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Chapter 250 Unclear situation

Chapter 205 The situation is unknown

After the resolutions of the people’s congregation have been fixed, they will each disperse, and most of them will go to the first-line canyon.

Ye Xiu’s side, after successfully waiting for Tang’s gentle Joe to sail, he made a copy. The players of the Seven Guilds are distributed to the 50 copies of the entrance, and they almost use up their hands. In the process of brushing the copy, I want to hit them with Ye Xiu, but only the moment when I enter and exit the copy, I need some coincidence.

So the two sides ended up being safe and sound, but their mentality was very different.

The Grand Council has a new plan, and it’s easy to have a good night. What should everyone do, just pay attention to whether there is a figure of Jun Moxiao in the players around, free to play, no pressure.

And Ye Xiu, of course, does not know that the major guild plans have changed, they still maintain the kind of alertness of the previous. A copy of the copy came out, and it was impossible to determine whether the door was already eye-catching and had to change the entrance after a circle. The judgment of the backlight is undoubtedly correct. In this case, as long as Ye Xiu maintains such pressure, they waste a little time every day on such a cycle, and the accumulation speed is inevitably disturbed. .

Tang Rou is more eager to encounter a mess, pvp is more fun than pve, this is her cognition. But this night made her disappointed. The first copy came out of peace, and went round. The second one came out, and it was all right after another round. The third one came out, Su Mu Orange and Qiao Yifan were off the assembly line. Ye Xiu and Tang Rou, the buns invaded as usual, and they took a circle. No one followed them, nor did they hit the boss.

Chen Guo is also an unexpected spirit today. After fully understanding the benefits of “heavy metals”, the more you play, the easier it is to win, the more and more wins, and the reluctance to leave. The only thing that is more disappointing is that from time to time, some people still regard her as the time to play Jun Moxiao, saying that the master said something and did not come to ask for advice.

Ye Xiu made a copy of the three scorpions on their side, approaching three points. Normally, the brush is brushed three times, and it will be brushed in two hours. Ye Xiu is wasting some time on the circumference of the copy entrance.

When Chen Guo played this time, she really couldn’t hold it anymore. This was a big violation of her rules and regulations. After playing countless yawns in a row, I almost played a pk with my eyes closed. After hearing the laughter of Tang Rou, I woke up and finally decided to go to rest.

The new keyboard and the new mouse will of course not be left on the computer for the guests to use. After re-removing, they will be placed in the foreground for the time being.

“You can say it well, this mouse is for you!” After the release, the extra mouse “light breeze seven” Chen Guo was thrown to Ye Xiu, and he waved a good night and went back upstairs to the room. .

The plug-and-play thing of the mouse, Ye Xiu, was put on the spot. Holding the “light breeze seven”, Ye Xiu’s right hand is a familiar feeling.

“What are you doing now?” The voice of Tang Rou sounded in the headphones.

“Leveling! Let’s take time to level up. In fact, as long as we can level up well, it is the most powerful counterattack against these guilds.” Ye Xiu said. He knows that Tang Rou is more expecting to exchange fire with the other side. However, if this continues to be hit, even if it can cause great harm to these guilds, for Ye Xiu, in addition to the pleasure of the mood, there is no essential interest. On the contrary, it also sacrifices a lot of their leveling time.

This mistake is consistent with the fact that Liu Wei had no formality in order to compete with Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu did not want to make such a mistake. After giving the major guild some blow lessons, he will not take the initiative to entangle. Ye Xiu, that is also a professional old bird with incomprehensible experience, clear thinking, will not be disturbed.

“Would you like to copy the displaced land?” Tang Rou asked.

From the point of view of the efficiency of the experience, even if it is to level 33, it is much more appropriate to copy the copy of the land than to kill the level mob.

However, the place of displacement is no more than a line of canyons, there is no maze terrain, and there are only a lot of players in the area of ​​the major guilds, but it is not convenient to go at this time. After the last three people left the first line of the canyon, they ran to the Flame Forest leveling. Ye Xiu invaded the Tang soft buns and injected some limited practice content. By killing the monsters and leveling, they continued to improve the operation technology. This night passed.

The two days that followed were roughly the same. Ye Xiuyan also felt the strategic adjustment of the Grand Council. In these two days, the Grand Duke had only conducted three kills on them, and they all saw that they were organized on a temporary basis. Two of them were Jun Mo Xiao of Ye Xiu, and he was finally escaped by him. One was to deal with the buns invasion, but in the end it was the hand to send the buns to the city. But fortunately, several people have recently changed their hukou to the town of Bourse, but after the death they are resurrected here. Otherwise, if it is an empty city, the current strategy of the major guilds will not be as blatant as the road tyrants at the gates of the city. However, if the buns that have been discovered are too intrusive, the city will still be stared and then killed. .

