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Chapter 244 Kill confidence

Chapter 244, Killing Confidence

The guilds felt that they were holding back Jun Moxiao and the wind and the smoke, and the encirclement was going smoothly. Ye Xiu is here that he has received a message that the buns have been successfully mixed.

Turning your hand is a counter-artillery. The impact of the explosion blows out two players who are on the way.

“Go.” Ye Xiu said.

“Good.” Su Mu orange responded, the wind combed the smoke, and the plane was flying down. Ye Xiu’s Jun Mo smiled a shadow, and the body was waiting for her at the front.

The public congregation was around, and they were gathering their pockets. They didn’t want to rush out. Very uncooperative as to make everyone angry. The left and right sides of the sword, the light sword, the shadow of the flying spell, the flurry, are the attack skills in the middle and long distance, trying to block the two.

“I hope they have a group.” Ye Xiu said very sympathetically.

“It’s strange.” Su Mu Orange said.

“Haha, if there is no group, it will be spectacular, and I like it very much.” Ye Xiu said, the attack on the left and right sides was escaped by two. Although it is not complete, but both of them are in their hearts and will be hit, they will not cause obstacles to the two people’s position, and there will be no life threatening.

So… rubbing the bodies of the two, the attack on the left flies to the right; the attack on the right flies to the left.

“Boom!!” Su Mu Orange gave them a voice.

The result… the scene that the two expected was not happening. After the guild of the House of Representatives, I probably already knew the importance of unity and cooperation. Even if they don’t obey each other, at least they can do it. This group of the group after the injury exemption, although the left and right are involved in the spell, the explosion, but they are not hurt.

“It’s really boring…” Su Mu orange muttered, and the muzzle turned, and it was a shot at the exit that was being urgently sealed.

In order to stop the two, the three people who stood up did not evade this anti-tank gun, and they slammed such a blow. However, standing still can stop people, this idea is too naive.

Ye Xiu’s Jun Moxiao had already rushed to the ground, and the three of them flew out early.

The people on the left and the right want to come over and hit, and the one that is torn by Jun Moxiao is a back drop. After consciously rushing to jump away from the earthquake, they unconsciously turned to the ground. This turned over and was quickly tempted. If there is success, there is a failure, and the failure is directly on the ground. Success is also going to the side of the bones, and looking at it, Jun Mo smile is already blank.

The artillery fire flashed, and the wind combed the smoke. It was already a flying gun, and it was not biased. It fell lightly on Jun Moxiao.

It was followed by two people flying with a gun and flying on the ground. The moment was already a long distance.

Chasing, or not chasing? The guilds were suddenly in pain.

Is it in the eyes of the public to return to the gates of the city to stand by the responsibilities and lose face, or to bite the teeth and chase the two to the end of the world?

The instructions came down very quickly.

Send people to stare at the whereabouts of the two.

This is the final resolution, so several people jumped out of the team and chased away in the direction of Jun Moxiao and the wind and smoke.

They won’t chase too tightly and won’t want to go up and do it. A few of them, I understand that this is a death.

Master the whereabouts and master the whereabouts.

This is a term frequently used in the command of the major guilds.

Wherever the past is often mastered, even the two people have been so active and proactive in front of everyone. But what about this? People come, people are gone, and the order is: master the whereabouts.

People are taking the initiative to send you in front of you, and you still need to master the whereabouts.

Everyone already doesn’t know how to describe this feeling. How can you deal with these people? The public congregations scattered outside the gates were suffering. Do they have to be here overnight? Is the movie download enough? Is snack enough? What about drinks?

It’s terrible to repeat one thing, and it’s even more terrible to repeat things that don’t know when they will end and when they will gain something. The congregation is doing something terrible and it is very stressful.

They hope to finish soon, but the facts are not as good as people.

Several players who “mastered the direction” followed Junmo and the wind and smoked to a small village outside the city. Here they saw the invasion of the two men and the buns, just under their eyes.

Several people quickly sent the latest situation, and the guilds also actively adjusted their strategies based on the latest information, and worked hard to fight against Jun Moxiao and others.

As a result, they have not yet shot, but Jun Moxiao and others have sinned first.

In the small village, the three people turned around and turned around without a trace. The few of them were of course to actively find them. As a result, the murderer was caught in the process of searching.

Ye Xiu, of course, did not need to sneak at all, just hiding the characters, waiting for those people to accidentally enter their attack range, jump out and get it. These people have been very careful, be careful not to approach. They are not afraid of their exposure at all, but they are afraid that they will be attacked by Jun Moxiao and others. Their tracking method is indeed too bold.

