficulty. But for those of them who are mostly between 35-39, it is still not possible to kill this level 1 guardian demon.

At the time when the glory level is at the 50th level, the guild will usually kill the guardian demon when there are 20 players of level 50. Only after the master became more skilled, this has continued to decline the level requirements. Like them, the club guild will open up the wasteland in the 10th district. After basically 20 people with 30 talents, they can kill the level 1 guardian demon.

However, the situation of the Xingxin Guild is different. If they exclude these unscrupulous undercovers, it can be said that this is a purely new guild. Then it is similar to the situation in the early days of glory, where newcomers will kill this guardian demon, so even with a level of 35-39, it is a big difficulty to kill the guardian demon.

These undercover characters, who want to avoid doubts, or deceive the trust of Jun Moxiao and others, should behave like new people, planting them several times in the guardian demon, but they can elute their suspicious guild status.

“Yes, just do it!” Jiang You, who is domineering, also spoke. Then everyone agreed to agree one by one. In the game, these 35-level or more characters were all invited to the team, plus Jun Moxiao, Han Yanmo, Wind Comb, and Buns invaded the role of just 20 people. At this time, Jun Moxiao is talking about the play of the guardian demon who they want to challenge in the team channel, and it is almost finished.

This method of killing, of course, they do not have to listen, even if they need to listen, they will deliberately not listen, they are ready to install new people!

Chen Guo saw that the guild finally joined some senior players of level 35 or above, and felt very excited. It was not too late, but she was sleepy. Not to mention her, the entire Xingxin Guild has almost no one to go offline at this time, everyone wants to wait until the scene of defeating the guardian demon. So while continuing the passionate guild mission, while keeping the news.

At this time, Ye Xiu had finished killing the law, and the result was quiet in the channel. Everyone is dumb, and I don’t know if I understand it. When Chen Guo saw this reaction, he was uneasy again.

Before she joined the Jia Dynasty, she also mixed with other guilds, and then killed the guardian demon, knowing that the strength of this boss is no small feat. This challenge fails to protect the demon god. All the loss of death is to be borne. Secondly, the cost of the challenge will be wasted. The challenge task is to pay the money. The third is whether the challenge succeeds or fails. Will be announced in the world. The failure of the challenge is undoubtedly a blow to the morale of the guild and the destruction of the image of the guild.

These losses, the club guild guys still feel that it is not strict enough, but Chen Guo seems to feel enough distressed. Although there is such a big **** sitting in the town, but Chen Guo is still somewhat worried.

“Can you do it? Do you want to wait for everyone to rank higher and kill?” Chen Guo said.

“Do not worry!” Ye Xiu turned back and said something with a smile.

“You look at these woods, there is no reaction at all! I just can’t understand what you are talking about?” Chen Guo looked at the chat record of the team channel, and Ye Xiu was always sending messages, others They are silent. Chen Guo suddenly remembered what it was like, and his head stretched out, but he asked Tang Rou on the other side of Ye Xiu: “Can you understand what he is talking about?”

Not as expected by Chen Guo, Tang Rou shook his head very stunned. For a guy who has never seen the guardian demon, Ye Xiu’s play at this time made her feel a little confused.

“Look! You can’t do this!” Chen Guo was anxious. “These guys are all newbies. They simply can’t understand what you are talking about, and don’t ask! The newcomer who doesn’t know how to understand is the most terrible. Go in. How are you playing?”

“Xiao Tang does not matter, she has passed the technology and went in and learned to play. There is no problem.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“I didn’t mean her, I mean it’s still a dozen people.” Chen Guo pointed to the team list on Ye Xiu’s screen.

“These people are even better.” Ye Xiu did not look back, but the corner of his mouth was obviously raised. When Chen Guo went to see it, the strange smile was gone, but his face was very calm.

“What the **** is going on?” Chen Guo felt that there must be hidden feelings.

“I am not sure that there are no new people in these people, but to say that these are all new people, it is somewhat unlikely.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“Why is this so sure?” Chen Guo asked.

“Because of their rank!” said Ye Xiu.

“Just because their level is high?” Chen Guo said.

Ye Xiu nodded.

“This reason is too much fun!” Chen Guo said.

“The gap in the tenth district is now a bit perverted.” Ye Xiu said a word, followed by a topic: “Do you know that every club of the club will have a batch of wild numbers in your hands?” ”

“Wild number?”

“I just don’t join the account of the guild.” Ye Xiu said.

“What is it?” Chen Guo did not know.

“Do something that is not easy to do clearly, the most common, such as undercover.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo stunned. She has heard a lot about the story of the undercover glory of the guild.

“What do you mean, these characters are undercover from the major guilds?” Chen Guo said.

“There are not many characters at level 35 or above, and they are free to be free from the guild. They will come out with a bulge. Except for the wild number raised by the Grand Council, there is no other possibility.” Rehabilitation.

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