Ye Xiu, who heard this situation, did not move, but only comforted the buns to invade.

The buns invade means that he is a big man who often has a big storm. It’s just a small scene to die once and twice. It’s not worth mentioning.

It is not worth mentioning that Ye Xiu has reserved opinions. When I was on the line, who was flying immediately sent a message to report my death.

I am afraid of this! Ye Xiu’s mouth did not say, but his heart was secretly sighing.

The other party is not as entangled as before, but retains this entangled power. Ye Xiu has no way of knowing when the other party will come out and chase them. They can only keep this kind of alert all the time, and this time? Maybe the other party has no plans to chase them. They just practice their level with peace of mind. But, Ye Shu, how can they know?

The major guilds retain 20%, or even 1% of the state of killing, and they repair them, but they are always able to cope with 100% defense. Otherwise, a carelessness will be like a buns invasion, and 10% of the experience will be killed.

“How about these guys, how about playing once?” The buns invasion was proposed.

“If you have experience killing once, I would strongly recommend it.” Ye Xiu replied. He is aiming to play in the new district, but he doesn’t want to waste too much time and energy in this battle.

“Come on a copy of the record and suffocate them!” Tang Rou proposed.

In this regard, Ye Xiu has retained his opinion.

Recently, the copy has been brushed up. Everyone from time to time has a small increase. In this wave of record-breaking, Ye Xiu’s team did not show a desperate record in the past. They are just like the copy team of every guild. Every time they can break the record, they are only a slight improvement.

Although the record is still in the grip, but the domineering figure behind him is very close, and it is possible to force more than any time. This kind of glued state, but let the Lanxi Pavilion together with the demise of the world in the past, greeted some face. At least the players saw that there was a fight between them and Jun Mo.

The other guilds are not far behind at this time, and there are also achievements in the copy of the first-line canyon. However, after such a few days have passed, these first-level 33-level players will have to break through the level and step on the 34th level. The copy of the first-line canyon has not yet had a final result. Jun Moxiao’s team is the first one, but only 2 seconds ahead of the domineering male figure, the third-ranked Zhongcaotang, but lost 4 seconds, after which Lanxi Pavilion lost 5 seconds. . That is to say, 1 to 4, 4 seats, the record gap is only within 5 seconds, which is almost the luck of a few more critical strikes can be completed. The major guilds that are on the list of the deadly record have the feeling that the mountains and rains are coming to the wind. In the front line of the major guild players have to set foot on the field of 34, they will certainly not have reservations, will brush the strongest record.

But Jun Mo laughs? This group of people has been **** together with the major guilds this time. What are they waiting for? When I want to wait for a guild to think that it is a victory, will you brush up a record and step on it?

Which is this guild? Domineering heroes? Zhongcaotang? Or is it Bluestone Court that has been stepped on?

The guilds who admit to competing with these guilds are now fans of Jun Moxiao. They see Jun Moxiao and others squatting on the records of these guilds. They all feel elated.

On Sunday night, as usual, Ye Xiu spent a computer game in the smoking area. The players in Xingxin Internet cafes are more emotional, because in the professional league last night, the home team of Xingxin Internet cafes, the Jiashi team, won another victory. Sun Xiang continued his operation on the autumn of a leaf, and some critics said it was enough for fans of Jiashi to forget Ye Qiu’s operation.

Although Jiashi has no hope of entering the top eight post-season games this season, at least everyone has seen a strong recovery from the sweep of the world, and next season, will return to the queue of the title. Fans have already wanted to pass the rest of the season directly through the past.

Mr. Chen’s boss has been in a state of excitement since last night’s game. She and Tang Roo have not solved the problem of using a special keyboard and mouse. As a result, when Yang repaired it, Chen Guo directly circled three machines in the Internet cafe, claiming to be dedicated. The reason is that Internet cafes are almost not full of the difference of three machines. When it is really necessary to use them, and then temporarily replace their dedicated keyboard, this situation will not appear too much, not too annoying.

“Three? No one will give it to me?” Ye Xiu wondered.

“It doesn’t matter, you can just touch it.” Chen Guo said.

“I don’t have to, I have to guard the front desk on duty at night.” Ye Xiu said.


“I want to smoke during the day, can you bear it next to you?” Ye Xiu said.


“But just put it there, I always have a seat when I come over and point to you.” Ye Xiu said.

“Why don’t you die and die?” Chen Guo blinked, and immediately the commander canceled the machine that gave Ye Xiu circle.

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