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Chapter 268 Treacherous stalker

The 268th chapter of the treacherous slayer

The players continue to rush in the task. For these lists, the vast majority of players will also pay attention, just in the eyes, but it is three-point envy, three-pointed, plus three points of bitterness.

On this list, no matter the character or the technology, the players will not care too much. What they know is that the players on this list will definitely get more Christmas gifts than they are. This result is what everyone cares most.

After that, these players who are strong in strength or luck will get more generous gifts, so they are stronger and have better luck. It is really helpless to think about it.

The players on the list, counting their own *** at this time, are trying harder to keep. In this process, strength will gradually become a more reliable guarantee.

By luck, players who find Christmas thieves to kill the list during this time, it is impossible to maintain such a character. In such a long-term activity, the only thing that can finally exist is the strength of the players.

Being able to chase the Christmas thief in the city of sin is undoubtedly a kind of strength, and it is a strong one in the new district. Tang Rou continued to work hard, and the *** on the list finally began to continually ***.

Some players who rely on luck to find Christmas thieves are finally out of date when they are out of luck. They are defeated by Tang Rou in the city of sin, and they always have stable gains.





***According to the points, and the points are not a number, the Christmas thiefs that Tang Rou killed, because of the different levels of the conversion of different points, so each kill one, the promotion of the rankings will always have a few, even more than a dozen . In this way, step by step, let Tang Rou more and more fighting spirit, left hand support keyboard, right hand to catch the mouse, eyes staring at the screen, one second will not move. In the meantime, Chen Guo had talked with her twice, and Tang soft did not hear it. Her world has come all in the list of games.

This kind of thing on the list sometimes has this inexplicable attraction.


Tang Rou is getting used to the drizzle of the city of sin, and is increasingly adapting to the goal in this somewhat vague vision. In the distant rain and fog, a less clear figure, Tang Rou has already identified it as a Christmas thief, and immediately directed the cold smoke to rush forward.

At the same time, at the other end of the street, there was also a figure flashing out and rushing towards the Christmas thief. In the running, a light sword is dragged on the side of the body. In the misty rain, the shining lightsaber is easily recognizable.

Tang Rou has already seen it at a glance, and how to know the meaning of this person. It has been so long in the city of sin, and other players have encountered it, but it is the first time that two people are aiming at a target.

Of course, Tang Rou will not give in, and chose the shortest and straightforward route to go straight to the Christmas thief. Originally, she needed to evade a sin city resident, but at this time she did not care much about it.

The inhabitants of the Sin City will naturally not be at this time with Tang Rou, and the cold and smokey figure will pass through his territory. The inhabitants have already shot the fierce light, and then they rushed to the knife.

The opposing Swordsman player is also staring at the war mage here. This time will be mixed in the city of sin, and that is the veteran of glory. On experience, it is to be stronger than Tang Rou. From the distance between the two characters and the Christmas thief, the swordsman has judged that he is going to take a step forward. He has already felt that he has the chance to win. When he saw that the war mage was disturbed by the mobs in the leveling area, he was even more happy. He only thought that this Christmas thief would inevitably escape his own hand.

Residents rushed over, but Tang Ruo did not panic at all, and his right wrist slammed, and the cold smoke was a slash. The residents who came close to me were just picked up, and they flew up into the air. The cold smoke followed the move, and the “bang” sounded, and the palm of the hand had already slammed out. The drizzle that fell even fell, and a ripple in the rain and fog seemed to be more overbearing.

“Not good!” When the swordsman saw the direction of the palm of the hand, his heart was already anxious. I didn’t expect this war mage to be blessed by the rushing leveling mobs. If both of them were racing, the war mage would have to slow down, but now, a falling flower slams out, the inhabitants fly straight out. As the swordsman expected, he collided with the Christmas thief.

Of course, such an attack is also considered, the Christmas thief immediately responded to the sensation of climbing up and rushed toward the cold smoke, the swordsman looked at it, only helplessly snorted “***”.

At this time, the distance between the two was near, Tang Rou also heard the buzz of this player, but did not care too much. In online games, such swearing is more of a modal vocabulary. If you win someone else and you are not allowed to be depressed, then it should be too bad.

Tang Rou did not pay attention to this person, *** swaying her cold smoke and sticking forward, the Christmas thief and the resident mob also rushed toward her at this time.

With one enemy and two, Tang Rou is also not afraid. In the city of sin for so long, Christmas thieves and residents have killed a lot of her, the strength has been understood, playing two, Tang Rou does not feel any difficulty, so dare to rob the Christmas thief not to avoid the resident, It was the borrower who took the lead to fight for the Christmas thief.

