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Chapter 292 After crazy

Chapter 292 After Crazy

After the Christmas event ended, the world channel was noisy for a while, and soon it gradually returned to calm. Most of the players insisted until the early hours of the morning, and then the end of the mission, in exchange for the reward, they will be off the assembly line.

Except for the rewards for the stolen gifts, and finally the Christmas gifts in exchange for all the points, is the final reward of the event. This reward is obviously much more rewarding than the gift of the stolen gift. At zero o’clock, when the players get the final Christmas gift to start splitting, the system announcement in the news channel is almost too busy, and the full version of the screen is announced to reward the player.

After Tang Rou got this Christmas gift, he gave it away. Huaguang flashed, and her Christmas gift, which was exchanged for a large number of points, had a lot of experience value, and the cold smoke and softness directly entered the 38th level. In addition, it also opened to a red-hot orange martial art: the battle mage 40-level orange spear light double-edged.

A double-edged light, level 40.

The weight is 3.3 kg and the attack speed is 1.

Physical attack 470, spell attack 355.

In addition, the additional strength of 15 points, the fire attribute dapple skill level +2, the attack 3% probability to make the target into a burning state.

Looking at this weapon, Tang Rou took another look at the 30-level Ziwu Red Moon Spear, which is currently used by Han Yanrou, physical attack 330, and spell attack 250.

“Good things!” Even Tang Rou saw it.

“I actually opened to Orange Wu, the character is good!” Chen Guo is also admired. For her who already has a full-scale number, the 40-level Orange Wu will not go to the eye. However, this luck that can be opened to Orange Wu is in any case worthy of praise.

Jun Mo laughed here, and of course the spree was already redeemed. However, looking at the words “Christmas gifts”, Chen Guo hesitated a little, but it was to close the inventory and directly withdraw Jun Moxiao from the game.

Back to her haze, the points earned during the event are naturally impossible and wake up.

The sun shone in from the poor little window in his room, not strong enough, but it was enough to make a beam of light in his small light storage room.

The dust in the light column floated, and the person sitting on the sofa watching TV was still brushing his teeth.

“I used the restroom?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Hey.” Chen Guo got up, rushed into the washroom, slammed the mouth off, wiped the white bubble on his mouth and walked away quietly: “Use it!”

“Yeah.” Ye Xiu went inside.

“I didn’t open your Christmas present, don’t forget to open it yourself.” Chen Guo confessed.

“Good.” Ye Xiu nodded.

When he washed it out, Chen Guo had already turned off the TV and left. Tangrou’s room door was open and no one was there. Ye Xiu immediately went out of the room and came to the Internet cafe.


And the staff in the Internet cafes greeted, Ye Xiu saw Tang soft Chen Guo have been sitting in their game-specific position. Ye Xiu slipped in and said hello to the two, but he did not sit down: “I went to the smoking area!”

“Yeah.” Of course, Chen Guo will not stop. Yesterday was only a special case, and this was tolerated. The smell of smoke is always something she hates.

Early in the morning, the Internet cafe was very empty. Ye Xiu randomly found a location and swiped the game into the game.

When I got on the line, I immediately received the news of the buns invasion, and I was crying!

“What is going on with the boss? Why is it that overnight, are you not level 37 or level 38?” The message of the buns invaded followed by eight crying expressions.

“Christmas activities, where have you been in these two days?” Ye Xiu replied.

“I am also a Christmas event!” said the buns.

“Well? I didn’t see you on the line!”

“What am I doing on the line? I and a few brothers spent the whole day drinking the day before, and they were so drunk. I slept for a day yesterday. Today, when I come to the game, how can it be different? How many days have I slept? “The buns invade the news.

Ye Xiu was speechless, and the Christmas event of the intimidation of the bun was offline. He couldn’t help but replied: “There are also Christmas activities in the game. The upgrade is very fast. We are all in the event.”

“There is such a thing!” The buns invaded.

“This kind of festival, there will be activities in the game!” Ye Xiu thinks that the buns are also old players, and they don’t know this.

“Yeah! How can I forget it?” The buns invaded suddenly realized, such as the death test, and then cried.

“You can practice it!” The gap has been opened. What can Ye Xiu say?

“Boss, I will give you a call, next time you have such an emergency, you summon me!” The buns invade.

“Yes!” Ye Xiu promised, and immediately wrote down a mobile phone number that the buns invaded and lost, and the buns invaded and cried to level up.

Ye Xiu opened the bar of Jun Mo’s smile and saw the Christmas gift left in it.

Huaguang. Jun Mo laughs that this Christmas gift and the cold smoke are not much different in the points. The experience is worth rewarding. This split, Jun Mo laughter also rose to 38.

In addition, it has also received the same award on the TV, the 40th level of the claws of the orange.

The claws belong to the fighting system and are usually weapons that the rogue profession likes to use. This claw of the afterimage is used as the orange weapon, and the attribute is naturally not to be said. However, there is no direct use for Ye Xiu to upgrade the thousand aircraft umbrella. Ye Xiu immediately sent a message to the buns to invade, showing the attributes of the claws of this afterimage.

“Ah, ah! Boss!!” The buns invaded and screamed.

“Refueling upgrade! It is yours to the 40th level.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Immediately!” The buns invaded.

Ye Xiu laughed off the chat window. At this time, Jun Moxiao’s character is still in the city of sin. At present, the level of 38 is not the leapfrog area, but at this time there are many things on the body and the load is too high. It must be cleaned up.

After returning to the main city, I went straight to the warehouse. On the road, Ye Xiu also pays careful attention to see if there is any special attention from the major guilds.

Don’t look at the fun of everyone’s cooperation at the Christmas event yesterday, but this page has been revealed from 0:00 in the morning, what is next or what. Those guilds, are they not opponents? Last night, 12 cooperations did not show any trouble, but it was impossible for such a cooperation. The deadly enemies such as Lanxi Pavilion and Zhongcaotang turned their enemies into friends.

Ye Xiu, in the minds of the major guilds, returned to the guy who would plunder their copy records. Especially now that the level of Junmo laughs even with them, I am afraid it will cause them to fear.

However, after Ye Xiu’s observation, I found no difference. After returning to the warehouse, the materials were sorted out. At this level of level 38, the thousand umbrellas can be upgraded again. The materials needed, Ye Xiu were directly imported into the equipment editor. However, although he has a lot of materials here, he needs to upgrade from 25 to 35, but it is not complete. The difference may be to run the market. Maybe, then, research and sales?

Ye Xiu thought, but turned over the copy of the record list, this look, but was taken aback. The first-line canyon and the flame forest, the two copies of the copy at this time can be really scary.


The first is coming! Today’s three is a bit more difficult.

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