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Chapter 331 Nothing like anyone

The 331st chapter is the same as nobody

The All-Star Weekend event continues, and Ye Xiu has quietly walked on the street outside the stadium.

This situation is quite familiar to him. After participating in so many years of professional competitions, he has always left alone in advance, and he has never participated in press conferences after the pre-match.

Glory has developed year after year, and the attention it receives has become more and more high. The major media have become more and more powerful in his pursuit of interception. It has not been exposed for so long, and the difficulty of creating this miracle is not as easy as creating a dynasty.

Looking back, the tall venue, from the outside, it is shining. The individual is so small compared to it.

“Hey.” Ye Xiu stunned, turned his head and turned to prepare for the direction of the hotel. As a result, he saw a girl sitting on the guardrail on the side of the road. He had a big telescope hanging around his neck and waving at him.

“Great, actually faster than me.” Ye Xiu greeted and greeted him.

“Hey.” Su Mu orange smiled and jumped off the railing. She was still wrapped tightly all over her body, wearing a big hat, a big mask, and it was difficult to be recognized if she was not an acquaintance like Ye Xiu. .

“The game is over, go eat ice cream?” Su Mu Orange said.

Ye Xiuyiyi, casually said: “Is that shop still open?”

“There is a drive!” Su Mu orange raised his telescope and looked across the road. “You see.” He said that he handed the telescope to Ye Xiu’s eyes. Ye Xiu took a look at it and saw the road across the road. On a small street behind the race venue, the small ice cream was still lit.

“It’s winter now,” said Ye Xiu.

“Winter is the best, not so fast, you can eat slowly.” Su Mu Orange said.

“Then go!” Ye Xiu said helplessly.

Su Mu Orange immediately slammed into the guardrail and turned over.

“Attention to quality…” Ye Xiu chanted, but also slowly completed the overstepping.

Cross the road and wear a small street. That little ice cream shop is as always. Four small tables for two people, ice cream in all kinds of ice cream, with a small handwritten price tag. The owner was a 40-year-old uncle. When he saw a guest coming in, he didn’t say hello, but he didn’t ignore it indifferently. He just stood in front of the ice cupboard and waited quietly for the appointment.

“I want this, this, this, this, every quarter, can you?” Su Mu Orange carefully selected the taste.

“Yes.” The owner took a big cup, four flavors, and evenly loaded a quarter of each, placed a small spoon, handed it to Su Mu Orange, and asked the eyes to look at Ye Xiu.

“Can you smoke?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Yes.” The owner nodded and saw that Ye Xiu was not prepared to take care of the business, so he ignored it.

On the small table outside the window, Su Mu Orange pulled out her ice cream and quickly ate it. Ye Xiu smoked and sat quietly across from her.

The weather is very cold, the ice cream is very cold, just this familiar feeling, but it makes people feel extra warm.

Outside the reincarnation, Chen Guo and Tang Rou finally ran out.

Chen Guo also has telescope equipment, and immediately picks up the southeast and northwest all the way, but there is no shadow of Ye Xiu.

“Run so fast!” Chen Guo said, she and Tang Rou rushed out very quickly.

“He said he would go back first.” Tang Rou said.

“Go, go back!” Chen Guo decisively stopped a rental book, and Tang softly rushed back to the hotel, his room did not enter, directly hit the door of Ye Xiu, the result is no one answered.

“Not yet back?” Chen Guo wondered, “Where are you going?”

“You can also just walk around and wait, wait!” Tang Roo opened the door of both of them.

“He is Ye Qiu?” Chen Guo came in behind Tang Rou.

“Yeah…” Tang Rou’s answer was very helpless. Chen Guo was repeating this question for the seventh time.

“This guy…” Chen Guo muttered and opened the TV in the room. The e-sports channel, the All-Star Weekend event continues to continue. As before, professional players sit on the stage and accept the game of ordinary players. There was no accident happening this time. The professional players easily challenged the audience one by one to defeat them. It was just that the atmosphere at the scene could not be heated up. After such a big climax, now such a small scene, except for being smoked No one in the challenger who is in the middle of the stage will feel excited.

Chen Guo looked at the TV, but his eyes were straight, and obviously his mind was not on TV at all. I heard that the outside corridor seemed to be a bit moving, and one step rushed out, and the result was not Ye Xiu at all.

“This guy, where are you going?” Chen Guo groaned, holding a telescope standing at the window and looking around for a while, then ran to the corridor for a while, knocking on the opposite door to see if Ye Xiu was ignorant. When I came back, I had a few words about Tang Xiu and Tang Rou. I didn’t have a moment to be quiet. After an hour of tossing, the second day of the All-Star Weekend on TV ended, and Ye Xiu still disappeared.

