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Chapter 276 Jun Moxiao in the net

Jun Moxiao in the second hundred and seventy-sixth chapter

Sin City.

The thunder bombs still shine in the sky from time to time, and the drizzle is still flowing.

Jun Mo laughed and cold smoke ran in the corner of the city, each looking for a Christmas thief. Ye Xiu and Tang Rou are quietly swearing their keyboards and mice, but nothing else.

Chen Guo, who was sitting between the two, was also running and running, running and running in the wildness of the field of God.


The haze broke into a pit.

“Rely!” Chen Guo yelled as he hurriedly rushed out of the pit. At this point her attention is really not concentrated. Only one pk, the most nervous, most excited and most excited, actually she is this bystander. At the end of the two battles, they calmly continued their mission. Chen Guo had nothing to say and he was confused.

No way, she can’t force the two to be as excited as she is.

The helpless Chen Guo swallowed a slobber and continued to turn aimlessly. Four Christmas thieves… This is her so far. Killing three in the previous hour is a good luck for a normal player. However, this hour, because of the visit to the two-player game, has been a bit absent-minded. Except for the one found before, there was no more.

Occasionally, when it was discovered, it was always because of the lack of concentration, and was robbed by other players.

When the encounter was robbed, Chen Guo walked silently. But she does not mean that everyone does this. Killing people and blaming such things, all the way to the place. Before Chen Guo killed four Christmas thieves, it was a little trouble, and it was not easy.

In the realm of God, it is a world of extreme food. Here pk does not have any system punishment, and the murder will be higher regardless of the loss of experience or the explosive rate of the item. The murder is more and more, and it is constantly being performed every day in the field of God.

There may be a lot of players dissatisfied with the realm of the gods, but the field of God is not forcing players to enter. Players have the right to choose. However, the field of God has better equipment, more materials, stronger bosses, and harder copies, tempting players to break into.

If you can withstand the temptation, then you can continue to play in the 1 2 3 5 6 6 8 district. In the official *** content, these non-God areas are constantly adding new things, never left cold.

Chen Guo prefers some of the realm of God. This is a dangerous place that can always happen, which makes her feel more exciting. Although she was once attacked and fired out of the equipment for a week, she didn’t want to play games, and even wanted to go back to the old district, but it didn’t take long before she would creep back into the realm of God. This land has such magic.

But at this time, Chen Guo did not like the field of God. She pressed the forward button, and turned to the left for a while, and her fingers were numb. What about her side? The left and right are the sounds of the keyboard and the mouse, and you don’t have to look at it to know that the two are always busy.

In their new district, there are few local players like Sin City. It is rare to have a situation where there are more porridges. These two people can hardly see a Christmas thief and then go to kill. With such a contrast, let Chen Guo at this time still like the land of God.

Running, running, running…

This time, I finally didn’t fall into the big pit, but the Christmas thief still couldn’t get it. Chen Guo looked around from time to time. Gradually, she suddenly found that Ye Xiu on the right was quiet.

Just like myself, it seems to just follow the move, turn left, turn right, stupid.

Chen Guo began to look at Ye Xiu again without looking at his screen.

Jun Mo laughed like her haze, running through the street, looking at the radar like looking around. The Christmas thief seems to suddenly become less, or is it that the player has become more?

The place where Jun Mo laughed and ran, often the Christmas thief has been killed, or just rushed past, someone has already killed.

Of course, Ye Xiu did not go to kill and blame as Jianqi pointed out. He could only turn around and look for it. The result is always the same as before.

Chen Guo began to look at his for half an hour, and in the end he only killed two Christmas thieves.

For Ye Xiu, who is a big sin in the city of sin, killing 14 in an hour, two in half an hour, this is not enough.

Perhaps for ordinary players, this is not bad. But for a rocket-like name on the list, this score is going backwards. This can be seen from the list. In the past half an hour, Jun Moxiao’s ranking does not go backwards.

“You are too crazy, the system has been adjusted?” Chen Guo suddenly said.

After Ye Xiu looked at her sideways, she shook her head and said, “It’s a bit wrong.”

“How is it wrong?” Chen Guo asked.

Ye Xiu did not answer, but continued to be patient and let Jun Mo laugh around.

Of course, Chen Guo also knows that her “system adjustment” is not true, because Tang Rou on her left is still busy. It’s hard to make this adjustment just for Jun Mo’s failure. Where did he adjust when he went?

Chen Guo himself was obviously unable to find a stalemate for a Christmas thief for a long time. At this time, it was the situation of the more gossip Ye Xiu, and he looked more heartily.