This swordsman player is already ready to leave. Only after the two of them got closer, the id that was not seen in the previous rain and fog was finally recognized by him.

Cold smoke and soft.

As soon as I saw this id, the Swordsman player was ready to leave, but suddenly stopped.

The sword was set aside, and the swordsman player silently watched for a while.

Level 31.

The swordsman searches for the id and confirms the level of cold smoke. This is worse than the city of sin. There are more than six levels, and it seems that there is still more effort. The strength of the cold smoke and soft, the swordsman had to express his approval, it is a member of the copy team. No point of strength, how to brush out such a tyrannical record.

The swordsman secretly thought twice, and then left quietly.

Tang Rou initially saw the man staring at her to blame, but she was also careful to guard. Killing people and blaming this kind of thing, you don’t need to be proficient in online games.

However, after seeing this person staying for a while and then leaving, Tang Rou let go of his heart. After thinking about it, I guess this person wants to see if she is dealing with this Christmas thief plus a leveling mob. If he is killed by these two strangers, he can pick a wallet unceremoniously. As a result, I will find that there is no possibility of this happening, and naturally I will leave. This idea is not as noble as it is, but at least it is much better than killing people directly.

It is really easy for Tangrou to deal with the two blame. At this time, I still have a leisurely thought for a while. After finishing the mind, Tang Rou pays more attention to the left and right, she does not want to accidentally lead more people to come over. However, after looking around, the recent residents’ hatred range is still a bit away from them. There is enough room for her to eliminate these two monsters at will, so I don’t have to care so much.

Immediately focused on *** cold and smoky, but unexpectedly, behind the swordsman, after a circle, but went and returned, and rushed. Behind him, he was tall and short and followed the residents of a dozen sinful cities.

In the rain, the footsteps can be masked very lightly. But at this time, more than a dozen people rushed to the scene, but the sound of the “squeaky” water can not be suppressed. Tang Rou gradually heard this voice. When he saw that he was not in front of him, he quickly took a look back and saw a person rushing to lead a group of residents.

Tang Ruo dumbfounded, this joke, but it is the same dilemma as himself! Although very sympathetic, Tang Rou is powerless. If she is a gunner, she can also learn the skills of Su Mu Orange, but as a combat mage, she is afraid of this.

In a twinkling of an eye, I saw that the man had already approached, and Tang Rou inadvertently glanced at the past and suddenly saw it.

According to Jianfeng!

This id, isn’t that the swordsman you just met? Just ran this way and suddenly led to so many strange? Is this not normal?

Rao is a shallow experience of Tangrou’s game, and realizes that this is not good. Just when the war was just starting, this time the sword wind was meant to be unwelcome, and the Jianfeng really waved toward the cold smoke.

The moves made by the lightsaber are shining in the dark rain and fog.

Together with Jianguang, the sword wind that was pulled out also brought up the flying rain, and it was nice to fly toward the cold smoke.

It looks good, but it won’t feel good.

Tang Roo quickly let the cold smoke beside the side. The Christmas thief and the inhabitant continued to attack with great ignorance. For a time, the three sides attacked, and Tang Rou still responded very calmly.

Jianguang once again swayed. After the sword wind pointed out that after a knife was pulled out, it was suddenly a three-segment scam. Tang Rou smiled a little, flashing sideways, followed by a day of shooting.

Jianfeng pointed out that he was going to hide, but he was slowed down for half a shot. He was hit by the sky and was not floating high, but he was still picked up. Tang Rou was a little polite, followed by the falling palms.

In the palm!

Jianfeng pointed out that he could not avoid this blow. He ate a slap in the face, and the body of the volley had already flown out. Tang Rou suddenly called out.

“Hahaha, beauty, you really like to play this hand!”

The sword wind that was shot was actually not like a loser. At this time, the smile was so comfortable.

His body flew out and was hit by the inhabitants of a sinful city that was chased after him. At the same time, these residents chased a group, and before the Jianfeng pointed out, they actually took pains to gather together.

At this time, he ran into a collision. It was much more than the laser cannon of Su Mu Orange’s wind combing smoke. At that time, more than a dozen players were knocked down by him.

And this hatred is to count all the cold and soft heads.

Single-person activities, encountering treacherous opponents, Tang Rou finally paid a price for her lack of experience.


Third, today is *** finished. Seek *** and *** tickets, thank you all.

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