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Chapter 325 Chaos, all messed up

The 325th chapter is chaotic, and it is completely chaotic.

In the mess of the scene, Du Ming also returned to the game.

Although winning another game can’t erase the previous defeat, at least it’s better than doing nothing. Du Ming has no idea that in addition to playing another game, there is a better way to find the place that he lost.

The game is still Tang Ro selection, and it is a random one. The game starts very soon. Even the ceremonies have not come and ran out of the stadium. The holographic projection has already fallen.

Nothing to do, directly map the center to meet and start playing.

The commotion on the scene was much smaller after the start of the game. This is an exhibition game with no one’s heart, but now everyone is also concerned about the outcome.

In view of the arrogance of Tang Ruo, countless people are expecting her to lose this game miserable.

Du Ming, who is gnashing his teeth, will not be so uncomfortable in this game. He will not hold the self-confidence that he will win. He has already played a 12-point spirit and has a strong need to win. belief.

As soon as the two sides played against each other, Du Ming quickly took the initiative.

In order to recruit and attack, Du Ming is also a big explosive hand. He wants to give back all the things that Tang Rou Tang has applied to him.

The hand speed that Du Ming bursts may not be as fast as Tang Rou, but the quality is very different, and it is all accurate and effective. Although he can also play like Tang Rou, but … as a professional player, with such a lack of rules, Du Mingsheng is afraid that he will be flooded by the spit.

He wants to win, and he wants to win beautiful, win absolute, let everyone understand that the previous loss was just an accident, an accident. Your own strength is completely above the average player.

On the side of Tang Rou, it is also a re-appreciation of the old man, and he is also picking up his hands and taking care of himself.

This time, the feeling of tiredness came faster. And her opponent, this time is also full of fighting spirit, the two sides began a real hand speed fight.

On one side there is quality.

On one side there is speed.

In contrast, Tang Rou’s speed is not much faster, but Du Ming’s quality is better than her.

In the end, quality finally took the upper hand.

But Du Ming didn’t play very easily. He really couldn’t imagine that this pretty girl couldn’t have a rest when she had already had a big hand speed.

This time, he can win, but he wants to win as beautiful as he expected, but it is difficult.

At this point, the two people blew up, it was a thousand injured, and the damage was eight hundred.

But in any case, this time you must win.

Du Ming broke his teeth and broke out. Tang Rou was not willing to show weakness.

Professional players are shocked again…

Ordinary players challenge professional players and have a higher desire to win, which is not surprising. However, how can this player maintain such a strong fighting spirit in the case of having won a victory?

Is she really just a regular player? Does she really think that it is a great player who can win a professional player once?

The professional players found that they all seemed to be wrong. This player, although not as good as them, did not put them in the eye. She didn’t think as much as the average player, how great their professional players think, how can’t climb.

She is really serious about wanting to knock them down, not in entertainment, this is a real game.

“This beauty… abnormal?” Someone couldn’t bear it, and finally used a more rude comment.

More people don’t say that, but they think so much in their hearts.

“Seeing such a guy, suddenly there is a desire to play a game!” Many militant players have said.

This game itself, there are not many people concerned. In their experience, they have quickly judged the outcome of this game. This is also the case. In the end, Du Ming’s swordsman defeated Tang Rou’s battle mage.

It’s so tired, but it’s so cool!

Du Ming felt that this battle was really dripping. When he came down from the competition, his face was a little smile.

Until the middle of the game, the ceremonies have been speechless to the two, and this time it turned out that Tangrou took the initiative to open his mouth.

“Can you challenge you again?”

Du Mingyi, a ceremonial glimpse, a glimpse of the audience.

The first thing I said was the master of ceremonies. I quickly took the message: “Miss, is this unruly?”

“What rules?” Tang said.

A ceremonial glimpse… According to the rules, the audience that was drawn will have to change to a new one after the game is over, and this rule is already broken, and Du Ming is the first to break this rule. It was for him to find his face and to play with others. How can we make up for the broken rules? It’s hard to say that professional players are privileged?

When the master of ceremonies did not pick up the words, Tang Rou ignored him, but asked Du Ming.

