The King’s Avatar

Chapter 236 Take for granted

Chapter 236, of course, take the Raiders

“We agree with your conditions.” After receiving the news from the night, Ye Xiu smiled and immediately replied: “See you that night.”

“What time is it in the evening?”

“This is not very good to say, I am mixed here, need to contact, time is not so good, everyone is there at night? When is the time when people start to smash!” Ye Xiu said casually.

“Can’t you contact now?”

“Nothing online.” Ye Xiu said.

After a moment of silence on the opposite side, another message came: “9 o’clock in the evening. There are still 4 hours and 37 minutes now. I think it should be enough for you to meet your staff?”

“Oh, probably…” Ye Xiu was really unsure. Even Tang Rou went out with Chen Guo today. Who knows if he will come back. Su Mu Orange and Qiao Yifan are usually not online at that time. Buns invasion is generally going to happen, but it is really absent, Ye Xiu is nowhere to find.

“So, nine o’clock in the evening,” the other said.

“Well, I don’t see it,” said Ye Xiu.

“It’s not expired, another time.” The result is that the other party is back.

Sure enough, Zhang Xinjie. Ye Xiuxiao, did not reply to this news. At this time, his Jun Moxiao is still on the road, trying to avoid the passing players on the road. He did not intend to go back to the city. At this time, he was still the target of public criticism. Even if he had already had a domineering arrogance, Ye Xiu could not guarantee that he would still suppress his own hands.

He just wants to repair a thousand umbrellas. The npcs that provide such services are available in many villages and towns, but they don’t necessarily need to go to the city.

In the village of Bugier near the frosty forest, the last Ye Xiu came here. The nature of this village is the same as that of many small villages outside the city. It is not a safe area, and there is no leveling blame. Some are just some npcs, releasing a variety of tasks, and playing their role in the glory of the mainland.

There is a npc in the village that can repair the equipment. This is what Ye Xiu just opened on the website. This area is considered a low-level area, and there are relatively few people in the Grand Council. Moreover, the location of this village is biased, there is no valuable task, and there will be no one who wants to come.

Everything is as expected by Ye Xiu, a fairly deserted village. After coming in to find the npc, I immediately repaired the thousand umbrellas. Level 25, although it is a homemade weapon, repair does not require any materials, and it is enough. In terms of price, the system will be measured according to the basic attributes of the equipment. The thousand aircraft umbrella is undoubtedly very expensive. However, for Ye Xiu, he still does not need to worry about this little money.

The materials won from the grass are rich, and the selling points are all money. Just after the gambling contract with Zhang Xinjie, many of the things that Ye Xiu asked for are actually not needed to upgrade the umbrella. No way, he can have what he wants, and the rest needs to go to the copy of the Flame Forest. At present, the players in the 10th district are not enough. Ye Xiu can’t dare to make the domineering figure white. With such a tense relationship, Ye Xiu has no doubt that hegemony will be against him, so he still needs something that the current domineering figure can provide. In the future, holding the exchange and trading is always the way.

Repaired the equipment, is about to leave, I heard a prompt on the line in the friend’s bar. Ye Xiu Shun opened his hand and the name flashed to indicate that the character who was just on the line was dawning.

“Great God, you are here!” When Twilight went online, he took the initiative to give Ye Xiu a message.

“Well, it’s there! You didn’t go online during the day? How, have you ever had any trouble?” Ye Xiu asked. Twilight is completely unwarranted in their disputes. If it is also targeted by the major guilds, it is really worse than Dou.

“I have been there for a while at noon, nothing!” said Shuguang.

“Oh, that’s good, how is your research on the Raiders?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Hey, this is much more complicated than playing a boss! But there is also a one-fifth progress. Is the **** going to see it?” said Shuguang.


“how to give you?”

“Add me qq!” Ye Xiu said to send the number, followed by the login qq, not to receive the application of friends, a look at the other qq name is also directly dawn. Look at your own qq name, and why not use the game’s id.

A fiery maple leaf is the head of qq.

The autumn of a leaf is the name of this qq.

Looking at these, Ye Xiu could not help but sigh. After picking up a cigarette, I opened the setting, and the avatar changed to the default. The name was changed to Jun Moxiao.

In the autumn of a leaf, it is already past, although the past is not too long.

Ye Xiu silently accepted the application of Dawn’s friend, and Dawn immediately sent him a document: a first-line canyon copy fool strategy.

“Also called a fool! In fact, your Raiders should not be called a fool, although it is a detailed process of hands-on, but this process, I really do not know what kind of fool can be drawn.” Ye Xiu replied.

“The name is nothing, just what it is. Great God will help me to see.” Dawn is obviously not so entangled in the name, what he urgently needs is the recognition of self-worth.

“Well, I see, you are busy with you, I will find you later.” Ye Xiu said.

