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Chapter 346 Burnt

The 346th chapter is overwhelmed

Jun Mo laughed to build a guild!

When this news sparked the discussion in the world, it was spread at the speed of the rocket in the core circles of the major guilds. Some of them were not online at the time, and even got notifications from the phone. Even if it was a guy who slept at night and slept at this time, he was completely awake when he heard the news.

This is really not a trivial matter, especially for guilds who are interested in copying records.

If Jun Mo laughs to establish a guild, it is naturally a record of competing copies of strength. But at this time they are no longer the former squadrons. With Jun Moxiao in the name of the 10th district, it is easy to establish a very powerful guild. These people, even if they don’t have the strength, will become a strong backing for their copy team.

For those guilds who have a club backstage, they have inherent advantages and strong backing, but they are also bound by certain backgrounds in some places.

Because they are these guilds, it can be said that the club, is the endorsement of the team in online games. The glory online game is the biggest concentration of glory fans. Of course, these guilds need to work hard to establish their own perfect image. Some unbearable behaviors must not be exposed to the public.

Just like the previous pursuit of Jun Moxiao and others, this is already an activity organized by the major guilds with certain risks. In the pursuit of killing, everyone does not bear the name of the guild. The vast majority of the reason is that they don’t want the players in the 10th district to look too real. Fortunately, at that time, Jun Moxiao was just a few ghosts and ghosts. Although the behaviors of the major guilds were a bit unfair, at least they faced the vulnerable groups of several people in the district. They also felt that the other side was too big to look down on. Public opinion is the storm.

However, now that Jun Moxiao wants to form a guild, this is very different. Then, the copy team of Jun Moxiao will use such a means. It will be seen by the other guild. It will let more people know that these big guilds will compete fairly, but others will use this way to suppress the opponent. .

In the past, when encountering such an opponent, the major guilds will never come out directly. They have some free account roles that have not joined the guild, and they are dedicated to things that they are not convenient to do. However, the strength and ability of Jun Moxiao has been deeply appreciated. It was just that the large-scale operation of mobilizing the plenary did not say how successful it was. It was just that a small squad of soldiers was sent to trouble, and I am afraid that it would only be sent to death.

“How to do?”

Everyone has drawn an anxious question mark in their hearts. Among them, the top guilds such as the three major guilds are the most painful.

At present, the three major guilds and the Jia dynasty all know that Jun Mo laughs true identity. And of course, they will watch the broadcast of the All-Star Weekend. Ye Xiu’s one-headed operation at the time was interpreted by the great **** like Han Wenqing as a comeback signal that was unwilling to be lonely, and was widely recognized. However, they did not expect that this great **** came back, and the *** actually started from the tenth district. This established the guild, and the attack on these great guilds was particularly heavy.

For those guilds with lesser strength, although they have a wild vision for the record of the copy, but from the results of the overall competition, the main control of these outstanding guild hands. Jun Mo laughed and jumped out to add chaos, of course they were the most upset.

Moreover, they know the identity of Jun Moxiao, and of course they know that this is a person who is absolutely impossible to be conquered by them. Ye Qiu Da Shen! They ran in the land reclamation lineup of these guilds, and even they felt that they were too far away.

But I don’t know the guild in this section, but at this time, I have such a lot of thoughts. For example, the smoke and rain of the smoke and rain building is very clear. When I saw Jun Moxiao, I also had the interest of playing the guild. I immediately went to lobby for the other party to join. In the end, it was naturally politely rejected by Ye Xiu. The conditions of the smoke and the rain are not enough to move out. At this time, further thinking is being made.

Those who know the roots like the three major guilds and the Jiawang dynasty will not do this kind of impossible impossible outcome. The four heads of the family, the Blue River ran to the field of God to report to their meeting Changchun Yi Lao; Chen Yehui of the Jia Dynasty was very uneasy to go to Jiashi’s vice captain Liu Wei to talk about this situation; Zhongcaotang After knowing the identity of Jun Moxiao, Chezizi has always been a close-up onlookers. If he has the opportunity to fish, he will continue this idea and keep quiet. In the end, he will directly touch it. The night is cold.

At night, the cold pool is crying and crying. The land reclamation in the tenth district ended up so arduous that no one could have imagined it. However, the spoiler of this time is still strong enough to make people speechless. At night, the cold pool has already felt that he will not be an opponent, but he still has to deal with his scalp.

