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The stars are very fast and difficult to dodge.

However, it is hard not to represent impossible. The harder the place, the more players need to overcome the challenge, the more they can reflect the player’s strength level. As a professional circle on the top of glory, it is too difficult to dodge the star rays. Especially in this way, there is no tactical foreshadowing. Just like a star ray that is shot in person, those ten *** will not be in the middle.

This player does not understand this, but it is not a serious game. It is just a play for the public. Of course, it doesn’t take too much effort. If you have skills, you can use it indiscriminately. Try your luck!

This star ray is used in such a relaxed state of mind. Of course, Zhou Zeyi will not be recruited. The ray flashes for a moment. His shot through the cloud has jumped lightly, hiding the star ray, and by the way, it has crossed a bar.

“啪” sounded, the star ray was shot on the hurdle, and the powerful magical lethality instantly smashed the hurdle.

The sawdust flew, and no one heard the sound of a “card” at this time. If you hear it, then experienced players will judge that this is the sound of the bullet, and it is not the normal bombing, this is definitely a skill.

The flying sawdust fell, and the magician scholar was still flying in a hurry. As a result, the cold and dark muzzle was already aimed at him.


The sound of the gun was very loud, and the string of fire tongues was like a small explosion. The gunpowder gas ejected from the retractor directly rolled a circle of dust around the gun. As for the effect of this skill, it can be seen that the damage of this hit is absolutely not trivial. This is the biggest attack of the sharpshooter: Barrett slammed.

That’s right, at this time, the end of a gun in the hands of the cloud is such a giant sniper rifle. After all, this is just a game. When using skills, in order to achieve results, the characters in the hands will naturally generate skill-related props. In the sky, no one knows where these items come from.

This distance, when I saw the gunfire, began to evade Barrett’s sniper, it is not difficult, but it is really impossible.

The head of the magical scholar was hit by a shot, and it instantly burst into a **** fog, hitting the head, and it would trigger the hidden effect of the double damage of Barrett Sniper.

However, the Magic Taoist seems to be headshot, but it is only a game effect. He was only greatly hurt, and he would not die immediately. However, his forehead was finally interrupted at this time. The gun exploded on his head and he saw his head as a locomotive. He dragged his body and flew out. Only one blink of an eye, the second, he has been bombed to the last one.

applause! See also applause.

In fact, the vast majority of the audience did not know that Zhou Zezhen’s “Barrett Sniper” could be so simple and smashed to hit the hidden small details of the opponent, but the gunshot was shot with great mightyness and was enough to change. Applause to the audience.

A shot through the cloud has turned around and continues to fly.

Behind him, there are two professional players of the War Mage and the Swordsman who are fighting. These two occupations did not lack the attack skills of the middle and long distances, not to mention the fact that they were still fighting in the air at this time, and it was completely impossible to stop a shot from wearing a cloud. This game, the suspense of losing the championship so soon, is somewhat boring. However, this kind of entertainment game activity is rarely seen as a highlight.

At this moment, the movement of a gun with a gorgeous and stable flying gun is a big attraction. The two professional players who are playing against each other are the second one. The four players have already entered the state. The audience who is running around is the third player. The magician scholar who was shot by a headshot is the last one. He is riding the broom quickly. Wolverine chasing, became the fourth point of view.

The wonderful playback of the commentary and electronic screens in this game will not focus on some technical places. I am looking for some interesting scenes and coincidences to tell everyone. This game, looking forward to not only the applause of the players, but also look forward to everyone’s laughter.

In fact, this first game was a success. After Zhou Zemin’s shot went through the clouds, the champion had no suspense. It’s boring to fight for the second place. The rest of the rest are more and more relaxed, really like this as a fun. Starting professional players only play against professional players, I am sorry to bully the audience. However, as the audience cheered and greeted the professional players, the two sides gradually became a group, and it was also a joke.

With a whistle, Zhou Zeyi has already crossed the end. What about the group behind? At this point, there are only four left. Four spectators, three of them have been hanged in the process of running along the way, the only remaining one, which happens to be the female player, apparently three professional players intend to be polite to the ladies. In fact, really want to play to the strength, the three men have opened the audience players, not to be mixed with them. Only then, everyone is a picture of music, it is a mess.

At this time, the four people were also at the end of the chaos, and the battle mage and the sorcerer did not know how suddenly they had a tacit understanding. Suddenly they joined forces to bully the magician scholar. Before they reached the end, they hang this guy. It is. Then the two were fighting each other, but they intended to give the female audience a chance to take advantage of it. After the girl passed the finish line for the second time, the two talents hit the killing ground and it was the end.

At the end of the game, there were also some examples of the *** and achievements on the electronic board.

Then, the data listed in the game of each person’s damage output and injury will be counted for everyone to see. Interpreting the review data *** is another ridicule, the atmosphere is cheerful.