“This person does not have a mobile phone.” Chen Guo complained that the event was over, and a moment later it was a press conference after the start of the second day. There is really nothing to say about the game games that entertain the public. The pile of changes in the challenge is obviously a hot spot today. As one of the protagonists, Du Ming was of course sent to attend a press conference, and enjoyed the treatment of being surrounded by many reporters like a god.

Du Ming’s mood was much calmer at this time. After all, it is a professional player. If you can’t see the outcome, how can you survive in such a circle? Although losing to ordinary players is more embarrassing, but after all, it is proved that even winning four games in a row, and the beauty of the beauty has been recognized by many people after the game.

As for the more perverted No. 2 challenger, although no one saw the truth, they basically agreed that it was Ye Qiu.

So from Du Ming here, I can’t ask anything valuable. Of course, he is not good at showing good manners at this time, but also exaggerating the strength of Tang Rou, and then expressing respect for the great god.

“So what do you think about Ye Qiu’s sudden appearance on the All-Star Weekend?” The reporter asked almost every professional player who had the opportunity to interview, and even conducted a lot of live audiences. Some random interviews.

The answer from the audience was very bold and full of tricks. As for the professional players, they are all cautious and perfunctory.

This revolves around the problem of Ye Qiu, and of course the reporters will inevitably try to cross-examine the players of his old club Jiashi. As a result, the people of the Jiashi team responded flatly, saying nothing more than a blessing on the scene, very nutritious. Su Mu Orange, who is most familiar with Ye Qiu, did not appear at all afterwards. No one interviewed.

In the end, some highlights were made. When interviewing Han Wenqing, the captain who was known for his domineering shot on the camera, he simply left a sentence: “I am waiting for you to come back.”

This sentence eventually became the biggest gain in many interviews. The report used this as the headline. The media welcomed Han Wenqing’s thoughts and gimmicks, and they speculated whether this was the signal that Ye Qiu’s intention to return. In particular, no one in the alliance can raise the dragon. Even Ye Qiu’s own two-year operation has suddenly been used, and it’s really like telling everyone that he has not become a thing of the past.

Looking at these speculators and the media’s various speculations on Ye Qiu’s whereabouts and Ye Qiu’s intentions, Chen Guo, as a part of the insiders, proudly produced a sense of superiority. After everyone is more concerned about it, Chen Guo is also jumping and making a fist: “When this guy comes back, I must ask clearly.”

It was said that the window door was going back and forth. As a result, the time was getting late, and Ye Xiu never saw it. Chen Guo finally began to have some worries: “You said that he…had not revealed his identity, he did not intend to come back?” ”

Tang Roo is also awkward: “No?”

“He…the salary of the first month has not yet been received?” Chen Guo suddenly came up with a sentence full of loss. She suddenly found out that although she could not equate Ye Xiu and Ye Qiu in the same time. But whether it is the lazy guy, or the **** of worship for many years, no matter which identity, so quietly leave, my heart is not a taste.

Chen Guo suddenly calmed down and sat silently on the bed.

“He will come back.” Tang Rou quietly came over and comforted.

The sound of the word just fell, and there was movement in the corridor. It was only at this moment that Chen Guo’s mood was no worse than before. He just sighed, but he did not make any fuss.

As a result, the movement was getting closer and closer. After a while, they actually stopped outside their door.

“Come back?” Chen Guo is still in a daze, this time it is Tangrou who talks while watching. The door was opened and I saw the leaf correction at the door of the drum.

“I haven’t slept yet?” Ye Xiu turned back and said hello. Inside Chen Guo was already rushing out of the wind. As a result, Ye Xiu’s door opened and he said to the two people, “Early rest,” even if they care. I went in from the ground.

Chen Guo’s pile of words is not knowing where to start. As a result, this guy actually flashed.

“What is the situation?” Chen Guo’s brain can’t turn around.

“It seems that…there is nothing like nothing happened…” Tang soft smiled a bit, and she estimated that Chen Guo was burning again.

Sure enough, after Chen Guo’s squatting, he rushed up and slammed the door a few times. Ye Xiu opened the door, and his face was puzzled. It seems that he really didn’t know what was going on. Tang Rou was speechless.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Tell the problem!” Chen Guo is awkward. She was also thinking about how to talk to this person for a long time. After all, the two identities of Ye Xiu and Ye Qiu are completely different characters in Chen Guo’s heart. At this time, two in one,. Is it still like talking to a small network pipe that has flown, or is it an idol that has worshipped for many years?


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