“The Great God wants to build a guild, congratulations!” The opening of the night of the cold pool, he even knows that he is very hypocritical. What is the meaning of congratulations in his heart? But apart from this, he really didn’t know what to say.

“Thank you.” Ye Xiu replied simply. At this time, he had to face a lot of news.

“There are not enough people, not enough to say hello, I am tempted to help.” The night is still hypocritical.

“It shouldn’t be used!” Ye Xiu responded with a smiley face.

The night of the cold pool even the hypocritical words can not be found, after considering it, finally said directly: “What is the plan after the establishment of the Great Gods Guild?”

“Oh, you should understand this too!” Ye Xiu replied.

Of course, the night is very understandable. He just took the words to this direction. After receiving the reply from Ye Xiu, he immediately reminded him with a message: “The Great God has not forgotten our gambling contract?”

“Of course, I will not touch the records of your guild!”

The night cold pool soon received a reply from Jun Moxiao, and the words were exactly the same as the original promise. Even the attached expression was the thick smile that was used that day. The night of the cold pool will not be mistaken, because this chat record he has a screenshot archive.

But at this moment, the night of the cold pool to see this reply, but did not have the kind of happiness that day.

It’s just not enough to just touch the record of their guild. Because at this moment, Jun Moxiao as long as they do not give their guild a copy of the Raiders, then their guild will not appear on the record list at all, when Jun Mo laughs just want to touch can not touch.

The promise that had made them happy all the time, at this time, seems to have become an insignificant discourse. They did not think of the traps in this sentence. However, the level of Jun Moxiao has always been lower than the level of their first guild, as long as he grabs the record before he rises to the level. What they didn’t expect was the copy of the Raiders…

The night of the cold pool tangled and did not know what to reply, from the point of view, Jun Mo laughed did not violate any promise.

The realm of God.

After listening to the latest news from the Blue River, Lanxi Pavilion Changchun Yi Lao could only sigh. The five masters of Lanxi Pavilion are surrounded by each other. This guild is like rain, and no one can stop it. It’s just that an ordinary master has built a guild, and everyone is not so anxious. However, this is the great **** of Ye Qiu, who suddenly bubbling in the All-Star Game and raising his head to make a comeback. Then the purpose of his establishment of the guild is of course not for entertainment, but for the same purpose as the major club guilds. Competition is obviously unavoidable.

“Let’s see it first!” In the end, Chun Yi Lao can only give one such opinion.

Jiashi Club.

Chen Yehui did not contact the phone this time, but personally found Liu Wei.

After Liu Hao’s All-Star Weekend, my heart seemed to have been stabbed. Ye Xiu’s dragon looked up and defeated Du Ming of the reincarnation, but it also left a deep shadow on Liu Wei.

Ye Qiu will return! This is the interpretation of many people, including professional players, the media, and fans. And this is not what Liu Wei is willing to see.

Just when he was uneasy about this, Chen Yehui suddenly came to the door and brought a message like Jun Moxiao to form a guild.

“Forming a guild…” Liu Wei, who is also a professional player, is of course very clear about the importance of the guild for a club. Ye Qiu, who is inevitably coming back, will start to form a guild. The meaning of this: “Does this guy plan to be himself?” Set up a team?”

“This is very possible.” Chen Yehui said.

“He really didn’t give up!” Liu Wei sneered.

Chen Yehui is a bit strange. When he first entered the door, he saw that Liu Wei’s expression was still a bit gloomy, but when he heard the news, it seemed to be a lot of relaxation.

“He thought that by virtue of his own strength, the formation of a team, can compete with so many teams in the league? I think he is really confused?” Liu Wei said.

“Today’s alliance is not the era when a person can prop up a team. Now there are more masters, more and more god-level accounts, and fierce competition. I see if he can get the qualifications to enter the league. Hard to say?” Liu Wei smirked proudly.

“So, we don’t have to worry about him?” Chen Yehui asked.

“Well, it’s not good to care too much! Still continue to pay more attention!” Liu Wei said.

“But with this guild, we must face great obstacles in the development of the 10th district.” Chen Yehui is increasingly hopeless for Liu Wei. He found that the two had gradually drifted away, and the concern of both sides was not one thing at all. Liu Wei only felt that Ye Qiu could not rise again, but in the process, this guy did not mention the obstacles caused by the Jia Dynasty guild.

Chen Yehui knows that the development of the guild is only his responsibility. In any case, it is not related to Liu Wei. He was only the last inquiry, looking at this former ally, is it really necessary to completely separate himself from himself.

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