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Chapter 274 Battle to the end

The 247th chapter is the battle to the end

Tang soft Su Mu Orange combined force, it is hard to clear the more than ten leapfrog residents and Christmas thieves together. Among them, Tang Rou is still the main force. With the cold smoke and softness of the full-scale fighters’ will, the attacking power displayed is naturally incomparable to the gunners of the same class.

The mobs were cleaned up, and the Christmas thief was chased back to the stolen gift. Tang Rou controlled the cold smoke and softly chased the sword wind.

It is also the seventh stage of the player’s will, coupled with the movement speed of the non-attribute dazzle, the movement speed of the cold smoke is 30% faster than normal! This sword gas is still twisted and twisted there, and it is quickly caught up by the cold smoke that straightens up straight.

Jianqi pointed out that he was very self-righteous and regarded Ye Qiu’s Jun Moxiao as a big enemy. As a result, Jun Moxiao just smashed four mobs and played with him. At this time, it is really difficult for him, but it is Tang Rou who was previously counted by him.

Along with the red mans!

When Jian Qi pointed out that he wanted to hide, it was already late.

The red moon spear sent a slap in the sky, and the sword gas seemed to float up, and the body even turned around and turned to look at the shape behind him.

The red moon spear was “retracted”, but it was already more powerfully drilled. A spear slammed into the chest, and when he picked up the sword, he fell heavily on the ground.

The direction of Chad is also very particular. Tang Rou eats a long, wise, and pays attention to whether this attack will attract the hatred of the mobs. This round dance stick is clean and neat, and the shock wave does not hurt the resident mobs that are chasing the sword.

The swordsman’s finger was turned to the ground by the spear. The four resident mobs took the opportunity to fly around and were not at all polite. And in no way pay attention to the routines and means of attack, pointing to or holding on to the squatting of the sword, using the system’s judgment: this is called sweeping attack.

The sword gas is like being hungry by a hungry wolf. It is instantly surrounded by these four, and only a head is exposed, it looks very weak.

Sword gas struggled to throw a sword, opened a mob, a roll and climbed up. For a while, his life has been bullied by half of the four mobs. But before I came and took a breather, the cold and soft spear had already rushed to him. However, this time Jianqi pointed out that he was prepared, but he jumped over. But Tang Rou will stop, and a blow is like a blow. The four resident mobs now seem to be in a sigh of relief in Tang’s eyes, helping her to clean up this guy.

Sword gas pointed to the life of a bit of being searched, beaten and beaten, escaped and did not escape, the angle of left turn, turn right, it is expected to come to heaven to save the rescue.

As a result, I heard that there was a loud noise in the sky. Sword gas refers to the perspective of the lift, there is someone on the opposite side of the house, but not his brother, it is the wind and smoke.

His ammunition brothers were twice rushed back to the street, but persevered, and again flew up. The result was worse than the previous two. This flew up, fell, just turned around, and saw the muzzle of the black hole directly on the face, directly kissed a cannonball, and even pushed the bomb, the ammunitionist’s foot did not stand still and went on again. . This time, Su Mu Orange no longer has to pay attention to the other, and concentrate on standing on the roof against the guy.

One-on-one, one side is a player, and one side is a professional player. The ending is not difficult to imagine.

On the side of Ye Xiu, Jun Mo laughed forward, but he took the initiative to stop the few players who came to support the street.

These people are of course the masters of the Jia Dynasty. They also know that Jun Mo laughs badly, but they don’t know that this is Ye Qiu. If you know that Jun Moxiao is so powerful to this top level, they will definitely not come back to death at this time.

What is the difference between a professional player and a normal player? This is because it is not easy to make an accurate answer because everyone is different. However, in the propaganda or some activities of the various clubs, there are occasional performances of professional players, inviting ordinary players to play a few hands, one to play a few, that is nothing to say.

At this time, the Jiawang rushing players, a total of five people, the other side is the top of the professional players, this battle, really no suspense.

However, these five people don’t know, they only have to be very angry, so they are very careful and care about the enemy. They never thought that the gap between the two sides is not the same as they are careful and cautious. .

In the middle of the street, Ye Xiu took a pair of five, but he took the initiative to attack. Jun Mo laughed and rushed, and the remote professional began to attack the sniper, but was easily solved by Ye Xiu. The speed of approaching came up with the surprise of five people. The melee professional quickly prepared for the move, and Jun Mo laughed and released the knife.

