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Chapter 306 Mean self-interference

Chapter 306, mediocrity

Ghosts, another skill of the Ghost Swordsman adds a genre. In the choice of skills, the ghost swordsman’s skills are the mainstay, and the ghost array is supplemented. If you talk about the efficiency of pve’s brush, the ghosts are better than the ghosts; but if you say pk in the arena, it is obvious that the ghosts can be more independent. Especially one-on-one pk, the ghost is recognized as a weak occupation. Even if it is the first squad, Li Xuan, who is in the first place, is rarely in the single-on-one or team-team match.

This is not a technical issue. It is this career setting that is not conducive to heads-up. If you can enter the professional circle, then no one can be bullied by anyone, so even a ghost like Li Xuan does not dare to touch this nail easily.

But the Rookie Challenge is just a show after all, and it doesn’t matter if it wins or loses. In exchange for the usual, Li Xuan will inevitably play with the ghosts he has mastered. But today, after the battle between Gao Yingjie and Wang Jiexi, Li Xuan did not dare to regard this as a show. Moreover, I suspect that the other party just wants to lead him to choose a ghost, and then take the ghost to suppress him, so Li Xuan is also a skill to add a little bit of a ghost.

However, Qiao Yifan is indeed a ghost. This point, Li Xuan already knows when he hits the other party in the sneaky confrontation.

In addition to the different skills, the devils and the ghosts are different.

The ghosts are mainly sniper, they are all instant techniques, so the speed of attack is the attack speed; while the ghosts are mainly based on the use of ghost arrays, they are all singers, so the pursuit of speed is with the Master. The same reading speed. After the selection of the two ghost swordsmen’s equipment, it is natural that one attack speed is fast and the other sings fast.

Now, it’s the same as the sneaky sneaky, the starting point is, of course, the scorpion ghost is dominant, so Qiao Yifan’s ghost will be hit first.

Ghosts are more conscious than judgments than wretched. Qiao Yifan can be said to have been compared to Li Xuan’s ghosts. This guy simply did not choose a ghost, but made a ghost.

A hit, Li Xuan’s heart is already a ghost, but he has not dared to relax in this game, let alone for him, this basic trick of the ghost swordsman is already like a conditioned reflex. In this sneaky sorrow, after receiving a moonlight, there is almost no thinking.

What about Joe Yifan? Studying the career of the Ghost Swordsman these days, this judgment has already existed. In the moment of the move, Li Xuan was known to have engaged in a ghost. After all, Joe Yifan is still a rookie. In many places, the thoughts of those old birds are profound. I simply think that the other party must use the best ghosts to deal with this rookie. This fiercely gave birth to a miser, and instantly disrupted his plan, and for a time he was a little helpless. On such a big stage, he was also the first to board, and his heart was very nervous. This suddenly found that the facts were super different from what he had imagined. In a flash, he felt a sigh in his mind, which was already blank.

Moonlight, full moon. Ghost claws hold, open the knife, pick, cross, and then shine on the moon…

Li Xuan is already a skillful combination of ghosts. The scorpion is mainly sniper, but the skill is to learn a few other swordsman professional skills, such as the swordsman’s pick, the savage swordsman’s cross, and so on. This low-level skill does not ask for much damage. In order to have a connection in the process of combo, drag and drop skills to cool.

Li Xuan is also cautious in the process of combo. This player is not a mob, but it can only be passively beaten by the sky, especially professional players. It is necessary to study in depth how to get out of the air. However, as a ghost, what methods may be used after being floated, no one is more clear than Li Xuan. He stared very tightly, and he thought about the countermeasures for any move by the opponent. As a result, his thoughts were white, and the opponent who was floating was really like the mobs npc, letting the slaughter, and the reaction was not at all, until Li Xuan completely finished the combo.

The whole game mastered the outbreak, and this long series of combos made the audience full of eye addiction. However, professional players are now at the same time. It’s almost unheard of to complete a combo in a professional player. How bad is this rookie in the grass? It seems that after being floated, there seems to be no awareness or action. Is this like a professional player? It’s an ordinary glory player. After being floated, the keyboard will struggle for a few times.

Doubtful, puzzled, disdainful… All eyes are given to you and the WeChat team. The players of the micro-grass are also fidgety. For example, Liang Fang’s character is quite hot and has jumped up: “What is the name of Qiao Yifan? Is it too shameful to play such a game?”

The rookie challenge is a show, although no rookie really wants to defeat the predecessors, but ran up to be a sandbag, this is indeed a shame.

“sit down.”

Liang Fang was just anxious, and immediately heard that Wang Jiexi, the captain behind him, said coldly, Liang Fang suddenly had no voice, and he sat back to the position. I took a bunch of words I wanted to say, but I didn’t dare to speak again.

