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Chapter 335 All-Star Twenty-four (on)

The thirty-fifth chapter of the All-Star twenty-four (on)

The hotel room is condescending, and from the window you can even see the reincarnation venue that is already brightly lit in the night. At this time, it has begun to greet this last day.

All-star weekend three-day event, tickets have retail sales, Chen Guo is getting three passes. But only from the retail price point of view, the three-day event tickets are more expensive every day, especially on the third day.

On the third day, there was only one event, and that was the All-Star Game. The 24 selected by the glory fans ***, can be said to be the most popular 24 professional players, will be divided into two teams on the last day, such as the professional league for single player, team competition and team Race.

In this day, it is impossible to see such a star-studded game. Therefore, even if it is still full of performances, this all-star game is definitely a grand event that the attendance rate and ratings are completely comparable to the finals.

Therefore, this All-Star Game can’t go to the scene. Chen Guo is very entangled. As for Ye Xiu and Tang Rou, they are more entangled. Tang Rou has not retired the game at this time. Ye Xiu is still sitting on the side of her as she did before, and only when she hears what Chen Guo said, the two will come back and cooperate with the entanglement.

“In fact, your family knows that you are a professional player now?” Chen Guo suddenly asked Ye Xiu.

“Yeah.” Ye Xiu did not look back this time.

“Then why don’t you dare to show up now?” Chen Guo found the opportunity and went to gossip.

“I didn’t want to be found by them earlier. As for the later… just don’t want them to be embarrassed. In their opinion, I am just a failure in any case.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo does not say anything. She found that she shouldn’t be deeply rooted in these roots of Ye Xiu, because these are very stinging things for him. Perhaps he is avoiding thinking about this on weekdays, but he has repeatedly helped him to review it. It is really embarrassing.

This apology came up, Chen Guo immediately slammed the TV: “That’s it, we won’t go tonight, just watch TV.”

“In fact, I will not go, it will be fine. You two will have nothing to go.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, that’s right! When I came over the interview, I can still advertise to the Internet cafe.” Chen Guo touched his chin and thought.

Tang Rou turned back and said: “The guests who come, I am afraid not to come online, is it to watch?”

“Oh…” Chen Guo sighed with regret, “I forgot this.”

“Go, go, let’s go!” Ye Xiu got up and stood behind Tang Rou’s body.

“What are you doing?” Tang Rou looked back at him.

“You have to go to the game, let me play!” said Ye Xiu.

“This is not the real reason why you are not going! You really want to play games here!” Chen Guo said.

“Where can you, my hardships are not all told you?” Ye Xiu said. It’s just that the tone is so casual, it’s not like saying what is hard. The fact is that it is so persuasive that people have to believe that he really has a hard time. Chen Guo hesitated, and finally did not say anything, looking at Tang Rou.

Tang Ruo certainly knows that Chen Guo still wants to go anyway. It is not so easy to get these three tickets. It is a pity for every fan to miss the biggest climax. So I immediately got up and gave the position to Ye Xiu: “Then we went.”

“Go and go!” Ye Xiu waved his hand and quickly retired Tang Rou’s cold smoke, and changed his signature.

“You don’t see the All-Star?” Chen Guo asked.

“Look, this is not too early, look at it while playing.” Ye Xiu said.

So the two women went out, leaving only Ye Shuo alone in the house.

The All-Star Game is worthy of the finals event, which directly affects the online rate of online games. In the afternoon, there is still a relatively high level of training, and the more it is at the peak of the night, the less people will get up. Watch while playing games? This one-minded use is not easy. When glory is such a cumbersome game, when there is really fighting, there will not be too much time to take your eyes away from other places.

So Ye Xiu is just taking the time to play the game for a while, seeing the time is approaching, but also exiting the game, in the past opened the TV.

The final day of the event, the broadcast also started in advance. Twenty-four All-Star players have not yet officially entered the show at this time, but reporters from the broadcasters have been searching for the twenty-four figures for interviews.

The first one to be found by the reporter was Zhang Xinjie, the deputy captain of the tyrantic team who had arrived in the field and sat in the front of the professional player area.

“Hello Zhang, the vice captain.” The reporter quickly stepped forward.

“Hello.” Zhang Xinjie nodded.

“Even in the All-Star Game, you have kept the habit of entering for half an hour in advance!” The reporter began to magnetize.

“Yeah.” Zhang Xinjie nodded again.

“Now the audience friends must be very curious about what this year’s grouping will be. Can you give everyone a bit of a prior notice?” the reporter said.

Zhang Xinjie looked at the reporter strangely: “Without prior disclosure, is this your request from the broadcaster?”

“Haha, it’s about half an hour now, it’s okay to say it at random!” the reporter said.

