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Chapter 300 Three tickets

The third hundred chapters three tickets

On the first weekend of each year, the Glory Professional League brings together all the professional players to hold a carnival-like gathering. There will be many performances of glory in the party, especially in the All-Star Game. The 24 players who participated in the competition are completely selected by the glory fans. It is the most popular 24 players this season. Of course, the biggest one is watching. point. Because this glorious event is also known as the All-Star Weekend.

After the first great success of the All-Star Weekend held in the third season of the Glory Professional League, it began to be held annually, each time by a club. This year, the eighth season of the Glory Professional League, the sixth All-Star Weekend, is hosted by the reincarnation club, and the reincarnation club is where the city is. Ye Xiu’s listening to Chen Guosheng said that he had to go to the s market this weekend and started to feel strange. But when he thought of this special day, he immediately understood it.

“Is going to the All-Star Weekend?” asked Ye Xiu.

“Yeah, I got three tickets, great!” Chen Guo was proud.

Although the competitive elements in the All-Star Weekend may not be comparable to an ordinary regular season, for the majority of fans, it is worthwhile to see such a lively event. Therefore, the on-site tickets for the All-Star Weekend have always been relatively tight. If you want to buy it, sometimes it is not just a question of paying money, but also a chance.

“Not bad.” Ye Xiu said with a smile.

All-Star Weekend… In his position, the previous five times were selected for the 24-person list every year. Even this year, in the *** channel opened from the beginning of the league, his votes are still high, just because he retired midway, this was wiped out from the ***.

For Ye Xiu, who does not want to be exposed to the public, the interactive event of the All-Star Game is not something he likes to participate in. Because the All-Star Game is completely performance-oriented, the rules of the game are not very strict. The two sides of the game will not enter the game like the official game. It is completely on the stage and plays against the audience. So Ye Xiu is hiding behind the stage every time. Anyway, e-sports, a computer, a network cable is equivalent to the competition venue, and it is not on the stage. It really does not affect the quality of the game.

The All-Star Game is always invited to participate, but never came to the stage. Ye Xiu is the only one. It has also become a landscape of the All-Star Game in several sessions. This year’s All-Star Game is finally missing this landscape, which has even become a gimmick in the promotion of this All-Star Game.

Ye Xiu is so easy to escape the All-Star Game this event, I can’t think of Chen Guo actually got a ticket and asked him to go. However, it used to be a direct participant. This time it was used as an off-site audience. It didn’t matter if you think about it, so you don’t want to smash Chen Guo’s kindness.

Chen Guo apparently did not think that there would be people who played glory will refuse such a business trip, so it was completely informed that Ye Xiu did not discuss the meaning, and then did not pay attention to the reluctance of Ye Xiu, has already arranged this Three people at the weekend did not work at the Internet cafe.

Three tickets are naturally three people. Ye Xiu, Chen Guo, the other person is of course Tang Rou, this time already knows, but the performance is still calm, it is clear that she is not such a fanatical glory powder.

After Ye Xiu played the game on this side, he played for a while and saw the wind and smoke of Su Mu Orange jumping on the line.

“Going to the city tomorrow!” Su Mu Orange sent a message. Su Mu Orange’s technical strength, saying that he can squeeze 24 of all professional players, is still quite controversial. But the All-Star Game, not the technical strength, to be popular, in this regard Su Mu Orange has always been the darling of the glory powder, from the first day of the professional players, it is also back to the selection of 24 all-star.

“Well, I will go too.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Ah? You have to go? Are they looking for you?” Su Mu Orange asked.

“What? Who is looking for me?” Ye Xiu wondered.

“This is the All-Star Weekend. I hope that you can attend the invitation in a special way, so I have contact with Jiashi. The manager also asked me if I can contact you. I ignored him.” Mu orange back.

“Oh, not this… I bought the ticket.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Buy tickets… you really have a heart!”

“Where, our boss, I have three tickets and asked us to come.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, let’s be an audience!”


“Is it different?”


“I also want to be an audience.”

“Regeneration of a disease?” Ye Xiu suggested.

“I am afraid this time.” Su Mu orange made a depressed expression. In the team, she said that she was sick, and everyone who knew it was an excuse, but she did not care. This all-star event is an informal event, but it is definitely a formal event, sick? That is also to tell the evidence.

“You can do it.” Ye Xiu is of course very clear. This kind of formal activity is not easy to escape without proper reasons. If you don’t want to participate in the All-Star, Ye Xiu is not the only one, but everyone still has to catch up. The ducks are on the shelves.

