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Chapter 246 It seems that no need

Chapter 246 seems to be no longer needed.

The look of the eight people has changed. They heard the sound of footsteps. It seems that many people have come, but there are so many, is it too exaggerated?

They haven’t been long before they found the sorcerer Kasiu. The news actually spread so fast, actually attracted so many hungry wolves to eat and eat? Where did these guys come from?

Eight people were distracted while observing the incoming witch. The people came together without the name of the guild. However, there are no guild backgrounds, how many people will gather together? There is no guild to support, and where is the level of someone who will come to the Flame Forest? Ever since, these people are coming to the head, and the eight people are also clear: they have recently joined forces to chase the guilds of Jun Moxiao.

Eight people suddenly felt depressed. It’s easy to find a boss first, but it’s unexpected to be discovered so soon. These guilds can be stronger than they are. And as far as the theory is concerned, there are too many people in the community.

“It’s He Wu’s people!” The hundreds of people around have also started discussions, mentioning He Wu’s name, with a little bit of contempt. Whether in the league or in online games, He Wu is not a strong opponent in their minds.

“Oh, this boss…” Someone was talking to the side, but suddenly realized that the people around me were not right. More than a hundred people, suddenly there have been some changes in the mood. The station quickly began to divide, and in a blink of an eye, a group of encirclements was divided into seven parts.

Seven parts, seven guilds.

At this moment, the seven are no longer alliances, they are opponents, robbing boss opponents. No one gave instructions, but everyone decisively retired at this moment, and their own guild self-organizing team began to keep distance with other families and began to measure the strength of other families.

Every time the map boss fights, the damage between the guild players is far greater than the casualties brought by the wild map boss. This is an indisputable fact.

In the old district, the wild map boss is killing 70 players. What is the role of a level 36 player in the face of a level 36 player? However, despite this, there will be many deaths in every hunting. The next killer is the player of other guilds.

However, low-level boss hunting is faster, time is limited, and casualties are limited.

In the realm of God, those unusual wild map bosses have a great threat to the players themselves. In addition, there is a battle between the guilds. A boss battles down. Some people’s deaths are not twice. Things. In the realm of God, this is the area where full-level players will enter, but there are still leveling areas there, there are still leveling blame, there are still tasks of brushing experience, and these places will never be deserted. Because the battle in the field of God is more intense, it is not limited to grabbing bosses.

Domineering male figure, Zhongcaotang, these two families are less!

After everyone quickly measured the strength, they soon found that the two weaker ones were actually two of the three major guilds.

Of course, from the perspective of the moment, this is a good thing.

Everyone keeps turning their perspectives and looking at each other.

Is it hands-on, or?

At this time, the respective team channels are naturally extremely busy.

Chen Yehui’s mind is somewhat different. He always has a strange feeling. Although he also wants to grab this boss, he does not want to fight with these guilds at the moment.

The eight people in the circle of Hewu guild are still fighting the Yan witch card. But the encircled parties did not care too much about them. In their view, these eight people are the first to go out. They continue to kill, but it is a good thing to help them cut down the blood of some of the sorrowful witches.

But the action is still faster, and now the strength comparison is fairly clear, but each one will surely send a message and call for assistance. This assistance has come in succession, and there are many, it is likely to have a different impact on the situation.

Some people have already wanted to shoot, but Chen Yehui of the Jia Dynasty suddenly took the lead to say: “You, so encountering the map boss, killing is definitely going to kill, but I think everyone will cooperate soon, fight too much. It’s amazing, I don’t look good on the face later? I mean, can you be harmonious this time, we only play boss, and finally output it, who is the boss?”

Such a killing boss suggestion is not the first time in the history of glory. Have had success, have failed. However, at this time, the seven guilds are indeed in a special context. The suggestion made by Chen Yehui is out of the truth. He really does not want to see some of them being embarrassed at the moment.

The people of the guild have not come and expressed their opinions. The eight people of the Hewu Association first made a move.

They are not stupid, of course, knowing that this sorrowful witch card repair will not fall into their hands. In this way, what are the eight people still playing? Of course, you have to choose to leave. The boss’s life and death are ready to stop thinking about it.

The eight people are determined and the action is fast. The head does not turn and ran, so that he fled directly without attack, and he ran off after a while.

But at first the boss will still chase after eight people. And more than a hundred people will let the boss escape. They are also unclear about the intentions of these eight people. Who knows if they want to leave or take the boss away?

Hundreds of people quickly chased and chased, and the battle began. However, was Chen Yehui’s suggestion accepted? No one has said anything. Everyone greeted the sorrowful witch card.