It was a full turn for half an hour. This time it was even worse than before, only one was killed.

Three Christmas thieves in an hour, this is the result of Chen Guo.

Chen Guo did not care about gloating, she also felt that something was wrong, Tang Rou can be busy for half an hour!

“I was surrounded.” Facing Chen Guo’s doubtful eyes, Ye Xiu said.


“Well, I always follow some people around me.” Ye Xiu ordered a character not far from the front of the Christmas thief. “They have a net around me, and my position is moving in the whole. They will walk in advance in the neighborhood around me. If there is a Christmas thief, take it away or kill it, so I rarely can kill it. “”

“Can this be done?” Chen Guofa said.

“Many people, I just counted, there are 25 people.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo knows that Ye Xiu’s turn is not as lucky as his own. After feeling that something was wrong, his entanglement was already under observation. Through this half-hour observation, I got this conclusion.

“Kill him!” Chen Guo said.

“So fierce?” Ye Xiu laughed.

“People don’t commit me, I don’t commit crimes.” Chen Guo said her principles.

“Then I am going to kill and see?” Ye Xiu is asking for advice.

“Go on!” Chen Guo is like giving instructions.

So Ye Xiu commanded Jun Mo Xiao rushed on, and when the number of people in the distance was there, the guy simply did not kill, and turned around and ran.

The Christmas thief is of course chasing him. However, this distance has already begun to run, and Ye Xiu is a means of getting through the sky and it is difficult to chase it.

Chen Guo is also stunned.

“The preparation is very full!” Ye Xiu felt with emotion. He looked at the Christmas hunter list and saw that it was only half an hour. The ranking was naturally a big retrogression.

Ye Xiu flipped the list to the first page.

“Wow, the Jiawang Dynasty is mighty!” Chen Guo blurted out, and the row of fifteen dynasty players was too bright.

Ye Xiu smiled and said nothing. Chen Guo would praise the Jia Dynasty. He was not surprised. The big fans of Jiashi, of course, preferred the Jia Dynasty in the game.

However, Chen Guo himself has already returned to taste.

This kind of conscience does not want to let Ye Xiu kill the Christmas thief, of course, because the two sides have a competitive relationship. But the Sin City players have fewer thieves, and they simply can’t compete. So the competition is only in other places. The competition for Christmas thieves, and where there is, is the list.

The ability to use such power is definitely the guild power. Ye Xiu’s Jun Mo laughed without a guild, Chen Guo saw it, so it can only be a competition on the individual list. Personal list, do the guild also need to suppress someone? But when I saw the top fifteen of the list, Chen Guo faintly understood.

However, even if Ye Xiu’s Jun Mo smiles very quickly, he will squeeze them out, but they still have at least 14 people who will not move. Is it necessary to keep the top fifteen in the same color?

This point Chen couldn’t figure out because she didn’t know the detailed situation in the tenth district. Chen Yehui’s worries are not awkward, and if Jun Moxiao really stepped on the list, it is very likely that they will soon become a gray-faced one. At that time, the rookies who don’t understand the world know who will say something yin and yang.

What are the fears of Lanxi Pavilion and Domineering?

Chen Yehui’s faculty rushed to the 10th district, but it was not a tragedy.

“These people are the Jia Dynasty?” Chen Guo said with some doubts.

“It looks like it.” Ye Xiu said.

“What hatred do you have with them?” Chen Guo did not understand the big situation in the 10th district, so he could only understand that there was hatred and could not accommodate Ye Xiu.

“Speaking long.” Ye Xiu said.

“What do you do now?” Chen Guo asked.

“Well, let me think about it.” Ye Xiu said.

“Well done well!” On the other hand, Chen Yehui always pays attention to the list from time to time. Jun Moxiao’s ranking began to retreat. Naturally, the actions he sent received the effect. I have been watching the effect for an hour, and Jun Moxiao has been steadily declining. Chen Yehui is very pleased to give the award to Jianqi.

“Oh, small meaning.” Sword gas is of course to be modest, but my heart is not proud of this careful arrangement.

“What kind of reaction does that guy?” asked Chen Yehui.

“I have been stunned for an hour, as if I have just noticed it.” There is already some contempt for Ye Qiu’s IQ in the words of Jianqi.

“Then he will probably take action and pay more attention.”

“Okay, I am waiting, one of the four tactical masters of glory. In fact, I have always wanted to have the opportunity to compete with them and see how tactics they call tactics.” Let the spirit of the sword spurt the wind.


The third is even more hot, everyone applauded!

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