After chatting with Su Mu Orange, everyone continued to play quietly. All-star weekends are all people who have participated in many times, and it’s not a big surprise. That is Chen Guo, I just looked at the broadcast before. For her, going to the scene to see the financial resources is not a problem, but there is no companion before, so I am too lazy to go. Now that Ye Xiu and Tang Rou have been trained, they have decisively made three tickets and are ready to join in the fun.

One day passed on Thursday, and the three-person plane arrived in the city on Friday afternoon. Hotel Chen Guo has also been set. She and Tang Rou both, Ye Xiu is a cheaper, one person.

After a little cleaning up, Chen Guo has come over and yelled. The All-Star Weekend, it was not only one day, it was a two-and-a-half-day event. It’s going to start on Friday night, and Chen Guo can’t wait. I took two people out and went to study the map along the way. I didn’t study it for a long time. So, Ye Xiugang had to talk. Chen Guo had decided decisively: taking a taxi.

As a result, this taxi driver is clearly not a glorious fan. The game of “reincarnation club” is obviously not an iconic place in his mind. After listening to it, he was anxious. After confirming these words repeatedly to Chen Guo, he asked very awkwardly: “Do you know how to go?”

Chen Guo vomits blood, she just doesn’t know how to take a taxi.

“Not far from this.” Chen Guo is vague. Not far from being true, she decided this hotel is near the reincarnation club.

“Or… a few change cars? I have never heard of this place.” The driver is quite sincere.

Chen Guo is very depressed and is preparing to greet the two to get off the bus. Ye Xiu has put his head together: “Just along Changde Road, turn left at Zhaojiaqiao, and the intersection will arrive.”

“Oh, there!” The driver master heard it and immediately understood that all the way down the throttle, on the road.

Chen Guo is looking back and forth: “Where is that?”

“Reincarnation club!” said Ye Xiu.

“Have you been here?” Chen Guo asked, and suddenly remembered: “Oh, forget, although you are a small character, but always follow the team back and forth? Are the clubs all gone? ?”

“Yes, yeah…” Ye Xiu nodded.

“Then you will not say it!” Chen Guo said.

“I am going to say it…” Ye Xiu said.

As the car has been on the road, Chen Guo will not care. The car was driven by Ye Xiu and it was not too far. Just when I was approaching my destination, the car was still open. The driver’s master probed out and looked at the long-lost car, and he was stunned: “How can it be so blocked?”

Obviously, the driver master is very understanding of the traffic jam on this section.

“Can you lean on the front? Let us go!” said Ye Xiu.

So the three of them finally got off the bus here, looking at the long car dragon, Chen Guofeidan is not depressed, but it is a brow dance: “Oh yeah! This is because of the All-Star Game? It’s very lively, you see.”

“Yes!” Ye Xiu certainly knows this reason. Experienced people, such an event is definitely not driving by themselves, coming and going will be blocked and half dead, and in the end it is very likely that no parking space can be found.

“Lead the way!” Chen Guo waved his hand and knew that after Ye Xiu knew the road, she had been pinching the map in her hand and immediately threw the trash can.

Ye Xiu left and right to see, he really knows the road, with two people, it will not arrive. Admission has already begun in an orderly manner, crowded into the crowd, and the three quickly entered the reincarnation venue.

This e-sports venue is no smaller than the average stadium. The biggest difference is that there are much more electronic displays hanging on the playing field.

Watching live TV, you can only follow the screen of the guide switch. At the scene, each contestant’s main point of view will have a special display to display, and then, the viewing of a variety of perspectives, all have, but also there are also broadcast images, and some wonderful slow release. Looking at the scene is the real all-round appreciation of a game.

The difference between glory and e-sports, the scene and the broadcast is even greater than the difference between traditional sports. Such as football basketball, the scene is an atmosphere, and this e-sports, in addition to the atmosphere, this all-round display mode, but it is not possible to have a broadcast.

Especially in the team game, once the five characters catch up and kill in five places, it is really painful for the broadcast. Although it is also possible to cut five pictures at the same time, but… an important explanation in the broadcast, it is impossible to simultaneously issue five sounds to comment on five scenes? How to choose when it is time, it is really tangled.

Now, the five-on-five team competition is just to take care of the TV broadcast, and there has been no limit on the number of team battles. After all, TV broadcasts provide a lot of publicity and income for glory, and the high number of people will be mixed, which will lead to inconvenient broadcast, and can not fully express the quality and excitement of the game.

When you embark on the business action model, there are always things to consider.


Unconsciously, there are already three hundred chapters! On Monday, the *** ticket was once again on the list… Comrades, fired at me!

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