The sword is swept, like Ye Xiu, the vertical role skips the knife, the hand is fast, the eye must be accurate, but it can be done by personally. Even in the minds of ordinary players, jumping is not a means of escaping the sword. Their most common technique is to retire.

Although the jump is also a jump, it is actually used as a retreat. At this time, several people wanted to use this method to hide the sword. Their reaction was not slow, but their calculations were not as good as those of Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu’s knife was so early that their reaction was to jump back. So the distance of this sword is just right. The technique of jumping back is a little bit worse. However, this subtle gap is generally unrecognizable. Several people think that they can escape. In the end, they are all in the middle. After the jump was swept by the sword, this jump seemed to jump farther.

At this time, it can appear in the city of sin, but it is not weak. Several people have been cut off, but they have done quite beautifully. After landing, they have already got up.

In the next second, they saw themselves in the blue light and skyrocketed, and their bodies drifted into the air along with the light.

Ascend to heaven!

When a few people realize it, look at the one in the perspective of the other side, which is not moving at all. It is obviously just a shadow, but what about the real body?

Of course, the real body is under them. At this time, the weapon is being lifted. “砰砰” has two consecutive shots, and one person who has risen has been beaten out. With the weapon, I became a spear, and when I mentioned it, I flew again. Turning around, waving his arm, the deafening voice is another crash. Turning again, the spear squats, but it is changed back to the gun form, “bang and bang” three sounds, an anti-tank gun skill, three rounds of shells pushed one out.

Just a time when the sky was rising, Ye Xiu completed four attacks and scams. From the ups and downs, the accurate attack reached four people. The brothers who were still together suddenly flew to the square. . The only one who fell back to the original place was a remote career, and Jun Mo laughed and screamed at the sea.

The four who landed, but repeated the previous story of the sword. The residents of the city of sin are surrounded by the mobs, and one person has a follow-up.

For a time, did you first take care of yourself, or go to the rescue of the remote that was killed, or to save the sword that is already dead?

Choose! A tough choice! But they didn’t have a hard time, because Tangrou took the lead to help them eliminate an option.

According to Jianqi, to tell the truth, it is really one-on-one. With his experience and more skillful techniques, he may not lose to Tang Rou who is only a quick ***.

Unfortunately, he has too many eyes and must play that means. Now he was repaired by Ye, and he was riddled with mobs; Tang Rou was also forced to use a stolen gift. At this time, the cold smoke soft possesses the will of the fighters, and the attack is fast and embarrassing. It is impossible to deal with the single-handed swordsmanship, not to mention the four assistants.


Sword gas is thinking.

He had already made this determination before, but the result was a misspelled object. This time, I made up my mind, and I already had a few points in the momentum. I tried to fight, but I was desperate to kill myself.

The sword is referring to this hang, and the meaning of the five come over is completely gone. I quickly tried to save the guy who was being beaten by Jun Moxiao, but I knew it was easy. It was difficult to walk at this time.

Tang Rou has already cleaned up the sword and pointed out that Su Mu Orange is the next to kill the ammunitionist. At this time, with three enemies and five, even a little suspense did not leave the other party.

Only a moment, the first person of the other party has fallen.

Followed by the second person, the third person…

Sword gas is dead. The brothers he recruited eventually did not live. In the street in the drizzle, the cold smoke and softness stood as tenaciously as before. She stood at the end because there were two more partners around her.

“Hey, really!!” Chen Guo, who witnessed the whole process, finally commented. Not only the culprit, but even the possible accomplices are killing a clean, and it is completely one-sided crushing, this pk, this is to see people feel comfortable.

Chen Guo is excited, super regret that the gunner in the screen is not her own, she has been a lot of yearning to fight with Ye Xiu and Tang Roo side by side.

What about these two people? This wonderful battle, must be very excited at this time?

Chen Guo looked at the right side, and the result was that Ye Xiu’s look was very calm. No, this is not even calm, it is simply that Lai Yangyang can not afford to. This guy squatted as if he was going to squat on the table. He was not at all spiritual. A piece of mud could not help the wall, and people looked at it.

“It’s okay, keep on the task!” said Ye Xiu.

“Oh!!” Tang Rou sighed.

Finished? That’s it? ? ?

Chen Guo can’t believe it. After such a pk end, there is no point in communication. So calmly go to the task? This has to change myself, so that a battle that has been ups and downs and finally won a full victory is enough to chat with the partner for a week.


*** Start, the first!

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