The smile of Jun Moxiao and others has become a fascination.

All the guild players receive this news, they are all interested.

The players in the guild are helping to pay attention to the whereabouts of this pedestrian. However, the information has been sent many times. The guild has to do something that seems to have no progress at all. This is really disappointing.

Jun Mo laughs where they will go? For example, Chen Yehui and other leading figures are seriously thinking.

“There is still some time from 12 o’clock. They don’t have to go now in the first-line canyon?” Someone said.

Then came the news, Jun Moxiao and others appeared in the first line of the canyon, the eye line of the station post was killed.

“Now I went to the first-line canyon. Do you want to practice a level? Or are you ready to get close to their two players who haven’t been online yet?” Someone said.

Of course, it’s not that I’m on the line. Ye Xiu’s team was directly off the assembly line in the first-line canyon yesterday, everyone knows. Now all three activities have gone, and there are still two people who have not seen anyone yet.

So the big search in the first line of canyons began.

It was soon reported that there was a team in the direction of the Flame Forest.

The people of the guilds are going crazy…

At present, they have reached the top of the level of 33, of course, began to play the flame forest map boss inflammation witch’s idea. In addition to brushing the copy, the guild’s elite team will level up here, while playing monsters, while seeing whether you can encounter this wild map boss. This activity is not good to unite. Playing wild map boss is a very private activity in the eyes of the guilds. I don’t want to share this privacy with others.

And it is the team members, and it will not be a group activity. If you want to distribute it, you will have a greater chance of finding the boss!

They really found the boss.

But not the sorceress boss, but the Junmo laugh boss.

Jun Mo laughs boss hatred range is infinite, militant, strong, will attack, will sneak attack, will surround the tactics, the scope of activities is not fixed, he will automatically actively seek players, and then launch an attack.

Only a moment of effort, the flame forest here came to Jun Mo laugh boss to play a hat trick news, three players have been killed.

Elite! Here are the elites of the Great Guild, who are good at drinking and good equipment. result……

The elite quickly contacted the players to concentrate their strength.

So this gave Jun Mo laugh boss a more convenient opportunity.

The new news came, it is no longer a hat trick, directly a team of players were killed, six people.

At that time, they were still actively merging with other brothers in the Flame Forest. As a result, they unfortunately met Jun Moxiao in the first step and immediately reported back to the city.

The Flame Forest has become a terrible place in the horror film that is full of unknowns and will bring death. Such a place, of course, is the best policy for thirty-six.

The elites began to evacuate.

They are the future of the guild, the flowers that the guild strives to cultivate, and can’t let Jun Mo laugh like this. The major guilds have also been dispatched to kill the flame forest.

But at this time they did not have accurate information. Where is Jun Mo laughing?

Headache, in addition to headache or headache.

In the struggle experience of these old players for many years, such opponents are not common to them.

As the Grand Council, intimidating their opponents, the most common sentence is: see once, kill once.

But now this opponent, they see it once and die once.

Maybe not all died, but always leave something behind.

And now, have they killed Junmo and laughed at them? The answer seems to be a little comforting. At least yesterday, they killed the cold smoke and soft twice, and today they forced the buns to invade once. But compared to the elite they sacrificed, this achievement was completely unable to pave the way for their wounds.

The casualties of the elite are entirely out of their plans.

If this is not the case, then they will not have such a headache, they will be very happy to say: “Look, although I did not kill Jun Moxiao, but we have already forced him to run around, live He has a lot of actions, his speed of leveling has been slowed down. Our goal has been reached.”

This is the fact that yesterday, until now, Ye Xiu’s leveling speed is not as good as usual, their activities have indeed been greatly controlled. Usually ten minutes of road, it may take twenty minutes now, or even more to avoid some trouble.

Therefore, Ye Xiu chose to take the initiative, they were slowed down, so they must also be more people to bury. He can’t kill everyone in the Great Guild, but he can kill the determination of these guilds.

Because he is very clear, in fact, he and the guild have no competition, these guilds are their opponents.

If all the elites of the guild are downgraded at this time, then these guilds will not matter. But the problem is that many guilds did not participate in their actions at this time. Ye Xiu made these numbers very clear. He didn’t want to provoke him. He didn’t touch it at all, just chasing the messy few to kill.

These guilds have counted casualties and are uncomfortable with those guilds who do not participate in the siege.

And under the circumstance, they will also be worried about the development of their own guild. Such a siege, do they really have the confidence to continue?

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