Then the eight returned to the game, and the second female player, under the explanation of the master of ceremonies, got a support from the champion Zhou Zezhen, and ran off the stage with a small face blushing for the prize.

The other three professional players are obviously not at ease with regard to the killing in the game, and happily cooperate with the master of ceremonies.

“Ze Wei really won the championship, how is the mood?” For the great god, it still has to be interviewed.

For this question, it seems that Zhou Zezhen is very responsive. Just listened to it and said: “I am very happy.”

But these three words are finished immediately, and then I look at the ceremonies and laugh. The master of ceremonies did not dare to say more. The main activity of this day was to please the fans and the audience. After a few words with each of the three male audiences, they sent a souvenir. The first part of the hurdle race ended.

Then the second part is the high jump. This jump is not a height, but a speed. See who can jump to the highest point faster.

In this part of the calendar year, a scene like a mountain or a tall building will be designed. But this year, after the hologram is projected, it is just some pedals suspended in the air.

This of course is a convenient setting for holographic projection. If you still use the mountain or the floor, the holographic projection is in the middle of the stadium, then the audience at any position can not see the whole picture. And this is just a few floating pedals, which is equivalent to a transparent mountain or tall building, and the audience can see all the players in any position.

“Below, we have invited the team from the Jiashi team. Everyone is very familiar and likes it, Miss Su Mu Orange!!”

After the ceremonies were called, the applause was shocking. A beautiful female player like Su Mu Orange, even a fan of a hostile team, is hard to hate. It is not too much to say that it is a person who loves to see flowers. The applause from the scene, unless it is the home team player, it is hard to match any big god.

“Ah, ah, Su Mu Orange, Su Mu Orange!!” Chen Guo was excited and jumped up again. Ye Xiu’s heart was slightly uneasy. Su Mu Orange has nothing to do with a telescope. Isn’t it really just to find yourself waving? This guy, it wouldn’t be a number to clearly figure out the seat number. Would you like to put yourself on the stage?

Occasionally a prank, it also meets the character of Su Mu Orange. However, knowing that Ye Xiu has never appeared before the public, he has made such a mischief before he has asked him, but he is somewhat self-willed. This seems to be inconsistent with Su Mu’s actions in Ye Xiu.

“Mu Orange, how do you choose to choose four audiences?” Siyi’s tone is very excited. It is estimated that the interaction with Zhou Zezhen has been suppressed.

“Choose it randomly first!” Su Mu Orange said.

“Okay, then we roll the electronic screen, you come to stop.” Siyi said, the electronic screen rolled up.

“Stop!” Su Mu orange shouted almost faster than Zhou Zezhen, the ceremonially almost did not fall to the ground, the scene is also laughter again and again.

Chen Guo is also happy, then I remember to look at the seat number, I can’t see myself, it’s very frustrating. This time, the idol is on the stage, and Chen’s expectation in the heart is very different.

The silent ceremonies did not dare to let Su Mu Orange scream something, lest she would imitate Zhou Zezhen.

As a result, in the second round, Su Mu Orange stopped normally after scrolling for a while on the electronic screen.

“Ah…not…” Chen Guo’s disappointment was full of faces.

“Next change a way!” And then did not wait for the master of ceremonies, Su Mu Orange is the initiative to propose.

“Oh? Mu Orange, do you have any fresh ideas?” Siyi asked happily.

“Oh, no, I just call two numbers?” Su Mu Orange said.

The master of ceremonies has been planted, and this Su Mu orange is ready for cos Zhou Zezhen!

“I chose the c zone.” Su Mu Orange said.

“Ah…” Chen Guo screamed, their position is in area c.

“18 rows.”

“Ah…” Chen Guo jumped up and they were in the 18th row.

“No. 21!” Su Mu Orange said decisively.

Chen Guo’s brain immediately “boomed” as if something had exploded. She asked some incredulously about Tang Rou: “How many?”

“No. 21! It’s really you!” Tang Rou is also very happy for Chen Guo. No one knows more about Chen Guo than Chen Mu.

Chen Guo’s eyes are still a bit stunned, but this time I look around again, everyone around me is turning to look at her, all eyes are envious and jealous.

“Really me!” Chen Guo did not know what to do.

Su Mu Orange on the field continued at this time: “Then I have an idea, I want to point this friend to the location of the seat, I think so much will invite two acquaintance partners, it will be very interesting.”

“Well, the idea of ​​Mu Orange is pretty good, then who are you going to order? 19 or 23?” said Siyi. There are only a pair of seats in the seating area of ​​the venue. Chen Guo is here in the single area. After hearing the idea of ​​Su Mu Orange, Ye Xiu on the 19th and Tang Rou on the 23rd have already met each other. Chen Guo is very excited and shouted: “Oh, we can go one more!”


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