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Chapter 30 Double brush hidden

Chapter 30—Double Open Brush Hidden

Shen Yu is undoubtedly a very clever newcomer. From the beginning of the copy, he will remain quiet, listen carefully to the command, and perform it earnestly. Although it is inevitable that mistakes will be made as a newcomer, I always apologize for the first time, and everyone is not good at accusing. Speaking of it, when Shen Yu made a mistake, Tian Tian and his three men were even more nervous than her. They were afraid that the master brother would be impatient! Many masters are very impatient with such newcomers.

However, after half a copy, Tian Qi three people are relieved. The level of the master is so high, but it is not the kind of master who they imagined. For the newcomer, his patience is even more than that of Tianqi. For some instructions that Shen Yu can’t understand, the master brother will even explain her specific terms.

But with such a new person, the efficiency of brushing the copy is just that. Tian Qi and others did not care if they saw the master brother, and they ignored it. While playing the blame and helping to teach Xiaobai, it is also fun.

After a chat, I realized that Shen Yu was the first copy. She has been doing the task all the way up, the clear can be cleared, there is a bunch of tasks that need to be completed in the copy, this is the copy of the mixed team, the result is mixed with such a famous team Naturally, it is a surprise.

Under the guidance of the master, a round of copies ends, and in another round, Shen Yu has become more and more similar. She just didn’t play the glory, not the little white that has never touched the game.

Finally, after several rounds of copying, Jun Moxiao and Tian Qi, they all rose up to 20, Shen Yu ranks a little worse, this time still in 19 efforts. Ye Xiu saw, simply took the team to brush a few rounds, even Shen Yu also brought to the 20th level.

In the meantime, there were two hidden bosses, and Ye Xiu led the team to kill. But today I haven’t seen any equipment above the purple orange, just some rare materials. Shen Yu’s newcomers certainly don’t know that these materials are actually the most valuable thing in the low-level copy, just staring at those equipments. However, Tian Qi and others were embarrassed and wretched when they were sitting in the town, and explained the value of these things to Shen Yu. As a result, Shen Yuzhen was too clever, and he chose to give up because he was a newcomer and he did not use the materials.

Tian Qi and others immediately improved the sister’s feelings by a hundred times, saying that she would remember her and sell it later.

“Okay, then you are busy, I am going.” A copy of Ye Xiu and four people greeted.

“Master brother, are you not going to change jobs?” At the 20th level, all the people have to do is to change jobs and then leave the novice village.

“Not busy, let’s go first!”

“The master brother, we will contact again.” Tian Qi said.

“Goodbye goodbye!” Shen Yu has been mixed with a few people at this time is half-baked. And I have been listening to Tian Qi and others about the mighty deeds of Jun Moxiao, and finally called the title of the Great God.

Ye Xiu smiled and said goodbye to the four. The four people went back to the novice village to pick up the transfer task. Ye Xiu made Jun Moxiao go to the copy of Green’s Forest. He turned and put Chen Guo’s account card into the log, and the fifth level of this tenth district was changed. Haze is logged into the game.

Yes, although glory can not be doubled, but if there are two computers, no one can stop you if you play two numbers. This is the idea of ​​Ye Xiu, as long as two or more, then it is a team, there is a chance to hide. Ye Xiu also needs to play some materials in the night cat demon!

The first one, no hidden, Ye Xiu did not say anything, just exit the copy. The two characters become the endangered mode, the endangered mode of life is completely emptied, all attributes are reduced by 80%, basically a waste person, need to rest for ten minutes to recover. But how to say it is faster than breaking through the copy. Green’s Sen Jun Mo Xiao is already inexperienced. In this case, I was practicing with the haze, but Chen Guo said that it was casual, so Ye Xiu was so casual.

Get up and smoke, drink saliva, walk around and move around, and return to Jun Moxiao and Yanxia have been restored. After entering the copy, there is no hidden, Ye Xiu once again decisively opt out.

If it is ten minutes, it will be six times an hour. Otherwise, if you only brush Greenson, how should you spend 15-20 minutes, the time saved is still very significant. However, this method is also enough for the novice village. Regular copies after the novice village are limited in number. Five times a day, three times a day, or even once a day, once a week, are limited.

This ten-minute leaf repair run to see the Raiders, these early things really forgot a lot, always go to the copy and go to see the Raiders is not a problem.

Ten minutes passed, and then into the Green Forest, still no hidden. Ye Xiu is not in a hurry, withdraw from the Raiders.

Fourth, fifth time…

Ye Xiu’s character seems to have been defeated on the first day, and five copies of the copy were actually hidden. Finally, for the sixth time, the system issued a reminder of Ye Xiu’s long-awaited night cat demon. Ye Xiu took a breath and started to play. In theory, it is useless to come in from the haze. It is OK to quit or throw it into the entrance. However, Ye Xiu thought that it is also necessary to hit the book anyway, simply with eating experience. So start the two operations, first put the haze out of the position, Jun Mo laughed and then brought it to the effective range to kill the experience of eating haze. For a while, for a while, I was very busy.

The Internet cafes who went to the toilet in the middle of the night passed the bar and saw this look stunned.

“Man, you play, even if you play two games, it’s too fierce, you?”

Ye Xiu turned his head and smiled at the people, and did not speak. The operation here continued. As long as the night cat demon comes out, the rest is not suspenseful. The things that Ye Xiu needs are 100% off, and the character is to decide the quantity. At the moment when the explosion broke out, Ye Xiu’s character burned again. The night cat nails he needed fell four times. Plus two of the first time, there are already six, this thing Ye Xiu needs a total of eight, and then brush out once is enough.

Ye Xiu, who finished the night cat demon, retired directly and retired. Continue the infinite brush to hide Dafa for ten minutes.

No, not twice. When Ye Xiu came back for the third time to prepare for the fight with the character, he suddenly found a system message to be processed. Clicking on it, the system prompts the player Blue River to apply for you as a friend, whether to agree.

Blue River? Who is that? Ye Xiu looked at the vicinity of Jun Moxiao, did not find such a name of the player, but want to come to see himself a 20-level number standing outside the Green Forest, so I want to add a friend to bring. Ye Xiu casually ignored it, and found that there is still one, and then, again, still, and…

With a little bit of gas, in this ten minutes, this man named Lanhe was unwilling to send 18 applications to Jun Mo.

Neglect is not a rejection, and neglected news can be re-proposed to operate. Ye Xiu felt the perseverance of this person, so he pulled out a message and clicked on it.

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