Du Ming only promised that he could not refuse, and he could not find a reason to refuse. If he is up and wins like he just did, he can reject the challenge again. The problem is that he lost once and lost it very badly. Now that the other party is challenging again, he can’t refuse. He is afraid that he will be misunderstood by people. Because of the last game, he won’t be so effortless. He has to admit that this new-handed girl, who is so fast, will not repeat the same mistakes in the first game.

The scene was awkward and the two really started the third game.

“Chaotic, completely chaotic …” Siyi is chanting, and the side responsible for the broadcast is also crazy. But there is no way, can not force the people out of the arena in front of so many audiences?

In a twinkling of an eye, the third game has already started. As soon as she comes up, Tang Rou is also a mad hand, and it is her pure new white play.

“It’s still so fierce…”

Compared with the anxious ceremonies and broadcasters, the professional players are now heartless, and they feel that things are getting more and more fun.

“This beautiful woman, is it intended to use such repeated methods to drag Du Ming from the whole?” Some people guessed.


“But the organizer will not allow it! This is endless, the two turn?”

“Xiao Zhou, how are you going to get this?” Someone even ran to ask the people who were reincarnation. At this time, they are no longer secretly discussing the strength of Tang Rou in their respective teams, the lively scene, let them become a family, happy not.

Of course, the happy team does not include reincarnation. Du Ming is the person who reincarnates. They are shameful and lose face. Their team also has to be black. At this time, people from other teams ran to ask, the people in the reincarnation were speechless. Zhou Zezhen, who was named, also pondered for a moment and replied: “I don’t know!”

“It is best not to stop and see what the beauty wants to do.” Someone said.

“I don’t know!” Zhou Zezhen still said this, making others can only walk away without a word, while looking around, want to see if the organizer is taking what means. The content of the game, no one cares about it at this time, and even the results are not cared for. They just want to know the follow-up after this game. Is there a fourth game, the fifth game, is this really going to be taken? Someone who is exhausted on the field can do it.

The professional players looked around and did not see any clues. Ye Xiu and Chen Guo are on the side, but there are real staff on the scene looking for it.

“Miss, Miss Tang on the field is your friend!” The staff was very polite.

“Yeah!” Chen Guo responded with a voice, but she was very concerned about the outcome, and she did not notice how she touched the individual on the empty seat next to Tang Rou.

“Can you please, let her down after the end of the game!” said the staff.

“Hmmm?” Chen Guo noticed that there was something different. Looking back, I found that it was actually the ceremonial ceremonies running next to her.

“You see, I have to give other audiences a chance to challenge! She has played three games for this one.” Siyi Xiaozhi, obviously has a long-term concern, lest Tang Rou come back after this game. .

“They are willing to fight, let them go to fight!” Chen Guo is definitely not too big to see the excitement, and does not want to go up and drag Tang.

“But our activities have to continue, please.”

“Isn’t it still active now?” Chen Guo said.

This one-on-one game is usually a few minutes. It is obviously a major mistake for the ceremonies to personally retire from the stage to find Chen Guo. There was a lot of talk with Chen Guo here, and the two of them actually finished playing.

This time, Tang Rou actually won again. The two are still mutually explosive, but this time Tang Rou played exceptionally well, and the *** was exceptionally accurate. Du Ming here, because he just won a game, but also relaxed, but also did not expect Tang Rou this character burst so powerful, the accuracy of the littering attack on a step, for a time did not Can resist, and lost in a sudden.

The ceremonies and Chen Guo spouted, and the result was reminded by Ye Xiu, and when I looked back, I almost didn’t spurt out the blood.

This time, it was not Tang Rou’s failure. It was Du Ming’s decisive and challenging. Tang Rou naturally accepted it very easily. The two did not wait for the master of ceremonies and directly opened another one.

“Du Ming, this guy, luck is bad enough!!” The professional players are laughing. This time, Du Ming really lost in luck. Tang Rou’s unstable work, the strange tricks, made Du Ming unprepared.

If you lose one game, he can win a face and save face. It is better to win another game. As a result, this guy actually lost another game. I really don’t know how many games to win.

This time, the ceremonies did not dare to delay here again. They quickly ran back to the scene and sent a lobbyist.

“Forget it, let me call her down!” Ye Xiu said so.

Chen Guoben is a hard-hearted person. In fact, his heart has long been convinced, but he has tempered a few words, and he has helped Tangrou to fight for it. At this time, seeing Ye Xiu said, he nodded. “Okay, go!”


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