Others who want to talk, this time is also a quiet. When they want to come, Wang Jiexi’s mood is bound to be very bad. No one pays more attention to micrograss than their captain. If Joe Yifan played this game, if it really lost, it would definitely be a black for the grass.

The laymen are happy to call, and the insiders are puzzled. Li Xuan is also one of the insiders. At this time, a set of combos is finished, and it is easy to ask his opponent half a life. As a result, he makes himself wonder.

He thought that his opponent would be like Gao Yingjie in the previous game. He was a horn that had the ability to kill gods, and he made a wretched man to be careful to guard. I don’t want the other person to be such a dish, so even basic things like breaking the sky can’t be done. The opponent of such a dish, he is winning and then winning is also a victory. As a result, he is still too wretched. At this time, Li Xuan’s intestines were remorseful, and he deeply doubted that the rookie was sent out by the micro-grass to give him a smear. But I can’t think of myself, which is worth the other side to do, and it’s really hard to understand.

Li Xuan will be on the battle, and did not go up and pursue it.

Qiao Yifan’s ghosts took a last blow and was smashed. It was finally a screaming wake up. After receiving a body, he listened to all the applause. His life has gone halfway, and his opponent is far away. Standing on the ground, there seems to be no intention to chase.

What am I doing? ! !

Qiao Yifan, who was awake, was really annoyed. This is a well thought out and very thought-winning battle. His purpose is very simple, that is, to use this stage to show his talents. It may not be revealed to the micro-grass. I only hope that there will be such a Bole in each major team. Just like Ye Qiu’s talent, he will see his talents and let him continue to have a place in this professional circle.

But what about the results? It’s just a little unexpected change, and it immediately becomes overwhelming. Why is it so good?

What about hell? What happened to the ghost? Could it be that Li Xuan has chosen a ghost to win the other party? As long as you can show yourself well, can you manage the other party as a ghost or a ghost?

Qiao Yifan, who was waking up, found that he was really mediocre. He is simply plagued by something that is not worthy of consideration. What he has to do is to show his talents, nothing more.

A lifetime of life, only one-half, but fortunately, I finally calm down.

The opportunity is still there! Qiao Yifan secretly reminded himself, and his ghosts also had movements little by little.

Li Xuan’s mischief did not move. In the face of such a rookie rookie that can’t be broken, he is really embarrassed to take the initiative. He was so bored that such a rookie was spotted by a champion team like Micro Grass. What special talent does this guy have?

Li Xuan’s attitude has changed.

I was worried that the other side would play the pig and eat myself. But now it is very curious about what the other side has. Seeing that the other side has an action, he did not move, he began to hold some expectation mentality. This mood is like a normal rookie challenge.

When Joe Yifan’s ghosts rushed up, there were still a few distances, and the dark purple knives were already flashing.

Li Xuan smiled and raised his hand.

Although his shot is slow, he has already seen the attack speed on both sides. He is slow, but this sneaky can still hit the other side first.

I don’t want the other person’s sneaky purple mans to take a sudden shot at this moment, the character slanting forward, avoiding Li Xuan’s sneaky, and riding Li Xuan’s ghost has not yet received the move, and the bully is two bodies. Bit.

Followed by the sword, but it is no longer a sniper, the blue-white frost crystallizes from the knife, but is ready to release an ice array.

“Oh!” Li Xuan understood the intention of Qiao Yifan, but he did not see panic. After the sneaky sneaky, he immediately jumped up. The enchantment of the ice rim has begun to condense, but the scorpion that jumped up is the sword with both hands. The use of the swordsman’s skills is “silver light.”

This blow, it is too late to interrupt the ice sing of Joe Yifan. However, if Joe Yifan finishes singing, he will not have time to escape the attack.

How to choose?

In less than half a second, the audience has already seen Joe Yifan’s decision.

He didn’t flash, he insisted on singing the ice. The enchantment condensed, and his ghosts have fallen under the silver light of Li Xuan’s ghost.

Qiao Yifan quickly took care of himself, and the role of the role when the role of rolling the ground, seeing Li Xuan’s miser in the continued efforts to rush, seems to be trying to go out.

Then, Qi Yifan heard a “wave” and his heart was ecstatic.

“Ice stayed!” Qiao Yifan thought about the angle of view, and Li Xuan’s devil had already had a big ice. Qiao Yifan did not hesitate, and immediately went up.


Another sound, just as the knife went up, the ice was broken, and it looked like the ghost of Joe Yifan shattered the ice.

Li Xuan’s sly ghost seems to have been expected to be like this. The ice is broken, the character has popped up, and one side jumps, while a savage swordsman’s cross rushes to the front of the ghost.

Bright red blood cross. Qiao Yifan had to flash to the side, even if he had to eat this injury, he could not get closer to his opponent. The crossbow has a *** retreat effect.


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