However, the boss is so close to the ground, the space is limited, but it is impossible for hundreds of people to launch an attack. If this is not the case, it is too difficult to kill the boss. Pulling thousands of people in the past, everyone will set fire, how much damage?

The first thing to do to grab the boss is to grab the position.

Among the more than 100 people, there is one that is not deeply rooted in this. The melee professions have been crowded with the flaming witches, and the remote occupations have also seized their own favorable attack positions. The auxiliary occupations have tried to squeeze around their own brothers to provide assistance.

For a moment, the sorcerer’s body has been surrounded by a full-fledged player who has grabbed a good position and the attacking skills have already been greeted.

From the situation point of view, although Chen Yehui’s suggestion is not made public, everyone still does it in silence. In the process of robbing the position, they did not fight each other.

However, this is still too hasty. In the absence of team formation, what is the position of the station, so there will be some chaos.

“***, who’s the mage, don’t **** with ice storms!!” The melee players in the circle have already screamed. Apparently, the outer circle mage used a range of spells such as the ice storm. He had no concern about the player’s damage exemption with the guild team, but the other guild’s people were inevitably attached to it.

Teamwork is not teamed up, and scope spells are quite badly controlled.

In addition to this, the shooting of the gunmen is not always.

“Day, who lost the anti-tank bomb?” Another cry.

Gunners’ attacks are not as convenient as the Master’s, and their attacks are straight lines that go out of the muzzle. The gunner brothers easily jumped out and put an anti-tank gun in the air. As a result, the witch of the sorcerer flashed agilely, but it was a black face of another guild buddy behind her.

The accidental injury continued, and the snoring came one after another. Chen Yehui wanted to reorganize and organize it. The sound was completely suppressed by everyone. Quickly contacted several other people who led the team, but at this time everyone has been in a group around the Yan witch, they have grabbed the position, and finally stood in a mess, the family can not find, how to command?

The sorcerer’s arms burst into one arm and the fire was soaring.

“***, it is a meteorite falling, interrupted!!” Someone hurriedly yelled.

“Let me in!!” The judo player crowded in the outer ring cried. When the sorceress sings and sings, the normal attack can not be interrupted, only by grasping the class skills. Judo is a profession that specializes in this way, but at this time, it is not even a judo player who is crowded around the Yan witch.

A battle mage’s baton rushed out at this time, and a stick smashed into the waist of the sorcerer Kasho. The fire was still there, but the sorcerer Kasho was already picked up by the battle mage’s round dance stick.

The stars were interrupted, but no one cheered.

“***!!” countless people shouted.

The round dance stick is bound to smash the target. After the squat, there must be a shock wave. So when the War Mage repaired the Yanhua Card to the ground 180 degrees, he stumbled over the player.

What is even more depressing is that he took the sorcerer Kashou to another position. The players who were surrounded by the sorcerer Kasiu and who had a good position were suddenly left to the side. It is.

“Rely!!” Among the players who were hanging out on one side, there was a swordsman who was not worried. Nothing to think about is a knife, and he was on the back of the battle mage.

“Day!” The battle mage turned a shackle and turned to a dragon tooth. As a result, it was already another person who rushed up. This dragon tooth was wrong.

“Making hair!” The brother who was wronged was a boxer, and a warhead collapsed.

In the process of collapse, the tragedy is also to knock down the players all the way.

The buzz has started and the scene has completely lost control. Chen Yehui really wants to talk, but his mother is now eating mud on the ground! He was just one of the people who had been shocked by the round dance stick. At this time, his mood was very bad.

The skills of all colors suddenly shone. Players who were not able to hit the boss only waiting for the opportunity, have shot, all who are not their own guild, are enemies.

“Stop! Stop, don’t mess!” Chen Yehui shouted. He just stood up and was already beating around. He was screaming, suddenly the world fell and the individual came and crushed him. It is.

“Mom, let all of you stop!!” Chen Yehui’s voice was not heard at all, and he quickly sent a message to several other people.

“That, the president of the Jia Dynasty, did him first!!” Chen Yehui suddenly heard such a voice in his ear, he was desperate.

Ye Xiu, who has been kneeling in the bushes, is a grenade that has already been handcuffed by Jun Moxiao.

“It seems that I don’t need it.” At this time, Ye Xiu was talking on the side, and let Jun Mo smile and grab the thunder again.

“No wonder you want to come to the Flame Forest.” Su Mu orange muttered.

“They finished playing like this, dead, the boss is not ours?” said the buns.

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