Zhang Xinjie shook his head: “No comment.”

The scene was slightly stiffer. The reporter had to change the question: “The career of Zhang’s vice captain must be a team match. As a tactical master, don’t you know if you have carefully prepared any tactics?”

“You will know when you get there.” Zhang Xinjie said politely, the tone is still not revealed.

“Thank you, Vice Captain Zhang…” The reporter was helpless and had to end the interview with nothing.

Then the gaze was another turn, but it was seen in the seat of the Jiashi team that there was already a person sitting there Su Mu Orange, and also one of the 24 star players.

The relationship between Su Mu Orange and Ye Qiu is not a secret in the glory circle. This is undoubtedly a super good topic. When the reporter saw that he would miss it, he immediately rushed with the cameraman.

“Mu Orange, give the audience friends a greeting?” The reporter went up to say hello.

“Hey!” Su Mu Orange waved at the camera: “Is there watching TV?”

Ye Xiu in front of the TV is speechless, this greeting, a little private, right?

The reporter was also keenly captured, and immediately smiled and said: “This greeting is a bit special, is there any special meaning?”

Su Mu Orange smiled and said: “You know.”

“Is it greeting with Ye Qiu?” The reporter really understood.

“Yes!” Su Mu Orange admitted.

“So to say… Ye Qiu will not come to the scene today?” The reporter immediately realized a problem.

“I don’t know!” Su Mu Orange said.

“But you just greeted him in front of the TV!” said the reporter.

“It’s the same! He wants to see it in front of the TV. He wants to come to the scene… and see it from the big screen.” Su Mu Orange pointed to the big screen hanging at the top of the stadium. Of course, there is a follow-up The live broadcast of the reporter.

“This is the case, thank you Mu Orange.” Another interview told the passage, the interview screen was temporarily cut, but the reporter was looking for the next interview.

The broadcast screen was turned at this moment and swept directly to the audience. Ye Xiu saw, is Chen Guo and Tang Rou in the lens? Apparently, there was preparation for the broadcast, and a close-up of the intention to close the position was started. These two beautiful women are also very good, even if there is no scene yesterday, this close-up is also pleasing to the eye. However, the close-up attention is obviously not here. After the camera turned around, it gave a long shot of the empty seat around the two people. Everything was in the air.

When the reporter found another All-Star player, the camera was immediately handed over to the interview. Half an hour before the official start, it was almost like this. In the face of such events, the players are mostly relaxed, and there are very few Zhang Xinjie’s serious, and the reporters are joking, sarcasm to the familiar players, and half an hour is also very fast.

At the official start, the lights in the venue were extinguished. Although the 24 all-star rosters were sent to each audience as early as the first day, on the last day, after the All-Star game started, the 24-player show was officially started.

The light was laid down, and the first appearance was the reincarnation of the home team’s ace player, Zhou Zeyi. After slowly stepping into the light column, the holographic projection was a dozen, but the role of Zhou Zemin was shot in the clouds and flashed to his side. There was a scream at the scene, and the ace of the family earned a face. This week, Zhou Zemin is also proficient in the arrangement of the show, plus the appearance and shape, although slightly cramped, it is also full of great spirits.

Then, the second player who appeared on the scene was Jiang Botao. The role of no wave, professional magic swordsman, is the second person of the reincarnation team after Zhou Zezhen.

The appearance of the team as a unit, just sign up and introduce the role, the rhythm is also very fast. After the reincarnation, the Blue Rain team was on the court, but three of them were selected for this All-Star:

Yu Wenzhou, role Soxal, professional warlock.

Huang Shaotian, the role of night rain is annoying, professional swordsman.

Yu Feng, the role of sharp swords, professional mad swordsman.

Subsequently, the two men of the smoke and rain team:

Chu Yunxiu, the role of Fengcheng Yanyu, professional element mage.

Li Hua, the role of the forest is dark and scared, professional ninja.

Two hundred flower team:

Tang Yan, the role of Derry, professional rogue.

Zou Yuan, the role of a hundred flowers, professional ammunition experts

The two men of the Hundred Flowers team have something special. This Tang Hao is only a second-year rookie, the rogue account in the hands of Derrick is not a great role in the professional circle, but with the outstanding performance of this half year, won a lot of popularity, and the account has become one of the all-stars.

As for Zou Yuan, it is exactly the opposite of Tang Yu. If it is on individual performance, this rush to find a replacement for the original captain Zhang Jiale is really unconvincing. He can become the twenty-fourth person, and the vast majority rely on the reputation of the role of the flower. Too many glory fans, don’t want to see this god-level character on the stage of the All-Star.

Zou Yuan is obviously very clear about this. He is standing on the stage, but the faintness is a step back from the singularity of the holographic projection.


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