“Thank you, thank you!”

In the first line of canyons, Ye Xiu also brushed many times, and I have been paying attention to how the records should be played. After Tang Rou first went to rest in the morning, he studied the Raiders and videos of this copy for more than an hour. He already had a general idea in his heart.

So what about the dawn? What can this purely theoretical guy do? Ye Xiu opened the document and looked at it. It was a professional introduction. The five occupations listed were actually scattered people, gunsmen, battle mage, rogue and ghost swordsmen. This is obviously the template of Ye Xiu’s team. . Ye Xiu was crying and laughing, only to look at the first line and go to find the dawn: “I said, how do you get a casual person, I am not representative.”

“Ah… this, I just want to try.” Shuguang said.

Ye Xiu estimates that this man is like taking the five of them to do real-life experiments to verify the feasibility of his strategy. But the problem is to take Jun Momo as a template, which is so limited that it can’t be popularized with others. Where are the scattered people in the game? Even if there are scattered people, which one has a thousand umbrellas in hand?

A scattered person with a thousand umbrellas, and a scattered person without a thousand umbrellas are simply not a concept. If you don’t understand this homemade weapon, you can’t write a strategy suitable for Jun Moxiao. To know the smashing and extreme Raiders that he wants to write, the discrepancies in the damage and effect judgment of each attack may lead to deviations in the coordination. For the Raiders aiming at the copy record, this is of course not allowed. .

Ye Xiu thought about it but still looked down, especially paying attention to those who wrote the scattered people. Sure enough, the contents of the scattered people were written in a non-existent manner. In addition to the lack of information on Jun Moxiao, other aspects of the scattered people are also full of loopholes.

This twilight writing strategy is mainly based on the predecessors’ strategy and video materials. However, the Raiders’ videos and videos are quite long, and it is difficult for him to find them. In this case, the game system has been *** many times, other professions will conduct new research according to each ***, regardless of the Raiders or the video, but the data is still seven or eight years ago, Dawning as a reference, write something And now it is not right.

“You may not be able to do this…” Ye Xiu looked at it for less than two minutes. In the end, he still said it with Shuguang. Twilight is not an idiot, it is a bit sloppy and taken for granted. Ye Xiu said that there were not a few words, and he immediately realized that he had made such a big oolong for himself.

“The scattered person really does not work, you need to change a career.” Shuguang replied to Ye Xiu.

“In fact, you should continue the idea of ​​your previous boss strategy. Brushing a copy and killing a boss, in fact, there are also the most efficient professional combination.” Ye Xiu said.

“Well, I have seen some of the Raiders mentioned. I also planned to use that as a template at first, but I think your role in dispersal is actually more powerful.”

“The multi-skill advantage of the early stage is indeed obvious. But the problem is that there is no scattered person now. You also write a strategy with a loose man. Just like your previous boss strategy, it has become a guide for those who don’t need it. Ye Jianhui replied.

“Well, I understand.” Dawn said.

“There is a chance to make more copies and increase the actual combat experience.” Ye Xiu said. This knowledge of Twilight theory is quite good, and people are also very brainy. But the actual experience and theory are too inconsistent. Compared with a rib, they often make mistakes that are taken for granted. Others can see it at a glance, but he still feels good about himself.

Twilight is also here to study the Raiders. Ye Xiuqq friends turned over here, but saw Su Mu Orange online.

“The training is over?” Ye Xiufa sent a message.

Su Mu Orange looked at the beating head. Point open, familiar number, but the avatar and name have changed, Su Mu Orange stayed for a while, Ye Xiu’s second message has been sent: “Is it available at 9 o’clock in the evening?”

“Are you free, what?”

“Come on the game and have a team pk.”

“Oh, and who?”

“Zhang Xinjie.”

“He? How did he run the new district?” Su Mu Orange was surprised.

“After you and a sail, yesterday, the three of us turned around and actually encountered the map boss. At that time, we were in the hands of domineering heroes. We kept the last moment and then robbed it. It was estimated that it was mad. The result today I met a team of domineering heroes. If you guessed well, the pastor in the team should be Zhang Xinjie playing on behalf of the team.” Ye Xiu said.

“And then you have an appointment for the team pk at night?” Su Mu Orange asked.

“Yes, he offered it. I think he should still not know who I am.”

“Yes, then this time he can be miscalculated, I see him fierce and less.” Su Mu Orange said.

“I think so, so I promised him.” Ye Xiu replied.

“What is this?” Just after a message was sent, it was a small thing from Su Mu Orange.

“New avatar.” Su Mu Orange said.

Ye Xiu received it and opened it.

“Rely, what is this? Laugh? Write it like crying. How has your drawing technique not grown for so many years?” Ye Xiu returned the news, but he had already painted this poorly drawn “painting” “The word is set to his new qq avatar.

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